Saturday, September 21, 2013

5th Street Marketplace, Eugene!

I’m really grateful to Karen and Gerri for being so willing to bring me all the way back to Eugene from Grants Pass. 

It’s a 3 hour drive over windy mountain summits.  Being without transportation myself, I really do rely on the guilds to work it out together how they are going to get me from place to place, and I know it isn’t always convenient or easy, but these gals made it so fun!

They stayed for my program Thursday night.

When all the rest of the people had dissipated after Thursday night's guild meeting, they took to packing up my quilts into the duffle bags without being asked even though they were not part of the guild that brought me in.

It wasn't their job, but they saw a need ((Boy did I need!  I was dealing with a crazy book table and packing that up!)) and just stepped up to the plate.

When they found I had no plans for Friday, no transportation, and me just figuring I’d spend the day in the hotel sewing, they grabbed me after breakfast before heading back to Grants Pass to go see a bit more of Eugene than just what was in walking distance of my hotel and its noise of interstate traffic. 

They included me in their plans even though they were officially “done” with me in any guild capacity.  They brought me along because they wanted to, not because they were contracted to do so.

I am so appreciative and humbled! 

And what a day we had.

Eugene_OR2013 002

If you have a chance to visit the 5th Street Market Place in Eugene….you will find some really unique shops that you just can not find in a regular shopping mall.  When I think of shopping malls and cities and towns all across the USA ---the term GENERICA comes to mind.  It’s all the same.  Same stores, same merchandise ---it’s no different shopping at those chain places than it is at home at those same places, so why bother and have to cart it all home?

But this was FUN!  The terraced open air plaza boasts wonderful shops and restaurants – and be sure to take lots of time to wander, you are going to need it!

Eugene_OR2013 003

We started here.  At the Swahili African Modern store.

Beautiful gifts and home d├ęcor items are expertly handcrafted from areas all over Africa.  Proceeds from the sales of these items go back to help develop these areas.  It’s a win/win!

Eugene_OR2013 005

Cute little purse made out of African Style batik fabrics – $10.00  HEXIES!!  Do you see?!

Eugene_OR2013 004

I fell in love with these woven mats – SO colorful!

Eugene_OR2013 006

Look at the colors of this one!

Would you believe these are woven from telephone wire?

Eugene_OR2013 009

These critters are so whimsical!

They had so much interesting stuff in there, but I got busy shopping and stopped taking pictures!  Carved wood items, jewelry, hand bags, kitchenware, WONDERFUL shop!

Eugene_OR2013 010

As we wandered the plaza, we took time to notice the flowers in their last throes of summer splendor.

Okay. Splendor may be a bit strong of a word – they are starting to look tired, but are still vigilant!

Eugene_OR2013 011

Zinnias, Purple petunias and that lovely sweet potato vine!

Eugene_OR2013 026

I think we were saving the best for last.  This is Mindy’s Needlepoint Studio…but be prepared for more than just canvas and yarn.   Mindy has a very ecclectic shop full of fun fashions, accessories ((including the cutest socks ever)) beads, ribbon, felted wool……threads….notions….and the list goes on and on!

Eugene_OR2013 014

Check out the threads!

((okay, I really want this curved display cabinet, but I don’t know where I’d put it!))

Eugene_OR2013 015

Yarns and threads of every weight and color!

Eugene_OR2013 016

Even a sale basket!

Eugene_OR2013 017

Pretty twists of color just begging to be stitched!

Eugene_OR2013 018

Oh my!  One whole wall of flossibilities!!

Eugene_OR2013 019


Eugene_OR2013 020

hand dyed silk ribbons!

Eugene_OR2013 022

Gorgeous ribbons and trim!

Eugene_OR2013 023

Yes!  These are for me!

Eugene_OR2013 021

The name is deceiving – the trip, amazing!

Eugene_OR2013 024

Put this on your DO NOT MISS list!

Eugene_OR2013 029

We lunched at the Japanese restaurant across the courtyard!  All that shopping brought on quite an appetite!

Eugene_OR2013 031

The flower shop on the bottom level was full of beautiful flowers, market style!

Eugene_OR2013 032

I would have taken some home if I weren’t spending just a couple of days in a hotel.

Eugene_OR2013 033

There is a cute little inn attached to the 5th Street Marketplace called “Inn at the 5th”  It would be a great place to stay so you could really explore this area of Eugene.

I was so pooped by the time we dropped me back off at the hotel that while Karen and Gerry were making their 3 hour drive back to Grants Pass, I took a 3 hour nap ---I needed it!

Eugene_OR2013 035

The rest of my evening was spent getting to know this girl!

Thanks to a Eugene guild member, I have this machine on loan for the duration of my time here.  We worked really well together I am happy to say.

This is my last workshop day in Oregon, and Eugene, like Medford, is going to be knee deep in Cathedral Stars today.  It should be a fun time and I am really looking forward to getting to know the Eugene ladies today.

Tomorrow ---Homeward Bound, Hexies in hand!

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  1. So glad for good and nice people in this world because they didn't just open up a lovely day for you, they opened up a possible stop for the rest of us. Yay!

  2. Awesome! We would all love to help you. I'll bet they were on cloud nine getting to show you around. What an honor and a pleasure.
    I thanks them all for taking good care of "Our Bonnie" in Oregon.
    Kathleen in San Juan

  3. Bonnie, I really enjoy your 'travel' posts as it gives insight not only into your fabulous work (and thank you from this quilter for your free quilt designs) but also you as a person and how your life has evolved from following your talent. I am a former stage performer and remember Eugene from being there with Riverdance nearly 20 years ago. Lovely people! Thank you for taking back on this journey.
    I am setting out to blog, so I'm learning from you! I'm at thepatrickpost.com

  4. i'm so happy for you. it seem God always puts people were there is need. you always said Quilter's were the most giving kind of people.God's letting you see how right you are. when you are so giving yourself and always paying it forward by all you do for people you don't know, we all think of you as our friend and are glad to share our time with you.( I always thought they had to have a drawing to find out who gets Bonnie when you go to different places.LOL).

  5. Bonnie, of course they were happy to show you around! You have such a genuine appreciation of the places you visit and the people you meet. I've been in a class and had dinner with you. You make each person feel you are so happy to meet them, regardless how very many people you meet in an average week. I think that comes from the discipline you've developed for yourself in organizing and controlling your time where you can so you can "be" where you are "in time" not worrying about the next thing, because it will happen when it is supposed to. I am trying to learn that from you in addition to the wonderful quilting. Keep on keepin' on, Bonnie.

  6. Such a great shopping place ... I would HAVE to have those socks lol.

    Have fun

  7. So glad to see you enjoyed Eugene with quilting friends. All of you were blessed to spend the day together. I got to spend the day with four quilting friends at the NW Quilting Expo in Portland yesterday - we always have a great time together, laughing, shopping, talking, laughing ...

    You share so much with all of us, that it is our joy to be able to share back to you.

    Have fun in your class in Eugene and safe travels home.

  8. I think there should be a special placard for featherweights
    "Bonnie Hunter sewed on this machine"...you know like George Washington slept here. It would make the machine more valuable!!!
    Glad you had such a great time in Oregon.
    Thanks for all the inspiration you give.

  9. Bonnie, I absolutely love traveling with you via your Blog! I'd never get to go anywhere otherwise! Thanks for sharing your adventures along with your beautiful patterns!


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