Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Things Round Here…and QUILT-CAM Tonight!

It’s time for afternoon naps.  At least Emmy Lou isn't finding it hard to comply.

She’s curled up on top of a quilt top I had placed in my office chair.

I won’t disturb her, she looks rather comfy there.  She has stayed near me since I arrived home on Sunday night….if I didn’t know better, I would think she misses me.

And I rather enjoy the company down here as I work away!

Exciting things happening here in the studio – this afternoon after getting back from having Shamu’s oil changed and tire rotated ((It didn’t take LONG enough! I was just getting into hexie mode when they called and said they were done! Drats!)) 

I found the pdf proofs of Ring Around the Hexies in my inbox!  Whoowhooo!  I found only one thing on my section that needed tweaking, Mickey is going over her part – and then we will be off to PRINT!  HOW EXCITING!

Many of you have already pre-ordered, and those orders will go out as soon as we have copies in our hot little hands.  If you missed yesterday’s post, and have NO IDEA what I am talking about, click HERE to catch up!

Now that my proof checks are done, I’m scrambling to get things ready for cabin sewing this weekend.

studio 031

Neutrals! Always Neutrals!

And I love them…a whole variety of them.  And I admit it.  I’m passive aggressive enough with my fabric to push the boundaries of what goes and what doesn’t….and I find myself sticking strange things into the backgrounds of my quilts to make them more fun for me to sew, and more fun for others to look at. ((Or wonder at!))  I want all the cutting done before I go, so that cabin time is strictly sewing time, not pressing and cutting time.  Pieces will travel in zip lock bags, ready for stitching.

Some of the pieces I need are rather small ((you guys KNOW me so well!!)) and where I fell short in my strip bins, I found myself digging in my neutral strings box to see what I could glean out of there.

studio 030

Oh boy! It’s full!

There are some bigger hunks and chunks in here that were too big to be crumbs, but not long enough to cut strips from so in here they landed.  I’m trying to make some breathing room in this bin and increase my neutrals variety by pulling what I can from this mother load!

studio 029

Sadie just shakes her head.  “Whatever floats your boat, mom!”

Don’t worry, this year’s mystery quilt does NOT include strings.  But I can tell there will be SOMETHING that includes neutral strings again in my future --- there is way too much in this bin, but I love having it on hand to pull from!  Oh, the possibilities!

Don’t forget --- Tonight at 9pm EST!


I have Nancy B to thank for this photo, she posted it to the facebook wall!

I hope you’ll be here, bring a project, something to cut – something to press, something to bind or applique or just straighten your studio while I spend the evening sewing with you!

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  1. I'll bring Wilhelmina, the HC Willcox&Gibbs chainer, in off the GPS tractor and do some more "Takin' Turkey" string triangle squares. ;-) Thanks for Camin' with us tonight! Becky (FiddleyBits, etc.)

  2. Bonnie -- if your looking for something quilty related your more than welcome to attend the triad modern guild meeting tonight at 6:30 at south fork rec center -- I hope to make it home in time for quilt cam.

  3. If I get home in time this evening from St. Louis, I plan to make and sew binding for the lap quilt I am making my boss. Can't wait for quilt cam!

  4. I agree, the cutting ahead makes stitching go much faster. I cut out 9 of some 6.5" Blocks last night watching Dancing with the Stars and they are almost all stitched up today and it's just past noon. I still have some Purple Blades to make for my last 3 Midnight Flight Blocks. WHOO HOO No Strings in the Mystery this year! Best News I've read all day!!!

  5. Emmy Lou does love you! So does Sadie. They're happy to see you! yay for strings!

  6. Aaah....and I was just lovin learning those string blocks for Jamestown Landing in Medford, OR last week! But I'll be working on them during Quilt Cam tonight.

  7. Looking forward to QuiltCam tonight. I'll be watching and relaxing. I basted a baby quilt and straightened up my studio this afternoon. The quilt will be my project for the guild sit-n-sew on Thursday afternoon.

    Myrna in KY

  8. Hi Bonnie, I do not know why but for some reason I lost the quilt cam connection but before I did you mentioned the featherweight foot pedals. I had such a hard time working mine I ordered a replacement pedal and it like the normal size machine ones and works sooo much better.

  9. My mom always loved rutabaga for Thanksgiving dinner. Now that she is gone, my sisters and I buy a rutabaga and then give ourselves permission to "forget" to cook it!

  10. Oh... I missed Quilt Cam tonight. Didn't tune into the blog until 9:35pm CST so I didn't know anything about it. That's why I usually put it down on my calendar as soon as you mention a possibility. But I forgot to do that this time. I'm sure you had a wonderful time, and I look forward to catching the archive later this week.


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