Monday, September 30, 2013

Quilt-Cam 9/30/2013

It’s the LAST DAY OF SEPTEMBER!  How did that happen? 

Since I only spend about half the month at home, it seems my months are always coming in short of what I think they should be…September should be savored and enjoyed, not rushed through, don’t you think?

This is a photo that Patsy sent in – she was watching archived episodes of Quilt-Cam and working on her Lone Star quilt --- don’t you love the colors? So vibrant!  Her comment was: “Watching Quilt-Cam while working on my UFO's today!”

It’s my hope that we can encourage each other to keep working on those long term projects and see progress happening! 

I certainly don’t mind keeping you company!  You can find the archived episodes of Quilt-Cam by clicking the Quilt-Cam tab at the top of the blog….Each post will show you what I’m working on during that episode, and share a bit about another Quilt-friend who is joining in and has something to share.

If you’d like to send a picture of your set up while YOU watch Quilt-Cam, just email me at Quiltville@gmail.com and include your photo.

Tonight I’m going back in time. 

To 1885 to be exact!

It’s a good thing that treadle cabinets have wheels and are easy to move.  There is a machine I have been severely neglecting.  It’s my Singer Improved Family, a fiddle base machine with a coffin top in a smaller table.

vintagemachines 066[5]

I wrote about her in this post HERE.   What a life she must have had!

The reason for my delay?  Though she came with a leather belt, it was very slippy and I hate adjusting leather belts.  I wanted to switch that out for a tubing belt.  So today I did:

quiltcam 020

The tubing belt is so easy, and it grips the wheel so it runs smoothly.

The other problem?  I had to order in new bobbins.  I only had ONE original bobbin. They look like this:

quiltcam 018

And they really have no bobbin case….they are held in a trap door under the machine like this:

quiltcam 019

That little door swings open and the bobbin drops out….and the thread has to be caught in that little eye thingy..

I don’t know if you can tell but I threaded with two different colors of thread, pink on top, blue on the bottom so I could see what thread was doing what when I was adjusting tension.

Yes, I know – this machine needs a DEEP CLEANING…but right now I just want it functional so I know it is worth my effort to get the 128 year old gunk off!

quiltcam 021

What you see here is disintegrating clear coat and places where floral decals USED to be.  This is why I have to be careful with whatever I use to clean her with.  I think it is safer just to leave her be….I don’t want to cause any further damage.

As for how she stitches??

quiltcam 022


She makes a delightful little ticka-ticka-ticka-ticka sound when you treadle her.  And her pedaling is smooth!  She has an old style wooden pitman rod ----the rod is attached to the fly wheel and when the wheel turns, that is what moves the foot pedal.

I’m working on string pieced sashings tonight – these are for my Cheddar Sampler.  I’m covering pieces of paper that are 5.5” X 6.5”.  The pieces are scrap papers that were originally 5.5” X 8” and I trimmed them down.  From these covered papers I can get TWO sashings that measure 2.5” X 6.5”.  This will help use up shorter recycled shirt strings and build my variety since there will only be two identical sashings in the quilt ---twice as fast as doing them one at a time, yet is the best use of the sizes of fabric I have, and ease of construction!

Ready to sew with me?  Click the arrow on the screen below to start the feed!  Let’s go!

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  1. Hi Bonnie, I"m watching you LIVE for the first time......so I thought I might ask you a question. When you're doing your strippy blocks, I've notice there are small pieces here and there. Do you pre-piece those before you sew them onto the last row? I know, maybe this is a dumb question..........if I'd stop to think about it then I'd probably be able to figure it out. I'm too tired to try tonight lol. Thanks for everything you do for us!

    1. thanks Bonnie! That's what I thought you were doing :)

  2. Hellooooo Bonnie....ah....feet up and peeking in on your for a few minutes before heading to bed....LOVE your new baby I see you stitching on....soon I will be playing with mine....Have a Great Cam!!!
    Lynn in Floreeedah

  3. Still working on a memory quilt with you...piecing on my featherweight...love your treadle...at least she's in a wonderful loving home =)

  4. Thank you so much for talking more and more about treadling. As a newbie I really appeciate it! I ordered the tubing and connectors and am patiently awaiting it's arrival.
    Also, I wanted to let you know that ordered an AdjusTable. Since it's basically local I do believe that it arrived the next day. Maybe two days later. (They are probably less than 25 miles from me!) Sew excited!

  5. hey first time watching loving it im new to sewing what kind of paper do you use to sew on

  6. Hi Bonnie!! This is my second Quilt Cam and I really enjoy it - you're right, it's like having a friend sewing with you. I am working on a fall themed wall hanging that I started several years ago. Decided it was time to get it done!
    Having fun in Missouri!!

  7. i am also doing some (machine) embroidery...making ladies hankies...i agree, this is like sewing with a friend...thanks for quilt cam!

  8. Hi, Bonnie tonight I working on assembling an I-Spy quilt for my nephew, and then tackling 5 garbage bags of fabric I've been gifted - mostly quilting cottons, so I'll be stripping scrap-user style my heart out later! I plan on sharing with my best friend and my sister, and will probably do some giveaways as well. Gotta share the wealth!

  9. Hand quilting a snowman applique ufo. Trying to finish it before guild on Thursday so I really appreciate quilt cam tonight.

  10. Hello from Owego, NY. I made the recipe you posted earlier in the week for our supper tonight, Creamy Ranch Chicken served on a bed of rice. Oh my goodness it was delicious, a huge hit with the family. Im working on a Christmas lap quilt as I watch quiltcam tonight.

  11. Well glory be! I can't believe I am actually able to join you for quilt cam tonight! Working on a gazillion 16 patches for an art quilt tonight while watching! Thanks for sharing all of the photos from "Quilt Villa." It makes me feel like I am in the mountains too!

  12. It is ok that you are sometimes fuzzy, you come back. I like the distance from the camera so we can see more and you are in better light. Last time you were in shadow.
    Working on organizing, trimming, and sewing center blocks on my first leader ender quilt. It will be blues and tan/creams as the example.

  13. G'day Bonnie! I'm sewing 4 1/2 in log cabin blocks this morning......Finished 56, 216 to go! Excited to be able to sew along live. I'm on long service leave until the end of January next year and am looking forward to sewing along with more Quiltcams and this year's Mystery Quilt here in sunny Perth, Western Australia. Sue XXX

  14. Hi Bonnie,

    So good to see you home sewing on your treadle :0)
    I am sewing the binding on a Halloween table runner to send to my
    granddaughter in Michigan.

    So happy to have your company this evening.
    Happy Sewing

  15. Love the clickety clackety sound your treadle makes.......so comforting somehow!
    I have my grandmothers treadle that i have inherited, but have not sewn on yet. You are inspiring me to try.
    Cindy from MI

  16. Hi Bonnie! I'm a new follower, and this is my first time catching Quilt Cam live. What fun! I have to admit, I'm listening while I lie in bed this evening, reading quilting magazines. Just one of those days...

  17. Hi Bonnie, enjoying you live for the first time from Australia. Not sewing much today as I'm on Granny duty, but just now I'm making labels while she naps!

  18. Hi Bonnie, I am glad you are having QuiltCAM tonight. I'm busy getting ready to go to Colorado to see my Daughter. She is taking me to the Quilt Museum in Golden. I've collected 4 quilts to take with me. 3 need to be quilted but have the backings to go with and fit.

  19. Hi Bonnie,
    Love your machine. I just got a 1915 Singer 66-1 cleaned up and workiing to give to a young woman who lives off-grid and I have had so much fun with it, almost hate to part with it. Tonight, I am cutting up my old phone books for foundation paper for another string pieced top. 6 and a half inch squared, our books are quite small, that's o.k. more blocks to make a top equals more fun. thanks for all you do and for sharing your sewing/quilting life with all of us, Donna

  20. The treadle reminds me of the car in the old Disney movie
    "Flubber" :0). Remember that one with Fred MacMurray?

    Happy Sewing :0) Hugs, Kim in Sunset Beach, NC

  21. Bonnie I love your treadle machine... I also have one but have tried to thread it to no avail...there is not any pictures that can show me how to thread it... this is my very first time watching you really enjoying u

  22. Have you ever come to Ontario Canada? Would love to see you some time!

  23. Hi Bonnie, so very glad I have found you. I do not know where I have all of my sewing life. You are such an inspiration to me. I am now convinced that I will be able to master my stash basket; I knew I was saving all those scraps for something. I now have the bug. I have an Accuquilt Go cutter and have the 2" finished half square cutter and am saving many scraps in half squares. Now to decide what to do with them. Love what you are doing. So good to have you in my sewing life, even if it is vicariously through live streaming. Keep yourself healthy, get rest, and please don't let yourself burn out. You are too valuable to us. ;-) Wish I could see you this week end, but can't. Pam in Illinois

  24. Love quilt cam! I'm in my hotel room in San Francisco watching you this evening and doing a bit of appliqué! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Love quilt cam and all I learn from watching you. Tonight I'm cutting out weighted vests for my great grandson and two of his playmates.
    Upstate NY

  26. Hi - it's me again. Since I am so new to you and your process, could you help me out about what you do with the paper backing once your block is finished? Thanks. Pam

  27. I enjoy watching you work and visit with other cam-watchers! I haven't mastered my treadle yet and am still looking for a hand-crank

  28. p.s. I love my featherweight!!!

  29. Just wanted to say thank you for coming to Southern Oregon this month. See you in 2017.

  30. First timer here.... Love your quiltcam!

  31. darn missed live feed. not sewing tonight but still using rotary cutter and rulers. making wedding invitations for the oldest nephew

  32. My mother & I used fabric pieces from all of my sewing projects when I was a teenager & made a scrappy quilt using newspaper squares for paper piecing. That quilt lasted many years & nurtured my love for scrappy quilts. Hence, my little business is Scrappyendings. Thank you for sharing your wonderful "green" techniques.

  33. Didn't even know about quiltcam tonight. And I was home alone all night. Darn it.

  34. First time and really enjoyed watching. Thanks for sharing.

  35. You saved that poor little OLD machine from a scrap pile, I just know it. Yes, she is rough on the surface, a tad grimy in her parts but her little mechanical heart inside LOVES to stitch!!! And she has a good home for a long long time too.

    Quilt Cam was a nice break last evening...thanks.
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  36. Bonnie, I have an 1889 Singer Fiddlehead. My drawers look the same, but I have them on both sides. Wondering if that means my machine is a different model. My box is a bit different from yours too, as it has different carving. How do you know what model yours is? I have a serial number, but that only tells me it was made in 1889. Is there a certain size that would mean it is a 15? Help!

  37. Bonnie, I'm interested in that light you have directed into your sewing area. What kind is it?

  38. Thank you for the information on replacement belts. I may just have to order one. The lather belt for my treadle is slipping and I don't look forward to fixing it.


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