Sunday, September 01, 2013

When it Rains it Pours….AGAIN!

And it’s raining again…for the 2nd time today….

In the mountains storms roll in fast…but stay long enough to drench everything in sight before moving on.

This photo was taken just a bit ago ---it interrupted some bush trimming ---Good for the bushes, but bad for our plans to get the yard in shape this weekend.  Rain coming down in SHEETS!

The lightning and thunder were so close I begged off of staying on the front porch to watch it rage….that was too close for comfort for me!  It was flashing and booming and VERY VERY close.  I felt safer in the basement.

This is some of what’s going on here: 

Cabin_August2013 082

I’ve been sewing strips!

Cabin_August2013 085

I’ve been cutting and making a complete mess at my cutting table!

Cabin_August2013 093

And this may not look like much but ---

I’ve been digging through all the smaller scraps and short strips and cutting pairs of half-square triangles for this year’s Split 9 Patch Leader & Ender Challenge.  I need a whole variety of half-square triangles to make the blocks happen.  So I’m focusing on those right now until I have enough variety to start making the blocks themselves.  I've been using them as Leaders & Enders all weekend long so far, and what you see in the green basket are completed, pressed and de-dog-earred ones ready to roll!  The stack in front are those ready to be sewn as I need an ender.  They are piling up quite quickly!

Oh, and today’s funny:

Cabin_August2013 091

This how you know the sports fan in the house is bored with all the rain and deeply depressed over last night's Boise State Loss to Washington. He has separated out the Boise State colors from the back-stock of m&ms.

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  1. I thought the M & M's were sorted by Bronco colors, at least on my monitor...

  2. Hope the rain has stopped. We need some here in Central Michigan. Send it over!

    My friend buys the green and red Xmas M&M's on clearance, separates them so that she has red for Valentine's and green for St. Patrick's Day.

  3. Living in the mountains for 10 years, I know exactly what you feel. Here Summer time is rain time in the mountains. I also worked on my HST as Leaders & Enders this afternoon. Luck of me, no M&M around here ;). Enjoy your time.
    Ivani in Brazil

  4. Anonymous7:52 PM EDT

    My daughter is an alum of BSU,and would appreciate the color separation. Thanks to your son, as I have been wanting to make her and her husband a quilt, but just could not think of colors! She is such a football nut, and misses the Smurf turf, so I must use the blue and orange theme!

    1. Have you considered Orange Crush in the patterns here? It's one of my favorites and a "gosh, I'd love to make that someday" one for me.

    2. Anonymous11:25 AM EDT

      Since I am new, and have not seen this pattern, no. ...but I will need to find it and think about it!


    3. Deb,
      I am planning on making the hidden spools pattern in Bonnie's free patterns out of orange and white, with some blue. Check that pattern out. If you are also new to quilting it looks like an easy one to start with.

  5. Very glad you came in away from the storm - YOU may know how to rewire old machines, but none of us know how to rewire a Bonnie that got zapped by lightning!

  6. I have been working on the spit 9 patch blocks too.. I have a stack of them pinned together to make the blocks. then will need to make more 1/2 square triangles... no rain here sure could use it in central Illinois. I have been canning tomatoes and green beans today not sewing yet today. probably not .. may look through my strips to start collectiong for Smith Mountain Morning in Peoria Ill next month.

  7. I thought of your DH when I saw the score from Boise State's game.
    Wish we would have a good downpour like that, and I wouldn't watch from the porch, either!

  8. I wish I had rain like that....I'm living in the middle of the Rim Fire in California.....we have been on adviasory evacuation for 2 weeks...the firemen said we need torrential rain fall for a while or a major snow storm to put this fire out....things are looking up the fire is now 40% controlled......so today I was able to do some sewing....before today I was not able to concentrate.....Loved reading your blog......

  9. At least with the rain, you could sew without feeling guilty at not doing the yard! Your cabin looks in a wonderful place.

    I am a near newby but I love your blog and quiltcam. Keep up the good work.

    Linda from England.

  10. oh yeah, that orange looks really familiar...raining here all day too but i have to work....oh well, have fum for me!

  11. Oh how I wish Texas would get some of that wet stuff.
    I'm curious to see what you make with all those half square triangles.
    How big are they?
    The M&M separation is funny. They don't have my colors. Maroon and White


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