Friday, September 06, 2013

A Treat from Kittrell/Riffkind Art Glass

We had a bit of time after class and before dinner out at Blue Mesa to wander through Kittrell/Riffkind Art Glass in Dallas!

I LOVE colorful glass, and the works of many artisans from all over the United States and Canada are on display and for purchase in the gallery.

I’ve never worked with blown glass, but I am amazed by it….the same goes for stained glass as well, with such a close connection to patchwork. 

Glass work takes precision, perseverance, expertise and vision.  So does patchwork.

It takes an intuitive knowledge of color, of value, of contrast and of texture and eye-appeal.  So does patchwork.

The only problem was making myself stick to one small item that wouldn't throw the weight of my suitcase overboard, and it had to be something virtually unbreakable.

UN-breakable….In a glass gallery?

I treated myself to this sweet little bracelet, I am so in love with it!

Dallas_Sept2013 080

I’m not a big jewelry girl.  Heavy necklaces wear me down, I don’t like to travel with a lot of different beads and baubles – I rarely even change out my earrings unless it is a special occasion – simplest is best for me.

But this, while not expensive, spoke to me!  Perfect with jeans, and great with a skirt for dressing up a bit ---I treated myself.

I was tickled when I brought my item to the counter and received a printed out bio on the local artist, Bernadette Fuentes.

Along with basic information, I was informed that each bead is created individually using ancient old techniques.  (((And here I thought beads came from Michael’s with a coupon!!))

Using a stationary torch, fueled with propane and oxygen, glass rods are heated to the consistency of honey and manipulated to create each bead.  Then they are put into a kiln to insure stability.  Over the years Bernadette has  also worked with Moretti and Bulls Eye glass.

I do not know what Moretti or Bulls Eye glass are.

I don’t know the first thing about the awards she has won for her artwork, but as an artist, I feel a connection to Bernadette.

The last line of her bio reads:

Over the years Bernadette has felt blessed to do what she loves best and can not imagine a life any different.

And neither can I, my friends --- Neither can I!

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  1. Glass can be SO beautiful. I like your new bracelet.

    When you are (ever) I Winter Haven Fl, next to Orlando really, go to the TIFFANY GLASS MUSEUM THERE. Amazingly wonderful place and free also.


  2. As soon as I read the last line of her bio, I knew exactly what you would say. You are both very lucky ladies! Your sweet little bracelet looks really nice.

  3. Beautiful bracelet! It will be a lovely memory of your trip.

  4. Love glass. Would love to visit xx

  5. Glass Pitchers
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  6. Love the bracelet it, it is great you got to treat yourself. I bet that if you had found something bigger they would have shipped it to your house.

  7. Love the bracelet it, it is great you got to treat yourself. I bet that if you had found something bigger they would have shipped it to your house.

  8. What a lovely remembrance of your trip! So glad you treated yourself. Great you received information on the artist, Bernadette.

  9. I have dappled in stained glass and love it. Your bracelet will be a great memento of your trip. Thanks for letting us in on your joys as you travel.

  10. Oh, you have been to my most favorite places that I Love to go to in Dallas. Kittrel/Riffkind has the most gorgeous pieces of glass. Don't you just love Blue Mesa. I hope that you tried the Adobe pie. It is delicious. Have a wonderful time while your here in Dallas.

  11. Love that bracelet. So, so pretty! The colors and tones in glass work are so mesmerizing to me. I'm interested in the name of the shop, too. Kittrell is also a very small town here in NC, just down the road from my house. Hmmmmmm.....I wonder what the connection is? Have a super day!


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