Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Day=Spider Web Sew Day!

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I was feeling a bit BLUE with all of the winter weather and snow dumping we've had lately here in North Central, North Carolina.

What is a girl to do when she is feeling blue?

Pull out a blue sewing machine and sew something sunshiny and bright!

This is Petula, my 1967 Wizard Citation.  Such sleek, fun lines!

Before leaving for Texas I had assembled the rows for my String Spider Web re-make, and the rows simply needed to be pinned together and stitched to assemble the quilt top.

But OH the pinning!

There were points to match that just would not match no matter how hard I tried.

String quilts are utilitarian in nature and by that nature were never meant to have things match perfectly – but we do give it a good try when we can, don’t we?

There will ALWAYS be bulk in the many seams of a string quilt where corners and points come together.  That’s just the way that it is!

But oh what fun when you stitch a row on to find another section completed!


Uhoh…no matter how hard we try….same fabric together!

See that yellow print, front and center?

I was having a conversation with a quilt friend today attempting to define our “genre” as a quilter.  I do not enter my quilts to be judged.  For display only?  Yes.  But to be judged? No.

I’m firmly in the court of “mid-depression to mid-century farm wife with a burgeoning scrap basket” as far as I think of myself as a quilter.  I love to sew it up – the more fabrics the better!  The more variety the better!  The more color, the better!  The more perfect….ugh.  I am happily a relaxed piecer who doesn’t want to stress over points that don’t match ALL the time.  I like to be surprised when they DO match to no fault of my own!

And I did the best I can to match places where many points and seams are coming together, but if they are off a needle’s width here or there…I just tell folks with a shrug of my shoulder and a slightly crooked grin on my face:

“I live happily in the land of That’ll Do!”


Another section ---so fun to see this off set!

I asked on facebook and instagram – Borders or No Borders??

Really, it was split about 50/50.

And I’m inclined to NO borders.  Just a strong binding.  Maybe turquoise?

It’s already 74 X 85 and I never do ONE border for a quilt – it would have to be at least two, like a mat and a frame, and then it would be TOO big.


Draped over the rail of my long arm machine.

I’m not sure what to call it yet, but it will come to me.

I’m planning on just quilting it with an edge to edge design because it IS a utility quilt, and will be used a lot. 

No, this is no show piece, it would be right at home with mid-century farm wife scrap bag.  And I love it that way!

Oh, and as for where that favorite piece ended up?


Bathing Beauty strutting her stuff!

I’ve got a backing pieced, but no time to load it.  I still need to pack up the trunk show, and pack my own suitcase.  I need to make it to the airport by 6:45 at the latest tomorrow morning.

The roads may be a bit treacherous ---we had a lot of thaw, but there is also a lot of re-freezing happening tonight.

Florida, you can’t bring on your warm quick enough!

Oh, and while the quilter was quilting – this was going on in my back acreage:

The Hubster entertaining himself while the rest of us WORK! HA!

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Lakegaldonna said...

Oh love the layout of the string spider web, it's very striking.

Warm and sunny Florida awaits you. Hope your trip gives you everything you need.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that is one thing I like about you Bonnie is that you quilt for fun not for perfection. Some have asked why do I not enter my quilts in shows - I tell them because they are not perfect - I don't take the time for perfection because I just want to have fun - a judge would look my quilts over and see points that are not pointed, stitches that are not perfectly even on and on - more to life that than.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea for a name of this spider web quilt...Due to the timing and weather while piecing it, I suggest something in the nature of,

"Scrappy Slalom" or "Spider Slalom"....

frances meitzen

Anonymous said...

Quilt looks like it was fun!!! Love the colors.

Cherry Jones

Anonymous said...

I am working on a spider wed quilt, but somehow my kites will not have a point at the bottom. But, it is for fun, and if it isn't perfect, that is okay. At least all of them will be the same. I have a few more blocks to make yet. It has been fun. I, too, love string quilts.
iquilt4ever in Iowa

grandmatomato said...

Snakes in the sun

hobbit13mg said...

How about "wandering spider webs"?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know, once again that we don't have to be perfect. I don't make quilts to be judged, I make them to be used.

Deb said...

If you got bruises in your fall the other day, this quilt is probably the colors they will be, lol. Really do hope you have recovered from the incident and able to enjoy your time in Florida. How about "Sun Spun Spiders"?
Anywho, I'm with you, my quilts are meant to be loved and cover people I love, judge, smudge....As Frank said, "I'll do it my way" Thanks Bonnie!

Cheri Dawn said...

That 4-wheeler looks like so much fun. Now we know what kind of work he needed to do on it!

Glad you decided to forego borders; it's perfect as is.

Carol pennington said...

How about squiggly wiggly stars lol !!

Farm Quilter said...

Looks like a Giant Slalom to me!! Love the fun your hubby is having on his quad - mine is wishing for enough snow to go out and play in!!

Kat Masterson said...

I know you didn't ask for names but that quilt is too fun for us not to play! I say its 'Slinky'!!

BonnieE said...

Scrappy Snakes, of course!!

Karen said...

I think you should have at least a 3" border all around so when the quilt is handled, there won't be so much stress given to those strings piecing areas right on the edge. The border will stabilize all the seaming.


Anonymous said...

How about calling it "Wiggling Along"?

RosieGma said...

I to just want to make quilts that are used, loved and cuddled under...This quilt looks like a Spider's Drunken Path......

Mego said...

LOVE this post. I, too, am a 'that'll do' quilter. I took a class many years ago from a great quilter who said 'ALWAYS do your absolute best and then, love the results...no matter what!'

Ariane said...

I love this quilt top! It's going to beautiful all quilted. I may have to add this one to my bucket list to make.

Anonymous said...

Love this quilt. Last time I saw the colorful zig-zag. Tonight I really noticed the yellow stars. Beautiful! brewersd@juno.com

Anonymous said...

Scrappy rainbows :)

Linda said...

Drunken Spider

Mary said...

Glad you got it together. My Grand Illusion intersections aren't matching much and I'm ok with that too. On to the Inner Border...I had to go buy more Yellow fabric, I lost the strips I had cut, LOL. Travel safe to the land of the SUN!

Anonymous said...

When I was new to quilting and struggling with all my seams matching my cousin, who does beautiful quilts that sell for thousands of dollars, told me "don't worry about those pesky old seams matching, I don't" I have been more relaxed about it since then!!

P.S. one of her quilts is in the book
100 Best Quilts Of The 20th Century and she has a quilt in the National Quilt Museum. Pam Studstill.

Leaves Ongrass said...

I'm with you 100% about not stressing to make "perfect" quilts! That takes all the fun out of it! I do believe color choices are important though. But that's fun!

Sundae Quilter said...

Wormhole Extreme!!! This is from Stargate SG-1

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, I love how this string quilt turned out! So bright and sunny, perfect for a snowy day! Thanks for all that you share with us
Mary in New Mexico
PS we have been getting snow here too!

Anonymous said...

Love this top. The flow of the strings reminds me of square dancers.
Evelyn in PA

Sherri said...

The arrangement of blocks that you've chosen looks like swags to me. How about something like Spider Swags or Swaggered Webs for a name?

Anonymous said...

it looks like your description of the access road to your cabin,



Anonymous said...

Melanie mallery

OrrtannaKat said...

'Rivers of colors' is what it looks like to me. I read your blog because of your piecing attitude, Bonnie. My points don't always meet & I'm thrilled when they do. Mine will never go to be judged but to family & friends to enjoy. kdesko@gmail.com

Deanna W said...

The boys get bigger but so do their toys!!I have one at my house too!

farmerswife said...

Instead of being called spiderweb I think you should call it snails trail. Just what I thought when I saw it LOL

Annette De La Croix said...

I agree on displaying at quilt shows. I will display but do not want judged. Used to enter for judging but the judges' comments made me feel worthless and incompetent. My quilt was made well and just because I didn't stuff the binding to their standard doesn't take away my joy of making the quilt. Beautiful spiderweb. Looks like morning dew on the web.

Bees Knees Granny said...

Agree a border would stabilize the many pieces. Most twin beds sold now are "Twin long"--six more inches. So borders, especially top and bottom could improve the fit. Turquoise is my favorite color, and I think it would be perfect for this!

CarolB said...

I'll add my thanks for sharing you "It'll do" attitude towards matching points. I can't be a "perfect piecer" no matter how hard I try, and trying that hard sure takes the fun out of it! Some cute names have been suggested -- but I like a simpler name: "Curves Ahead."

Jean C. said...

The colors sure "POP" nicely. You were wondering what to call it.... what about something with rainbow/stars in it? Just a thought. I have the same feeling as far as quilts go... call it good!
So funny about your hubby.... didn't he say he brought it home to "work on".
Have a safe trip.... enjoy the warm. Maybe you could send some of that snow and rain and cold back a few states.... to Utah and the western part of the country.... we are going to be in drought situation the Summer if we don't get more snow/rain. Oregon only has 29% of the snow pack they need and Washington is in the 30% range. Sending up the prayers that we get dumped on not you guys.

Lynn Hill said...

Hi, Bonnie!

Slip-Slidin' Spiders? Your newest creation is so bright and filled with life and color. Love it! Have a fun day, and travel safely.
Lynn in Missouri (slated to receive 4-7 inches of snow starting this weekend!)

Andee said...

Whatever you do it is STUNNING! I have the red one on my list...

Lesley Gilbert said...

Banana Splitz

Yellow Strip Road

Starry Starry Night

It'll Be All Bright On The Night :)

Anonymous said...

I have not seen this layout before. It gives your quilt so much movement. My sewing attitude is also similar to yours, do the best you can, learn from what didn't go so well and, get it done.

Robin said...

Hello! I saw a Wizard Citation at a swap meet today. I am just starting to learn about vintage machines and can't find much about this one online. Do you have the manual? The one I am looking at needs to be rewired and has no foot pedal. Just looking for some advice and trying to decide if this is the machine I want to jump in to my education with first.