Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It’s Tuesday ALL DAY!

We are 1/3 of the way through August already!

Someone slow this down please, I can’t seem to catch up!

Do you feel that way too? I suppose it is inevitable the busier we get the faster the time passes.

I remember as a child, excitedly waiting for certain events to FINALLY get here.  Counting down days to Christmas, or Summer vacation, or birthdays…it seemed to take FOREVER, and we would count “sleeps” until something was finally here –my mom convinced me that time passes more quickly while we are sleeping, so I would go to bed EARLY in hopes that the awaited day would get here that much faster.

I wish I could take all of that back!  I seriously need a slow down, but you know how that goes?  If you jump off that fast-moving train, it is nearly impossible to get back on it again.

And so it goes!

This was the view of the low clouds on the mountain as we made our way home yesterday morning from the cabin.  I was home here by 8:30am posting about quilt barns!  The rest of the day was also spent here at my desk with desk work.

At the end of the day it felt like I had knocked quite a few things off of the “must address this NOW!” list –a class supply list in pdf format uploaded to the website and the url sent ahead for a retreat in Pennsylvania coming at the end of the month, detailed course descriptions from the tapings just done written and sent off to Quiltmaker.  (That was a biggie and it took a while)

Calendar on the website updated (There are still a few things to do –guilds keep changing board personnel and contact people!!) and the ever present editing process getting things ready for the next book.

Check lists.  Formats.  Forms.

And thank heavens for friends who are in the same boat, or have gone this publishing route before and can give me a heads up and a helping hand.  They will never know how MUCH I needed their words yesterday.

Lists should NOT be overwhelming.  They should allow us to relax a bit and follow the format knowing that nothing will be overlooked or forgotten if we just tick off the items one by one.

But then why does it make me feel so panicky??

Because I want to do everything RIGHT.

At the end of the day, there was time for SOME of this!

I slept like the dead.  And I really hate that phrase, but seriously, I don’t think I even rolled over in the night.  This morning Sadie and I went out and smelled the road:


Who knows what she finds interesting here!


Oh NO!!  And what is this?

It is complete and utter phonebook neglect! Through a rain storm last night these poor poor phone books will never know the joy of being string pieced upon. Oh, the horrors! It's phone-book-i-cide, and if there were a time the Quilt Police were ever really needed, it's moments like this!

Seriously, I have plenty of phone books here to keep me happily string piecing for the rest of my life ---or a good part of it.  But seeing these sopping wet, all in a row – it just makes me sad!  They are destined for the dumpster.

Yes, I really think I need a break.

How about some Quilt-Cam tonight?  I’ll have lots to talk about.  9pm Eastern.  Here on the blog!  Watch for this evening’s post, click it, and then click the arrow on the screen to start the feed.

I’ll catch you then!

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  1. I totally agree about the time thing. Mentally I'm still getting my shopping list ready for Thanksgiving 2014. Physically I'm back to school shopping and if it wasn't for their lists my kids would go back with 4 rulers and a gross of those pink erasers that go on the end of a pencil. But the list stresses me out because no matter how much I get done it seems I've added more than I crossed out at the end of the day. But I'm off to work where most of the time I finish the big things every day. Have a great day!

  2. It is odd what quilty people see! Like color combination everywhere!

  3. Yes, it is very true! Time is just flying; especially for you and all your deadlines. I did something different this year. Instead of a To-Do List I make a What-Was-Done list. It is working ever so much better and seems to have taken the pressure off. AND I seem to get more done! Just have to flip things around to trick ourselves!LOL Hugs, Allison in Plano, TX allon0711@yahoo.com

  4. Old quilter10:12 AM EDT

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Bonnie, but the older you get the faster time goes. I used to wonder how my mom, in her 90's, could say that - there was so little she was able to do, between maculear degeneration and hearing problems, one would think time would drag. Not so, she insisted. And like a whole big lot of stuff, Mom Was Right !

  5. Hello Bonnie, I also so agree with the time flying by. And feel your pain on the phone book neglect. Cannot wait for quilt cam, will see you there. Markay

  6. I wonder...does anyone besides me ever do anything that is not on their list go back and write it down so they can cross it off? It really helps with sense of accomplishment and the lists don't seem quite so daunting. Or maybe I'm just a little strange. nanny_of_phillip@yahoo.com

  7. Yes, philip's nanny, I do that! As a matter of fact, I always begin my to-do lists with a thing or two I've already done, so as soon as I finish writing the list, I have something to cross off! :)

  8. Join the club Bonnie
    I just want it still to be June! All those longer days, and sitting in the garden of a warm evening, all the things that I promised myself, where did they go??
    And how come I have not done any sewing/patchwork since....MARCH!!!!!
    Life just keeps getting in the way of My life. Hey ho......back to the wallpapering ggg

  9. I have two more weeks until our County Fair and Time is Flying. I'm in charge of the Needlework Department. Gotta hang all the Quilts! This week-end I go to my 40th High School Reunion! Now I feel really OLD. One step at a time- the same as with a quilt, stitching one seam or pieced unit at a time...

  10. Anonymous12:27 PM EDT

    Still laughing about you and Sadie smelling the road! I have a cute little sniffer here at our house too! Quilt Cam Tuesday! YAY!!!!! :)
    Pam Marion

  11. This summer is flying by and I never seem to get to the end of my to do list. I just keep telling it myself being busy is much better than having nothing to do. It makes me feel better for a moment.
    I bet the supply lists are for the retreat at Mary Koval's shop. I'm in two of the classes and guessed what I needed to cut for the Carolina Christmas class since I leave for California on Thursday and finished cutting for the classes today. It was an educated guess because I printed the directions from your website when you did it as a mystery so I'm pretty sure I'll be just fine. I'll only have three days home from the first trip before I leave for Pennsylvania so the rest of this month is going to go super fast. See you in Pennsylvania!

  12. Bonnie,
    Just a note of "Thanks". Ordered the ruler to use on Tumblers last Wed. When you were out of town, you must have mailed it Friday because I got it yesterday. Great service. You seem to accomplish more in one day than I do in a month. I must have August dog dayitis or something, I just want to sit and vegetate. I am going to go to my new group for a sewing day on Saturday. Hope to get GI put together finally. See you tonight for quiltcam.

  13. Wish I could join you tonight but I'll be fast asleep here in the UK. I will watch the archive whilst I sew tomorrow, working on a version of box kite. I am also kitting up for garlic knots as a future leader-ender project,as I cut from 2" strips for flying geese for ANOTHER project inspired by Old Tobacco Road. All your designs keep me very busy. I have watched a whole year of archives from August 14 in recent weeks and learnt a lot. Thank you xx

  14. Anonymous12:00 PM EDT

    Doesn't anyone see the little mouse or am I needing new glasses?
    Laurel Niemi


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