Friday, September 13, 2013

A Visit To The Texas Quilter!

It’s true….you can’t start class until the teacher is back!

And because the teacher and the guild president were tardy because they were hitting a quilt shop during lunch….that gave other students the opportunity to do a bit of retail therapy too!

Besides….the shop was just a few blocks up from where we were having lunch.  Wouldn’t it be a neglectful disservice to hurry back to class?

I really enjoyed the time we spent at the Texas Quilter in Dallas.

This is a different kind of quilt shop – it’s open, it’s airy,  the fabrics are beautiful, and the staff is there to help you make some beautiful memory quilts.

When I met the owners, I asked them what was different about their shop.

Dallas_Sept2013 104

Not many shops have this!

Dallas_Sept2013 105

Photo transfer printer!

Dallas_Sept2013 106

Unlike fabric you run through your own printer that fades over time, professionally printed photos will last through more than 100 washings.  These are transfers which will be heat set onto cotton fabric for inclusion in your special memory quilts.  The colors stay vibrant.  The pictures are beautiful in color and in quality!  I thought this was such an awesome idea.

Dallas_Sept2013 108

The shop has two long arm quilting machines.

You can take a basic class on long arm use, and rent time on the machines in a very comfortable well lit room to finish your own quilts.  The staff is here to help you if you get stuck!

Dallas_Sept2013 109

Every thread color you would ever want is available for quilting your quilt!

Dallas_Sept2013 110

The shop was bustling with shoppers ((Tardy for class! LOL!))

Dallas_Sept2013 117

Walls of bright cheery color

Dallas_Sept2013 116

Aisles of bolts saying “pet me!”

Dallas_Sept2013 114

Do you see the sale sign?!

Dallas_Sept2013 115

Tons of patterns and samples to inspire.  I love that jack o lantern!

Dallas_Sept2013 119

Someone is stash enhancing!

Dallas_Sept2013 113

((Not for sale….darn!))

Dallas_Sept2013 102

Here I am with the owners – be sure to stop in and tell them that Bonnie sent you!

Dallas_Sept2013 112

The Texas Quilter –Where Friendship is Sewn One Stitch at a Time!

I have been sewing my brains out since yesterday when I took off for a sew day with some friends.  I’m not even telling anyone where I am!  I am incognito.  I didn’t even go outside since I arrived around noon yesterday.  I’m still here sewing away!  I’ll be heading home around dinner time tonight….

cheddarsampler 006

There is a whole lot of THIS going on!

I’ve got ugly betty with me….I’m having a bit of an issue with the top thread snapping…I don’t think it likes aurifil very well!  I didn’t bring my tools with me, so I am stopping to rethread a bit…I might have a burr somewhere – but I’ll muddle through.

Oh – and how about Quilt-Cam tomorrow AFTERNOON, that would be SATURDAY Sept 14 at 2pm Eastern?

It’s been a while since we’ve done one at a time when Europe could join us live…and I think it will be fun!  I have an early flight on Sunday morning, so Sunday night won’t work for me.

Sound good? Bring a project and be there!

As for me….time to hit the machine!

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  1. Have fun sewing. I love that pumpkin!! See you tomorrow at 2pm.

  2. WOW what a shop! nothing like that even remotely close to where we will be in Tucson! I would like to have been there with you! February cant get here fast enough. do you have to stick to plans with the Program chairpersons with the guild? we can sneak away for lunch and shopping after lecture?!?!--LOL *~*CAROLE*~*

  3. Love the pumpkin so much I'm working on it this weekend!

  4. about the thread snapping, you might try one less thread guide to make the tension more gentle.

  5. Good for you, Bonnie! You need some "you" time without the rest of the world intruding. Have fun!

  6. You must be at the Cabin! How fun for you. I see you are being Sneaky with a no-color pic. Could that be for the Mystery??? Beautiful Shop! I wanna shop the SALE table. I'll be waiting for QuiltCAm tomorrow!

  7. So glad to know you got in a visit to The Texas Quilter while in Dallas. We are fortunate to have a shop back in Plano again! Happy stitching to you my friend. Hugs, Allison in North Texas

  8. I'll be sure to stop in and let them know you sent me. XO

  9. I'll be sure to stop in and let them know you sent me. XO

  10. I'll be sure to stop in and let them know you sent me. XO

  11. Oh my goodness!!! It's no wonder you were tardy for class! I'm going to have to look them up and see if they do that printing via the internet! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Bonnie, thank you for sharing pictures of the quilt shop - absolutely fantastic! That pumpkin looks like it would be fun to do - I have a king-size quilt made with that twister pattern that needs to go on the long arm soon. What a project that was! It would be easy to do that pumpkin after this project.

    Have fun sewing incognito ... that's the best way! A couple of quilting friends are planning a trip with me to our beach house in November for some sewing and girl time. Always look forward to the time spent sewing with friends.

  13. Bonnie, none of my 301's care for Aurifil much. that is why I usually use the guterman on them.


  14. Quilt cam!!! Yeah!!!!


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