Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Welcome, Quiltmaker Scrap Addicts!

There is a new team roaring and ready to go at Quiltmaker Magazine --

A special branch of quilters ready and willing to dig into their scraps behind the scenes and join me with blocks from my Addicted to Scraps column!

I’m very excited about this team thing that we have going on.

Let me tell you in Diane’s words how this came to be:

Bonnie takes ho-hum and sometimes even ugly fabrics and somehow sprinkles them with fairy dust, and they become showstoppers. It’s a beautiful thing.

Did she really just admit that I send in blocks with ugly fabrics!?  HA!  I do! And I dare this wonderful magazine to PUBLISH photos with those ugly fabrics front and center showing you what I truly believe:

The beauty of the scrap quilt is more than the sum of its ho hum and ugly parts!
Not long ago we were brainstorming for new ideas, and we realized that we could do more with the Addicted to Scraps block designs. When we asked for new Scrap Squad applications, we had many more than we could use in the six coveted Scrap Squad spots.
That’s when an idea was born: Could we form a whole new team of readers who would take Bonnie’s Addicted to Scraps block designs and make scrappy quilts from them?
Why yes! We could! And we did!
I’m pleased to present you with this new team called QM Scrap Addicts. They are bursting with excitement about this new project. They’re starting to sew already, and soon we’ll have quilts to share with you. The inspiration around here is going to ROCK!
Please welcome to QM Scrap Addicts:
• Jacquie Campbell from Enid, Oklahoma
• Barbara Johnson from Verona, Pennsylvania
• Melva Nolan from Trinidad, Colorado
• Doris Rice from Brownwood, Texas
• June Sinfield from Port Elgin, Ontario
• Sheri Wonderling from Brookville, Pennsylvania
• Debbie Yarbrough from Sugar Hill, Georgia
• Donna Cook from Plainville, Connecticut
To Celebrate, Quiltmaker is hosting a Give-Away!  You've got to see it to believe it!
Head over to Quilty Pleasures and leave a comment there and read more about our fun ahead!  The drawing is open until midnight on Feb 8th!
Back on the home front at Quiltville:  A one hour facial and a 90 minute deep tissue to work out issues with my adductors in my legs has left me a bit wobbly in a very good way!  I may get as far as sewing on a binding tonight, but more likely I’m itching to curl up with a good book after a long hot tub soak and call it day.
I’ll catch you in the morning!

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Machelle said...

This sounds so fun!!!

Donna Barnes said...

You don't have any representation from the western US, so I am volunteering!

Marjorie Hair said...

So excited to hear about the Scrap Squad. I just finished a quilt using your pattern from the previous issue of Quiltmaker and am making the current block with leftover HST from Grand Illusion.

cavey411 said...

I just finished a Carolina chain quilt with red white and blue flannel scraps that I was holding on to forever...Found a red white and blue snowflake flannel border and wow ... I love it... Thanks for your inspiration...

Judy Clayton said...

Oh I can't wait to see what you all come up with. A facial sounds AWESOME. Enjoy your warm bath and a restful nights sleep Bonnie! :)

Doris Rice, The Quilting Queen said...

I'm so honored to be chosen to represent your blocks. I'm over the moon excited and can't wait to get home to dig into my scraps and get going.

Ele said...

I am in Iowa. so I can be as corny and strange as the next quilter! I love, love, love scrappy ONLY because of Miss Bonnie!! I made GI totally from my stash, and barely made a dent in said stash. I ran out of the pinks I was using, but that is all. What a fun task these ladies are undertaking!! I am jealous.

Mary said...

It's gonna be a FUN QM year!!! Qm Blog won't let me comment tonight. I already have the book.

Leaves Ongrass said...

I love how you post the things you do to take care of your body! You are setting a good example that makes me want to do the same.

doodah said...

I second Donna Barnes, this sounds like fun but there is no one one the Squad west of the Rockies. I second her nomination.
Donna in dark Oregon

doodah said...

I meant to write "no one on the squad"
Donna in still dark Oregon

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

Hi thee...this sounds like a great idea! Who doesn't have scraps. Sometimes they turn out to be my nicest work!
LOL! Good luck with this new project.

darlene said...

I love scrap quilts

Anonymous said...

I am new to quilting, So I will have to borrow scraps from a friend. Love you girls on this blog.

GerryART said...

I'm having so much fun acquiring and sorting scraps.
I dream about many future scrappy quilts.

Just took a neat white with black floral patterned blouse from my closet to my cutting table
Bye bye shirt, Hello scraps
Hugs 'n Smiles

Quilt em said...

LOVE scrappy quilts the best

Barb Johnson said...

I was so thrilled to be chosen as a Scrap Addict! I started subscribing to Quiltmaker when I found out that you were going to be having a column in it every month! And I've been a subscriber ever since. I have my assignments and can't wait to get started!