Saturday, August 01, 2015

Midnight Flight in Oelwein, IA!

Retreat day #2 was an absolute blast!

What’s not to love?  A fabulous retreat center, friends from all over the planet ((Yes, we are international, we’ve got CANADIANS! HA!)) and time to sew and sew and sew!

Not only that, the weather here has been absolute perfection ---After Tuesday’s continual storms, the humidity broke and it has been just lovely --

Yesterday’s workshop in Oelwein at Lou Ann’s Quilt Garden and Retreat Center was Midnight Flight – an absolute favorite workshop.

There are so many things we can do to make our quilts come out “just that much” better – and we go over them all.

Of course, THAT SEAM ALLOWANCE ---but once that is down and we can visualize WHY things have to be a certain way, and we do it – things just start falling into place better than ever before.


Little matched pairs, all in a row!

Cut things in already matched pairs so they are ready to feed through the machine!

Oh, and feed them through all the same way too – with the dark square going under the needle first.  That will keep all of the seams on the back of the four patches spinning the same way  -- all CLOCKWISE – so seams will nest when units come together.

Fine tuning makes a difference!


Ready to CHAIN PRESS!  Another time saver!

Don’t cut the chain apart until you have pressed the four-patches to one side….it’s easier and quicker to press down a chain than to pick up one individual unit at a time, place it into position on the ironing board, and press one tiny seam only to have to pick up another pair and press it…..so PRESS THE CHAIN first, then cut them apart!


Two sets ready to assemble!

Make all of your block quarters with an identical layout – rotate them only after they have been assembled to keep the piecing easy!


And the whole room cheers when the first one is done!

It was just the best day!  And today I WILL remember to insert the slide show into the post before I hit send and leave the building…LOL!

You will find the pattern for Midnight Flight in my book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders.  Signed copies are available on my website HERE.

IF you missed yesterday’s slide show, I was able to insert it back into the post when I got back to my hotel room last evening, so you can revisit it in yesterday’s post HERE.

Today’s slide show is ready to go!

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Midnight Flight, Oelwein IA 2015

Last night I got a bit of time to sew for myself!


Stringing along!

I have moved retreat centers to spend two days with the group in West Union at Moonlight Sewing Studio and Sisters Retreat!


My home for the next two days!

I’m not sure how long these ladies stayed up to sew last night, but by 9pm I was ready to roll it up and hit the hay – and I did.

Today is another day and we are repeating the two quilts we’ve done in Oelwein – More fun with Kiss in the Corner today, followed by Midnight Flight tomorrow.

Monday I’m off to COLORADO!! 

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!

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  1. It was good to see you in Oelwein IA.

  2. Hi Bonnie, two days with nothing to do but quilt, eat, and then quilt some more... how fantastic. I watched your last quilt cam again this week and just wanted you to know that a quilting buddy and I went to the Rod Stewart concert in Perth, Western Australia earlier this year and it was BRILLIANT so go if you can. I don't think I saw anyone under 45 there in the crowd. Thanks for all you do, I am very much a fan. Andrea. Parkers@omninet.net.au

  3. Should be "Canadians eh!" not Ha!!!! Suppose that is what we are known to say!! Sounds like fun times. DH is away this weekend so I am having a mini sewing retreat all by myself!

  4. Sew glad I had you to Guide me in the making of that 1st Midnight Flight Block! I was so silly trying to get it to turn the other way, DUH! Do it Right or Do it over!!! A friend told me her mother used to say. Excited to see the videos you'll be making in Golden. Have a great retreat.

  5. Anonymous7:48 PM EDT

    Love all the midnight flight blocks- will be starting this one soon- Need to finish my winston ways- it is slow going due to the crazy amount of pieces- but u know that already. Lisa Dunlap

  6. What type of thread holder are you using on the featherweight to support the larger spool of thread?

  7. I recently taught myself a lesson in piecing. Of course, I have read about it, watched videos and so on..but chose to ignore the lesson. I signed up for a mystery quilt along because she was using half square triangles and I really wanted to make some. After chain piecing over 80, cutting them in half, pressing the seams and getting ready to trim those dog ears...I decided to see if it was true about trimming individual blocks to the correct size. My oh My, these properly trimmed blocks sure did go together wonderfully. I will from now on trim those babies to the correct size! I learned how to chain piece from you and how to do half square triangles. Thank you for sharing everything you do! Have a wonderful creative day!


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