Monday, September 09, 2013

Strip Twisting in Abilene, Group #1!

What does a guild do when the class sells out so quickly and the waiting list has enough people for a whole nuther class?

Offer the same class TWICE!

You might think it makes more sense to offer two different classes, but from the way I hear it from time to time, there are those that would sign up for BOTH classes, leaving not enough room in either for some that would want to attend….

No one is going to take the same class two days in a row, so that enables twice the amount of people to take the class –get it?  Makes sense to me!

So yesterday was group #1 for Strip Twist, and today we will get to meet with group #2!  Lather, rinse, repeat – later, rinse, repeat!  To a whole new group of Quilters ---

Because it was Sunday, and the church that is usually the meeting place was occupied, we were able to get the recreation room where one of the members lives ---a really nice retirement community.  The room was beautiful – big windows, lots of light, kitchen area for snacks, etc ---and what did we do? Blew the power within the first 10 minutes..LOL

I guess they’d never seen the likes of quilters like us before!  We were able to get power back after a while and continued on our merry way, sewing strip sets , pressing strip sets, and cutting them into  matched triangle pairs.

You really Can get a lot done in one class…just look at this photo!

Abilene_TX2013 051

How’s that for perspective?!

You can see my quilt hanging in the basckground.  Strip Twist is one of the free patterns you will find at the top of the blog by clicking the free patterns tab.

Abilene_TX2013 010

Look at this little set up!

This custom made folding table was found at an estate sale for all over $17.50  It’s the perfect retreat table for this handsome 301A!

And this special treat was the hit of the day:

Abilene_TX2013 009

Sewing Cookies!

Spools and machines and scissors ((to cut the calories in half!!))  There was not a single cookie left by the end of class time – aren’t these cute?

I hope you enjoy the slide show.  If you can’t view it on your mobile device, click the image below to go directly to the photo album.
Strip Twist, Abilene, TX 2013
Today is a long day ---Group #2 all day long, and a lecture and trunk show tonight!  Tuesday -- this girl is on her way home!

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  1. Where ever you are . . . the fun ensues!! Thanks for including us with your posts each day. You are my "morning newspaper" -- just the happy section!!
    Have a lovely day delighting and educating other quilters. Hugs, Allison in North Texas

  2. I love reading about your adventures and seeing what the ladies in your classes are making. I dream of taking one of your classes in the future.

    I almost got the chance to take a class while you are in Eugene, Oregon this month. The Guild was nice enough to place me on the waiting list, but it was not meant to be.

    What a shame, I had my hubby all set up to play chauffer and to have his own 'play date' while I was taking the class. He graduated from high school down there and has friends he definitely doesn't see enough of.

    Maybe next time you are in the area I will get on the ball faster and get signed up for one of your classes.

  3. I fell in love with several of the fabrics used! Don't you like seeing what other quilters choose? Some I would walk by without a further glance, then love them when I see that fabric in a quilt!

    Several friends & I swap scraps for just that reason. We do have fun with it.

    Enjoy TEXAS ... steak anyone?

  4. What wonderful cookies :)


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