Saturday, September 07, 2013

Jamestown Landing, Dallas Style!

What a fun day was had!  This was one of the coolest venues ever!

There is a community called the Dallas Area Board Gamers Meet Up Group that gets together on a regular basis to play board games.  You know…the OLD FASHIONED kind of board games!

And they have leased two connecting store fronts and set them up with tables, chairs, great lighting, AIR CONDITIONING ((Very important in the Texas heat –)) and even WIFI!

They only gather their game-playing group on certain dates, so have taken to renting the place out at very reasonable rates to quilt groups, scrap-booking groups and others to help make their rent.  It was awesome!

And I think that it is really cool that there is a thriving community of folks stepping AWAY from digital  entertainment and getting back to basics where you are actually playing with and interacting with REAL PEOPLE, not just against an impersonal computer.

It’s the perfect spot for quilters to gather and sew --- and what was really cool, when you rent the space for the day, it’s yours until 10pm!  So we had several ladies that planned to do just that yesterday ---get some dinner, come back and sew some more!  Some of our gals are from out of town, I think as far away as San Antonio, so this would be terrific for them.  I wonder how many really stayed last night til 10pm? I guess I’ll find out this morning when I get there for today’s Virginia Bound workshop.

This lovely machine in the first photo above is Allison’s Singer 66 hand crank.  Isn't she a beaut?  I've long coveted a machine with the gorgeous “Lotus” decals.  I’m still on the hunt….I will find one eventually, but I am in no  rush…I kind of like knowing there is one out there for me somewhere, and I don’t want the hunt over too soon. :c)

Dallas_Sept2013 033

This tackle box belongs to a girl on the go!

I love to see quilters who are really SERIOUS about their classroom time!  A divided bin or box like this can make transporting all of the necessary tools you might ever need in any situation super simple!

It was just such a fun day! And oh, yes... you can find the pattern for Jamestown Landing my book String Fling!

If you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device, click the image below to be taken directly to the photo album.
Jamestown Landing, Dallas 2013

Today we do it all again with a Virginia Bound workshop. YAY! Another day in the STRINGS!

After class is all packed up, I'm headed on an evening flight to Albilene--and the Texas Adventure continues!

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  1. Jamestown in non-blues!!! I would love to see them finished as a top. Don't you just love when different folks get together and wonderful things flow?

    Have fun on your Texas Trek. Keep yourself hydrated and cool as best you can.


  2. Thank you for a great day Bonnie! Another wonderful quilt started under your guidance. The Dallas Quilt Guild did a great job of making us comfortable and giving us lots of room to sew.
    Safe travels my friend, Allison in North Texas

  3. Welcome to my stompin' grounds! I am blessed to be able to quilt with Dallas Crafter's Marathon frequently...our space IS awesome isn't it? Especially wonderful when you consider that it isn't associated with a craft/quilt related retail store of any kind! I have my fingers crossed that some of your quilting mojo will linger there for our next session later this month!

  4. Texas & a Dr. Pepper, there is nothing else to be said.

    Enjoy our wonderful temperatures and our dry cracked earth, you'll be glad to get back to the mountain retreat & rain - we did have something foreign falling from the sky this week, some of the old timers called it rain :).

  5. I liked how she clipped her light to her tissue box. Also the tackle box is a great idea.

  6. More ooohs and aaaaahs! Love that beautiful machine. Hand crank, too? I don't have one of those in my collection yet. I'm always on the hunt for gorgeous vintage machines. Have a super day!

  7. I'd like to find a hand-crank and give it a try! You commented once about taking the motor off and turning one into a handcrank. I have a Universal with scary looking wiring and have been debating what to do with it. Is there a "kit" to make an electric into a handcrank or do I have to canablize something to do it?


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