Sunday, August 16, 2015

Wedding Baskets with Charlotte!

I have had so much fun being the third musketeer to these two wonderful ladies.

The Las Vegas retreat with Two Friends and a Quilt Retreat has been a phenomenal success and I can’t wait to do it again with these two.  We are planning it for 2017, so keep that in mind because it is a long ways off and there are no early reservations being taken just yet, we are just in the planning stages. 

But if you click the link for Two Friends and a Quilt Retreat above, you can follow along on the Facebook page and keep up with what is going on and then you’ll be in the KNOW when the time comes.

Charlotte was front and center as instructor today and in her element keeping all of the ladies so very much entertained with her stories while they sewed up beautiful little Wedding Basket quilts from pre-cut kits –no cutting necessary!

Pieces just went through the machines in the order they were given, and many of the ladies had their tops ready to put together by the end of the day.


There were triangles, oh so many triangles!


And standing in lines waiting for ironing stations!

The perfect time to chat and get to know folks from the other side of the room!


Quilters PRESS, we do not IRON!!


Quilts coming along!  How pretty!


Say Cheese, Ladies!

This was so funny – I was ready to take MY quilt down and dismantle the stand, and all of a sudden everyone wanted to have their photo taken with the quilt –and I guess me as well!  All of these cameras from the paparazzi going off like crazy, so I turned and took a photo of THEM right back!  Ha!  Gotcha!

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device, you’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Wedding Baskets, Vegas 2015



I saw Olivia Newton-John!  I loved her show so much, and of course we were all singing along.  What an amazing lady!  I’ll be carrying this one with me for a long long time as one of the best nights ever!

This morning I’m on my way to Boise to visit family!  A short flight from Vegas to Salt Lake City, and then one more flight up to Idaho and I’m there!  So happy I could piggyback these two trips together.

I’ll catch you from there when I have a chance to check in!

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  1. Love Love Love these wedding basket blocks. Where can I get the pattern? I have been working on my daughters wedding quilt and have wanted to use a basket block but haven't found one that stood out until now! Looks like fun was had by all, new friends, new block and Bonus Olivia concert!
    Debra Walsh

  2. Bonnie- I haven't seen the bridal veils in action! Can you share what that party looked like? 😁👰🏼

  3. Oops! Nevermind-- I found them! 😃

  4. enjoy your time with family....chill out!

  5. Love all the pictures. Looks like a great time was had by all. Funny, I was thinking "can't believe no one has a vintage machine." Finally dawned on me that the machines looked alike...Janome must have provided them.
    Bonnie, enjoy the time up in Idaho. We are still sweltering here in the Carolinas!

  6. Charlotte is such a great entertainer! She was great this summer at the San Antonio Guild. Debbie is my type of Qulter! What more could a quilter want that the 3 of you on a retreat! I love Vegas and would have a problem with quilting and not slipping into the casino to drop a few bucks!


  7. Looks like it was a very fun "party"! Where is the wedding baskets quilt pattern found? Thanks


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