Wednesday, August 12, 2015

And Off It Goes…

Pattern writing is very much a behind the scenes business.

Attention to every detail is important, so things are gone over again and again and again in this whole process.

There is protocol to follow.  Formatting, writing style, outlines to follow.

Things you may never have noticed in any pattern that you look at in a book.

For instance, can you tell the difference between 1/2” and 1/2’’?  Look closely!

The first one has the inch marks as a quote mark.  The second example as two apostrophes.  I have to write the second way.  It’s a small change from what I’ve done before, but one that will make the reading of the pattern easier for the person making the quilt from my directions.

And let’s talk about spacing. I am so used to writing with double spacing between my sentences, I have had to stop and put only one space after a period. Like this. And it is crazy-making after a life time of hitting that space bar twice. But double spacing between sentences in a quilting book takes up valuable page space meaning fewer words which could lead to fewer hints, helps, tips due to wasted space between sentences. So I am having to learn. One hit only on the space bar! Can you tell the difference in this paragraph alone?

At any rate, manuscript has been uploaded, illustrations uploaded, checklists sent, everything in place and all that remained was to actually SEND the quilt.

There it goes!  My first publication with C&T!  It’s going to be released as a single stand-alone pattern hopefully ready by Spring Market.

Cross your fingers with me that it arrives in time, in good condition and that I have dotted all of my I’s t’s and whatevers ((including NO DOUBLE SPACING BETWEEN SENTENCES!)) and my first foray into publishing with a new company doesn’t prove me a pain in the butt to work with because I don’t follow rules!

I think starting with a single pattern release is a great way to get my feet wet in this new way of working with a new publisher.  After a while it will become second nature.  But right now it is still a NEW DANCE and it is awkward at first, but getting better and will be great in the long run.

After dropping this off, you won’t believe what I went in search of!


Yes.  A wedding veil!

I am off to a very fun fun fun retreat in Las Vegas with the incredible Debbie Caffrey and the hysterically funny Charlotte Angotti, along with 75 retreaters in attendance who are going to make this the best retreat yet!

Our opening gala, tomorrow night ---ALL MUST WEAR A BRIDAL VEIL!  No exceptions!  What a terrific and very funny ice breaker!

The local goodwill provided me the opportunity to pick up the ugliest vintage 1960s veil that I could find…..hideous in its gaudiness, and perfect at the low low discounted price of $7.99.  Oh this is going to be fun!


But first, a soak in oxi clean!  Veils should NOT be grey!

On the agenda today – I’ve been ticking off TO DO items off of my long list ever since returning home from Colorado.

Today’s job is to write all of the directions for my 6 Addicted to Scraps column blocks for 2016.  It’s time to send them in!

I also need to include the next-in-line 100 blocks by 100 designers block that is also due….I made that block this weekend up at the cabin, so it is also ready to go.

And…there are 5 book quilts still needing to have patterns written.

A full day ahead, but I’m at home in my studio, working at a nice non-frantic pace and I will get this done!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Make it a good one!

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  1. If you are working in MS Word, you can use global search and replace to change any instances of two spaces to one space. Other programs should also have a feature that does that easily. I'm right there with you. I'm a two space between sentences writer still. Two apostrophes? That's a new one on me.

    Now we know why the weekend post was on black and white. Just keep plugging away and love on Sadie. Have a good Wednesday. Thanks for Quilt Cam last night.

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  4. What an awesome group for a retreat, you will have a blast. Making a quilt is easy compared to writing up the pattern right Bonnie? Good for you forging your way through a new publisher. I look forward to your new pattern :)

  5. Anonymous9:46 AM EDT

    All of those things to do today, and you say you are working at a relaxed pace. I love it!


  6. Anonymous10:09 AM EDT

    Have a great day Bonnie! sounds like you have lots to do but it's nice to be home in your own space. Missed last nights chat but I will be checking out the archives today.

  7. I have to laugh... 'way back when' a bride thought this tiara and veil were the best of the best!!! She either made it or bought it...probably for her own wedding. Times and looks sure have changed. I dislike over-puffy gown. When John and I married, I designed my own wedding gown WITHOUT puff. You know, I still like that gown design.

    Have fun, laugh a lot and relax totally.

  8. Anonymous10:24 AM EDT

    You are totally amazing!!!! You are the busiest person I know!!!! Take time to breathe. Thank you for doing so much for all of US!!!! We all appreciate it!! HUGS Sonya. Sonyawood@tds.net

  9. Anonymous10:39 AM EDT

    I had the spacing problem when I went to college at age 48. My 4 children were well on their way to be "Sole supporting of their own voluntary contributions." I did very well in college while working a full time job. My literature grade was suffering due to the spacing issues I learned in typing class many decades ago. The adding machine and the calculator had an issue also. I was afraid to push purge to several things embedded in my brain. Life goes on. Have a great time in Vegas.
    Nancy in PA

  10. Oh to be a Fly on the wall at the Retreat! You will have so much FUN with Debbie and Charlotte. I'll be watching my Facebook and IG for pictures. The retreat sold out before I could even think about going. I have a full calendar this time of year with preparations for the County Fair! Busy, Busy Month. Not as busy as you have been. 6 Addicted to Scraps Blocks plus the 100 Blocks and 5 more patterns to write for the BOOK. Double spacing. I remember that. I still do it. WHEW, can I go take a nap? Thanks for all you do!

  11. Anonymous11:21 AM EDT

    My veil is probably the only thing from my wedding attire that still fits!!!! LOLOLOLOL Have fun with your new acquisition. I'm sure you'll be a blushing bride. :)

  12. Thanks so much for my 2nd live quiltcam! I had a phone call and someone at the door during that time - making me grateful for quiltcam recordings. How can one lady do all that? You ARE super woman! Do you know anything abt featherweights made in Great Britain? Saw one on ebay, but no bids on it and wondered why. Are they inferior? Can't wait for the next issue of Quiltmaker magazine. How do you keep coming up with all these ideas and patterns for all to use? Amazing!

  13. Anonymous1:42 PM EDT

    The only time you should use two spaces between sentences is when you are typing on a typewriter. That's because a typewriter's type is monospaced and it's easier to read if there are two spaces. Two spaces aren't necessary on a computer because all type is proportional type. Symbols for inches and feet are called prime marks. On a Mac you can find them in the Character Viewer and can insert them into your document from there. No need to use apostrophes when the correct symbols are readily available!

  14. Hi Bonnie I just purchased your string fling book. Could you please sign it to Tammie the crazy Pinkquilter If it's not too much trouble ! Lol pinkquilter@ymail.com.

  15. Anonymous5:27 PM EDT

    Quilt cam was great last night!! I'm so looking forward to your new pattern and the 2016 book with Addicted to Scraps quilts. Terrific!

    I'm stymied about how to measure for a spacer border (floater)between a pieced border and quilt top; I'm trying to finish a laptop quilt for my son who will have surgery (cancer) next month. Any info would be so wonderful! Take care.


  16. Hey! I take exception to that ugly veil!! "wink" I was married in 1964 and my veil looked almost just like that. Mine was borrowed from my cousin's wife, so I do not still have it!. My dress however is now ivory, not puffy at all, fitted in fact. And it qualified as an antique. Sounds like your mixer is going to be a million laughs.....hope we get to see some pictures! I agree with joyceandmike....you are Super Woman.

  17. Haha. Your veil looks familiar, Bonnie - very much like the one I picked up here in Canada at the local goodwill for the same retreat!! I am so excited. From your previous blogs, it's looking like we will be arriving at the Vegas airport in a similar time frame, so be on the look-out for one crazy Canuck stalking you on the way to the hotel!! And yes, we also fly at the ungodly hour of 4:30am,... I can't wait to meet you all. See you tomorrow!!

  18. I do a lot of formatting, so I feel your pain! House style rules are different with every publisher. Most of the books I do don't include numbers and fractions--that has to add another layer of complexity.

  19. I will most likely never write a quilt pattern but I do enjoy knowing about the process. It's interesting I thought you would write the pattern then the printer would "rewrite" and you and others would proof read. Any way how ever it gets done I am glad you do what it takes to do it for you and all of us

  20. Anonymous1:23 AM EDT

    I understand 'house rules', but I still double space after a period. Looks better to me, the other looks all run together. There's quite a few grammar & punctuation rules that they've changed thru the years, I ignore most of them, and stick with what I learned, oh so many years ago.
    Cheryl in SE Washington

  21. Woe to us who grew up double spacing! A few years ago I learned not to double space. It seems that two spaces were necessary with a typewriter but not with the computer fonts. The only time you see the double space is when those of us who learned to type on a typewriter are writing. Unfortunately, it dates us! All current printed material has single spaces between sentences. I came across a few rants about the uselessness of the double space and finally trained myself to only tap the spacebar once after sentences. It's easier now but sometimes I want to hit the bar twice!

  22. I have to remind myself how difficult it was to change from double spacing after a period back in the 80's when i was doing my master's thesis and then my dissertation. Ha! That's when the academic world dictated the changes. Double spacing between lines to single spacing was more difficult and I still have trouble with that on Office. I found a quick fix for the period-single space issue. Do a search find and replace: search " ", find, replace " *" with " ". That saved me hours of time. All the secretaries in the psych. dept. were ever grateful for the trick. LOL Hope it might help you. If you get a trick for the souble spacing between lines, please speak up. LOL


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