Friday, August 28, 2015

All the Way to Bedford, PA!

Yesterday was my long driving trip to Bedford Pennsylvania!

I have three days of quilty fun in store – starting with a Smith Mountain Morning workshop this morning, a lecture this evening, a Talkin’ Turkey workshop tomorrow and a Carolina Christmas on Sunday. 

It’s going to be a weekend packed full of fabric, fun and laughter ---bring on the scraps!

Thought it was a long day, I really loved it because it was a DRIVING day.  Driving days are rare, but when they do come about – they put ME in control.

I’m not at the beckon call of airports, airlines and baggage claim mishaps.

I leave when I want.  I pack what I want – and MORE! I stop when I want, I SHOP when I want – and I listen to what I want, even turning the music up loud and belting out a song if I so feel like it.

I can catch up with friends on long phone conversations thanks to the wonder of bluetooth and hands free.


And I can laugh all the way to this!

I LOVE Janet Evanovich and the Stephanie Plum series.  This one was given to me by my friend Irene – she finished it on the way to Iowa and passed it on to me.  HYSTERICAL!  Gotta love a good belly laugh to make the ride go by.

And I can picnic!

I took the above photo at Highland Park in Roanoke, Virginia – the perfect spot to pull off fhe road for lunch around 12:30pm.

Why deal with crummy fast food when you can pack a picnic, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors before the summer is too far gone?


Fair and Square from Scraps & Shirttais II!

I make quilts to be USED.  And so it is no trouble for me to take this quilt made of recycled fabrics mixed with muslin and solid black, spread it on the ground and stretch out upon it to eat a yummy lunch packed from my home fridge.

Ever since leaving England a year ago I have tried to do this as often as I can.  It’s simple.  Pack a lunch, and use the GPS on my phone to find a nearby park.  Any place with a grassy area or picnic table will do!


Kick the shoes off!  Enjoy the fresh air!


And lunch was better than fast food, too!

A left over piece of rotisserie chicken, the last of the chicken broccoli salad, some cut watermelon, and a peach that ended up being saved for later on down the road.  PERFECT!

And the other good thing is – none of this was going to sit in my home fridge for 10 days going bad – because I KNOW the guys will not eat a lunch like this while I am gone.  They are GUYS.  Enough said!


And yes, I stopped here!

I took a LOT of photos at my half way stop in Verona!  I wasn’t sure I was going to stop…I thought I had taken enough time off of my trip enjoying Highland Park –but my car was on auto-pilot and besides, I needed a bathroom break!

What did I find?  Too much to post here right now as I need to get out to teach this class!

Be watching for details in my NEXT post!  ((Don’t you love a cliff-hanger?!))

Happy Friday, Everyone!

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  1. Sounds like a perfectly lovely day. I enjoy long jaunts by myself as well; audio books are the best!

  2. I love audio books. I listen everyday, i walk 5.5 kilometers to work at the local library. Love the outdoors the fresh air it's amazing what you see when you slow down.

  3. What a Lovely Spot to picnic! The quilt looks great on the grass. Yummy food from Home- always better than fast food/high FAT Food. Glad you keep us waiting for more Pictures. That Antique stop looks like FUN!

  4. Each morning while I read your daily post, my hubby chimes in "Where's Bonnie Today?" Gotta love it that he's interested too! Enjoy your trip and classes, wish I could be there too. Safe travels.
    Diane in N. Florida

  5. thanks for taking me along...would love to be at mary's quilt shop for this class for sure! always an idyllic day when drives are sunny and relaxing!

  6. What a nice day! I can almost hear your batteries recharging as you take that "leisurely" trip.

  7. Thanks for taking good care of yourself!

  8. Beautiful Picnic quilt.A real conversation piece for anyone strolling by. Have great Day.

  9. I just love your "newsy" posts! Your road trip sounds amazing! I love your picnic idea; however, down here in TX, the summer heat might prevent our doing that right now. Perhaps in September or October. Currently we are having a little taste of fall, and it's great...but the humidity and summer temps are coming right back. Enjoy your time in PA! That's a beautiful state!

    Pat Cook

  10. I so enjoy reading your posts. I also like to read Janet Evanovich/Stephie Plum (and Joe and Ranger)!! And yes, you are bound to have a least one good belly laugh. My mom didn't care for the books, but they are ones that do make me laugh out loud! I don't do much traveling, but will have to keep the quilt & picnic in mind. Enjoy your travels and have a safe trip home.

  11. Back in the day when our family traveled it was a picnic lunch every time. I was not a fan I loved eating at cafes. (no fast food in those days or in those small small towns) Granted a café did not have swings and see saws which was what my parents looked for us to burn off some energy. Now I have come full circle and the food from home takes presidence. I have had enough fast food for the rest of my life. We did not eat on a quilt, but on the picnic blanket. Thanks for the memories.

  12. Anonymous2:59 AM EDT

    Bonnie, you inspire me. I am leaving on a trip this morning and I am packing the blanket, cooler, and picnic basket!


  13. Anonymous7:18 AM EDT

    Using quilts to sit on the grass for lunch is a whole new use of them, IMO! And the more uses, the more quilts!!!


  14. OMG!! I Love your quilt! I have all your books but don't remember seeing this one...thank you Bonnie for another fabulous pattern...Now I know what to do with all my shirting fabrics! Yay!and I LOVE strings..Thank you, Thank you..
    Safe travels
    Hugs for Sadie Girl

    Debra in Ma.

  15. Nikki Moshier9:51 AM EDT

    Loved seeing your picnic and quilt. What a joyous way to spend a moment.


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