Sunday, September 08, 2013

Virginia Bound, Dallas Style!

Strips and strings and scrappy things!

I never get tired of teaching quilters the joy and freedom of string piecing.  It is SO versatile, always looks good, and there is so much that you can do with it!

Each string quilt is one-of-a-kind.  There are never two alike.  Ever!

You can cover any size or shape of paper in any number of designs, playing with color and value for maximum effect ---

We had quilters from as far down the road as San Antonio and even Houston --- several that I will see again over New Years when I come to teach in Plano and in McKinney – hopefully they will have show and share for me, and for our classmates when I come back in just a few months.

Oh, and for those new to Quiltville -- Virginia Bound is found in my book Scraps & Shirttails!

Of course I always love the vintage babies…this was the first time I’ve had a Singer 15 with a potted motor brought to class…check this girl out:

Dallas_Sept2013 083

Oooh pretty!!

What is a potted motor? Take a look:

Dallas_Sept2013 084

A view from above!

The motor turns the wheel,without a belt!  It’s direct drive!  The potted motor 15s are highly sought after, as are the 201s for how smoothly they sew and the control and precision present.

I’ve got a 15 with a potted motor, but it needs rewiring…sigh….it will have to wait for someday!  In the mean time, it was fun to see how this baby ran!

Click the image below to go directly to the photo album if the slide show doesn’t play on your mobile device.  The photos are worth a thousand or more words, and we really had a GREAT day.

Thanks for the fun, Big D!  We’ll see you around New Years!

Virginia Bound, Dallas 2013

I get a bit of a reprieve this morning.  I thought class would start at 9am -- but because this is Sunday and because this is Texas, we are starting class at 1pm and going to 7pm ---I got to sleep in a bit!

I can relax this morning with some hexies and a movie on TV, and we will sew through the afternoon!

Because of this --- I'll be drawing for the winners of the Quilts from 100 blocks issues a bit early -- check for that early this afternoon -- I'll post before I leave for class!

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  1. What is the clear, plexiglass seam guide on the tan Singer 301? Looks interesting!
    nankc at comcast dot net

  2. wow, i am sooo inspired by all these gorgeous blocks...i absolutely LOVE string blocks and quilts....it's on my someday list!

  3. The seam guide was made by her husband. I have no further info. They are not available commercially.

  4. Looks like you always have so much fun. Just bought some containers to sort out my scraps!! One day!!

  5. Still working on my organization, but have several boxes almost ful! I have been too busy sewing to just complete this project. And of course, work gets in the way. Lol. Have fun in Tx, and a safe trip home!

  6. Those Texans are smart!!! I would LOVE for our guild classes to start later--I am NOT a morning person!


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