Friday, September 27, 2013

More Show & Share from Oregon!

As I go back through my photos of last week’s trip to Oregon – I found that I still have MORE show and share photos for you!

This is Brenda!  How many of you remember earlier this year when I was teaching in Alpharetta, Georgia, and there was a lucky gal who’s hubby flew her down from Oregon as an anniversary gift to come take some workshops?

YES!  This is the same Brenda!  And I knew I knew her – but I couldn’t place from where.  What a happy reunion!

I'm now on HER stomping grounds.  How fun!

Here she is showing her very scrappy and very wonderful Strip Twist quilt.  Seriously, this is one of the easiest quilts ever to make.  The pattern is up under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.  I designed this long before Jelly Rolls were invented as a charity quilt workshop for my guild, trying to find a way to make all of the *ahem* lovely donated fabrics work together.  This is another one where the more you throw in, the better it works.  Check it out!

RogueRiver_OR2013 025

We had a Twin Sized Cathedral Stars in the house!
Another free one from the free patterns tab!

RogueRiver_OR2013 026

Orca Bay was in the house!!  So pretty!
Orca Bay is found in String Fling.

((I am seriously wanting to do some more quilts with string piecing in them! SO FUN!))

RogueRiver_OR2013 027

Lazy Sunday was in the house!
Isn’t her border fabric perfect??

RogueRiver_OR2013 028

Another great Easy Street!

RogueRiver_OR2013 029

Another great Strip Twist!

RogueRiver_OR2013 030

Pink & brown baskets!  Lovely!

RogueRiver_OR2013 031

A lovely version of Easy Street!
With the pink and yellow in this one, I’d call it Pink Lemonade!

RogueRiver_OR2013 032


RogueRiver_OR2013 033

Would you believe this is Carolina Christmas?

Carolina Christmas was an earlier mystery and is now found in Scraps & Shirttails II!

RogueRiver_OR2013 035

Another great Easy Street, just waiting for borders!

I so love seeing them, each and every one!

RogueRiver_OR2013 036

A variation of Split 9-patch!

RogueRiver_OR2013 037

Close up on this one….

This would be another way to do our Split 9 patch Leader & Ender Challenge!  In this variation the center square is a solid square, instead of a half-square triangle.  LESS triangles to make! LOL!  This way each block only requires two half-square triangle units instead of three.  Don’t you love this layout?  WOW!  Check out the free patterns tab for Split 9-patch instructions for this year’s leader & ender challenge.

RogueRiver_OR2013 038

Very fun scrappy bricks with black!

Eugene_OR2013 060

Square in a square!  I love the colors in this one ---

Eugene_OR2013 061

A bright and happy Bricks & Stepping Stones!
((Check out the free patterns tab at the top of the blog for this one!))

I am sew inspired and ready to get going this morning.  If I am coming to your area, please bring show & tell to class!  I love sharing at the end of lunch to get our juices flowing before getting back to our machines.

Sadie and I have already had our morning walk.  This was the view from the deck this morning:

cabin_Sept2013 033

The morning sun is shining down on the most perfect day!

On the way back from our walk, Sadie saw what I didn’t ----and her bark sent 3 large deer bounding out of our yard and off into the trees.  All I saw was 3 white tails, and long legs from behind.

I so love it here!

Have a great friday, everyone – time to get a shower and go sew my brains out Smile

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  1. Hi Bonnie, I am looking forward to this year's mystery quilt. Here's a link to a blog post about your last year's quilt. I really enjoy seeing all the versions of Easy Street that you've been showing us, and thought you'd like to see mine, named 34th Street. It got the most comments of any of my blog posts, while I was making it last year.
    Judy Hansen
    Pics here:

  2. Awesome little quilt show! Thanks! And that split 9-patch setting is very nice! Love it! So glad you are getting lots of time at your cabin.....it looks like paradise! :o)

  3. oohh i love that carolina christmas color combo....(say that 3x fast...LOL)....and a breathtaking vista!

  4. thank you for generously sharing your life with us, no matter how many times I see wild deer they always make my heart sing, and living in MI's U.P. we see lots of them.

  5. Beautiful Quilts, thanks for sharing the pictures Bonnie and all your beautiful patterns, there were so many that I want to make, and now I see more that I would love to make. I love the Split Nine Patch and the Strip Twist pattern is another one I want to make, thanks for the inspiration.

    Enjoy your day and your weekend, I hope you get lots of sewing done!

  6. My Easy Street is just waiting for the last border. :( I need to get that on and get it quilted instead of letting it languish.

    BTW...I think the one you called Lazy Sunday is actually another Easy Street....right? :)

  7. Isn't it wonderful to see the smiles of the faces? And those quilts are terrific. They are having fun, and producing some darn good looking quilts. MAGIC!

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  8. I am glad you are enjoying the stay at the cabin. The pictures are wonderful, wish I was there. In Oregon it is raining and is going to continue until Thursday next week. We need it bad and it is wonderful when it is done, things smell so fresh.

  9. These are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
    I really like the chocolate and pink baskets! That quilt would look perfect in my guest room. A future project.

  10. Beautiful quilts. I love Show and Share, so inspiring.


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