Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Night I Ate My Face! HA!

I can honestly say that I have never had a cake with my own face on it!

How fun is this?

Thank you for a wonderful evening, all of you who came to my lecture in Bedford, Pennsylvania last night.

It was a very fun evening.  Instead of a regular “lecture” we had a Fire-Side chat where the floor was opened for questions and we talked off the cuff about anything and everything.

And for those of you who are putting on your Grammar Police badges, I’m going to tell you right now to drop it-

It’s not the word YOUR that is wrong!  The first two words were supposed to be WE’VE GOT!  ((Just kidding….but not!))

I so appreciate the gesture of this wonderful cake, and in the fray of pulling off a hugely busy day yesterday with 51 students, and a full and busy lecture, no one caught that the bakery had made a mistake.

And I’m going to take it in the spirit in which is was meant.  I am grateful and so happy to be here.  And if I were told "We're glad you're here" to my face by voice, instead of written on a cake, we’d never be the wiser.

In this day and age of auto-correct errors and text so small that I just don’t SEE the typos myself until days later –I’m over it.  I’ll give it the best shot I’ve got, but I’m tired of the ONLY comment on any post, or for instance, the email I received the other day being "You spelled Mediterranean wrong.”

But what a fun cake!


Oh, what a fun crowd!


Mary Koval's welcome before I spoke.

And at the end of it all?


Yep!  I ate my face!  Ha!

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  1. And I bet it was as sweet as you are!

  2. So cute! And those grammar police can go sit in the corner with the quilt police. What ever happened to courtesy and manners?

  3. Yes, the Grammar police & Quilt police should go take a walk..I like that..
    What a very pretty cake too. You are so Loved Miss Bonnie..

    Debra in Ma.

  4. What fun all ya'll must have had. It was extremely thoughtful that they got you a cake complete with your pic on it. That was so cool.

  5. What a great cake, so clever.

  6. Just wanted to say, I think it was an amazing idea. It shows such caring and consideration. As for the misspelling? Isn't that just part of the fun?
    have a great week, sorry you missed your anniversary w/ your spouse. Be safe and get some relax time.

  7. The cake was a wonderful gift from the hearts of those ladies to a special lady that is an outstanding person to help us all with our quilting. Someday I hope to attend one of your classes.

    Happy anniversary
    We had our 50th anniversary a week ago Friday and our daughters had a cake made for us with our wedding picture on it. It felt a little different eating ourselves. It was a nice surprise for us.

    Have a safe travel back to North Carolina.


  8. I think there should be more attention paid to grammar, but it isn't earth shattering. The sentiment was the important part of this cake and sensitivity to the person who cared enough to try should be much more relevant.

  9. I'm positive the 'Your' tasted great, too!

  10. Words is important ( not grammar ) but, what you do is what it counts . Is there any police watching my English! !!!!!!Lol
    Bonnie have a nice time everywher you stay


  11. Now that's fussy cutting at its best!!

  12. OMG! You didn't save face!! Sorry but I couldn't resist. lol

  13. Love your cake! What a nice thing to do.... You should see the crazy things my iPad writes for me.... It can be embarrassing! People need to have a sense of humor...

  14. Happy Anniversary to you too and THEY ARE glad that you are back! Bonnie you have sew many people who love you no matter how you spell it.

  15. Good for you to have such a fun cake to eat your Face! Was it as delicious as it looks? The bakery did a good job with your likeness.

  16. The most important thing about that cake is it appears to be chocolate. What a fun treat!

  17. I do like proper grammar but I don't correct anyone. I am a terrible speller to the point that I will change the way I write something because I can't spell the word or words I'd like to use. we all have pet peeves and short comings .
    Live and let live just let it go

  18. I am sure you deserve the celebration. I wish I lived in America, so I would be able to attend one of your curses, but my life is in Denmark, thou I had the opportunity to visit America three times
    Regards from Esther

  19. Sweet (literally!) gesture. We need IMO to all practice being kinder instead of being nice. Auto correct can lay you low!


  20. Sweet (literally!) gesture. We need IMO to all practice being kinder instead of being Right.

  21. If you're bitchin' you ain't stichin' !!! So quit it out!

    Thank you for all you do and thank you to the guild that did this fabulous cake to celebrate Bonnie's return. You are all kind in going that extra mile to welcome her.

  22. Bonnie, you are the bright spot of my day. Don't let those rude people get you down. I love your quilt cam and blogs, however you want to present them! I wish I was Mona, and could have you over for dinner.

  23. You have got the best sense of humor! What a grand life you live!

  24. Who cares about spelling..... you got to eat cake!!!! What's not to like? Lol...
    I'm sure they were happy to have you there and that is all that matters... plus cake!
    Jean C.

  25. Anonymous4:33 PM EDT

    People need to lighten up and enjoy the journey. I haven't been struck dead this week because I made a spelling or grammar error. Inspiration should be the theme this week. Put the peddle to the metal and finish a row. Looked like everyone was having fun. You can have your cake and eat it too!
    Safe travel, Bonnie

  26. That cake looked delicious!!! Did you notice that the floor in the group picture looked like a quilt pattern? Or is it just me? Keep having fun Bonnie.


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