Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cathedral Stars with Emerald Valley Quilters!

I mentioned in yesterday’s quicky post from my phone about the “Our Sewing Room” venue ---it was so great!

There is ample room  for everyone – each with their own table and chair.  There are cutting islands and plenty of ironing boards, design walls, machines to borrow if you need one, classes offered….it’s a great place to gather!

You can rent space as an individual, or as a group.  The website says:

Our Sewing Room is a gathering place for friends; a group space for any needlework or crafting group. 
You may bring in any existing group, or start a new group at Our Sewing Room.  

Individuals are welcome to come and sew, especially if you need more room than you have at home, or you just want to get out and meet other craft-minded people.
Eugene_OR2013 047

I just thought this was a fabulous idea for a small business!

And right next to this window is this fabulous mural:

Eugene_OR2013 048

I love murals!

We had a really fun day, and I enjoyed meeting the ladies, each and every one!

Check out Pene’s string and selvage machine cover!  What a great idea!

Eugene_OR2013 092 

Isn’t this sew fun?!

Click the image below if you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device!
Cathedral Stars, Eugene OR 2013
The tutorial for Cathedral Stars is found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog!

I'm headed home this morning.  It's been a great week, a long week and I miss my family and my home.  My own bed tonight..YAY!

You can bet I will be deep into hexies all day on this trip...Eugene to San Francisco to Charlotte to Greensboro.  I've got some videos downloaded to my kindle and I'm ready to roll!

I was asked when the next Quilt-Cam might be.  I think perhaps either Tuesday or Wednesday evening.  I've got to get a handle on what needs to be dealt with at home and I'll be better able to judge after I make it through Monday :c)

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  1. Safe travels are wished for you Bonnie, hexie on!

  2. Glad you had a great week, safe travels.

  3. Perfect the space I would like to live near there.
    I'll be looking forward for the Quilt Cam.

  4. I absolutely love the string/ salvage sewing machine cover.

  5. The selvage machine cover is fantastic! I want to make one! Imagine she foundation pieced it, and think I could figure it out.

  6. I absolutely love the string/ salvage sewing machine cover.

  7. My daughter saw a string salvage quilt and wants me to make her a whole quilt like that! of course I said yes so now I am madly saving salvage edges! Could take a while but my DD is worth it:)

  8. What a fun workshop. I love the pictures!


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