Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dallas Show and Share ---

While on a layover in Dallas I thought I’d share some of the yummies that were brought to class while I met with the Quilters Guild of Dallas!

Layovers are good for stuff like this…browsing back through photos,

What a great time we had!

Allison ran off at lunch time to pick up this hand appliqued top from a 92 year old quilter ---it’s a kit, possibly one of those from a catalogue, and the work is exquisite.

Upon picking up the top, the sweet lady asked Allison if she can have it done within 30 days.

We all chuckled ----but if I were 92, I’d want to see this beauty completed and bound too!

The blues are so pretty against the crisp white.  There are blue dots for where the quilting is going to go, and Allison is going to follow those as a guide….and add her own touches here and there.

Dallas_Sept2013 043

Isn’t this lovely?
Dallas_Sept2013 044

Such intricate applique and embroidery details!

Dallas_Sept2013 046

These triangles were rescued from the trash bin at retreat!

Allison ((Showed holding the 2 minis)) rescued the bits and has made 3 little quilts out of what someone else deemed “not worth saving”  Think twice before you toss!  And if you can’t use the pieces, at least donate them to someone who loves small piecing – aren’t these cute?

Dallas_Sept2013 047

Cranky Treadlers signature quilt!

Allison also belongs to the Cranky Treadlers, a group that runs circles around the rest of us with people-powered machines, both treadles and hand cranks!  This signature quilt is so fun to look at, and the theme is very vintage machine related.

Dallas_Sept2013 048

Check out the treadle fabric!

This “bunk house” quilt will be going with Allison the next time she attends a retreat in Texas with this group ---can you imagine a retreat where everything is either hand cranked or foot pedal powered?  Sounds like so much fun to me!

Dallas_Sept2013 054

How’s your Split 9 patch leader/ender challenge coming?

Dallas_Sept2013 049

Sharon shared her Lazy Sunday!  Great fun seeing all the work she has done since I saw her in Plano last January, and then again this spring in the Houston Area ---

Dallas_Sept2013 050

She has also finished her Tulip Fields from String Fling!

Dallas_Sept2013 051

Check out that cheddar!  Isn’t it great?

Dallas_Sept2013 052

We also have a Texas Tumbleweeds in the house!

Dallas_Sept2013 053

Check out those yummy batiks!

Texas Tumbleweeds is making an appearance in my next book, so if you have been waiting for it – never fear, just stay tuned!

Dallas_Sept2013 057

Orca Bay, Anyone?!  ((Also from String Fling))

Dallas_Sept2013 131

This is Zuckerwatte also from String Fling…Love the purple/green color way!

Dallas_Sept2013 133

Check out those fun fabrics!

Dallas_Sept2013 135

Another Lay Sunday!  YUMMY!!

Dallas_Sept2013 136

Close up of that terrific border!

Dallas_Sept2013 137

This is Christmas Lights!  You can find it under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog – just scroll down to the bottom of the page where the Mysteries are Smile

Dallas_Sept2013 138

Love love love this Smith Mountain Morning from Scraps & Shirttails II!

Dallas_Sept2013 139

I've always loved this color combo, and her fabrics are delicious!

I’m sending this off as my layover in Dallas comes to an end and I am boarding my last flight home – I’ll be home by 6:16pm and Jeff is picking me up.  I have a feeling it will be Chinese Buffet for dinner – the kid eats like a horse and it’s always his choice Smile

Toodles, Everyone!

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  1. I have been known to raid the trash cans at retreat! Love the quilts you shared.

  2. Busy ladies in Texas! It must be so much fun to see your patterns come alive in different colorways using so many other fabrics.

    Really do like the post with photos for the groups you are teaching. Smiling all around I see ;)


  3. What lovely quilts these ladies have made from your patterns. You have touched so many lives. : ) Safe travels.

  4. that purple and green quilt is beautiful

  5. Anonymous4:35 PM EDT

    I have an entire bag of HST that I made from "throw away" triangles already pieced and trimmed as well as another pile of smaller triangles that are in process of becoming HST as leaders and enders. Can't wait to put them in cute small quilts as you posted here!

  6. How fun! I'll be at the Cranky Treadler retreat in a couple of weeks. I'm glad I got to see Allison's finished quilt!

  7. Thanks for the lovely show & tell!

  8. Lovely quilts. Great Show and Tell, so inspiring.
    Welcome home Bonnie.

  9. Love the show and tell! Thanks for sharing..I am especially impressed that a few of those ladies have Lazy Sunday done AND QUILTED...sheesh! I haven't even made the backing for mine!

  10. Thanks for sharing your photos Bonnie. Wish I was there. lol.

  11. Thank you for the wonderful quilt show you published!

  12. Yep, I'm a happy wanderer at sewing bees and sewing retreats.....stopping by other peoples' sewing areas and dipping into their garbage. If it's at least 1 1/2" then I run away with it.

  13. All of the quilts turned out so lovely. You know, when I first saw the picture of the flowered applique; I thought it was made from the liquid embroidery pens.Remember those? One of my grandma's used them a lot. She also did embroidery but this was different; because "I" could do it with ease. Thanks for sharing all the "lovelies".
    Gotta go pick green beans! :)

  14. I too have raided the trash at retreats:)What a beautiful bunch of quilts! Just beautiful!

  15. I am lovin' that strippy star quilt hanging in the background of the photos. Is that one of yours? It is just sparkling!


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