Friday, August 28, 2015

And Well, I HAD to Stop!

I didn’t plan to stop, but I couldn’t help myself!

The car needed gas.

I needed a restroom break!

Besides –there might be hidden treasures in here waiting to be discovered, and if I DIDN’T stop – I might miss them!

I really only hemmed and hawwed for a few moments before my car, already on auto-pilot, took the exit and headed for the Factory Antique Mall in Verona, Virginia.


And I only covered about 1/2 of the aisles before heading back to my car!


I look for quilts around every turn!

Sometimes you find them, sometimes you don’t.  Sometimes you have to go digging through piles of linens just in case there might be a stack of quilt blocks to be discovered, or a quilt top to be unearthed.


You might find a machine named CHALLENGE!

But you leave it there because it has no cord, no foot pedal and the hand wheel doesn’t turn.  A Challenge, indeed!


Woah!  What kind of improv antique is this?




Definitely quirky, like a disappearing album block!


Early 1900s fabrics.  Cool!

I found several tops, and though some were pricy and a bit on the fragile side ((which means they would stay as tops, take up space AND money –)) I found them great for photograph inspiration, but not for taking home.  And that’s okay!  Sometimes a photo is the best resource!


Very fun!! loads of plaids!


Close up -


Funky Flower pots!


Close up -


Log Cabin Love – ALWAYS!

Two sides of half blocks!  Gotta love it!


Close up!


Early interesting 9 patch!


Close up!

This quilt top had loads of interesting fabrics in it from early to mid 1800s all the way to the 1880s if I am dating that burgundy stripe correctly –anyone? Siobhan?  The piecing was fabulous..so accurate, even though many of the individual pieces are frugal pieced from two or more small scraps to get a square big enough to use.


Check out that center paisley madder print!


The back side showing hand stitches.


There will ALWAYS be a double wedding ring!


1940s fabrics.

Some people love them, as for me – I am OVER them.  I pieced one by machine as my second bed-sized quilt in the 1980s and hand quilted it.  That cured me.  Never again.  LOL!


But this I love!  Vintage Churn Dash!


Close up! FUN fabrics!


Glorious half Log cabin….1800s and very fragile!

Can you see that the center is slightly one row OFF center?


Makes me wonder if she never finished that last row on the right side!


Oh Scrappy Jacob’s Ladder!


Great scraps and colors!  I love this!

If you look at the blocks above you will see that some blocks have two fabrics only, while some have three or more.  This really makes the quilt dance, even though the blocks are the same through the quilt…LOVE it!


I passed on this…Singer 185J


I passed on this as well!


I sadly passed on THIS!

Love the spool cabinet, but why would I want it on top of treadle irons?  *Shaking head*


I also *SIGH* passed on this.

Gosh I love that HUGE hand wheel on it!  I already have one New National hand crank machine at home.  This one will also take odd sized hard to find needles, and I just don’t need another hand crank machine.  Someone will adopt it and love it!  ((Could it be that I have reached machine saturation!?))


But THIS?!

It’s MINE!

Very unusual string spiderweb!  I fell in love with the indigoes and all of the scraps dating from the early 1900s through the 1930s.  A real scrap-bagger.  A definite Bonnie Quilt.

I know this was long, I just felt these quilts deserved more than a quick peek at a slide show…enjoy them!

Love from PA --

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  1. Anonymous6:06 PM EDT

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. There are a couple that might have gone home with me! Cathie, isnthatodd@yahoo.com

  2. Old quilter6:27 PM EDT

    I think you showed amazing restraint. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like the spiderweb quilt too, reminds me of diamonds or jewels. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

  4. and the building was cheddar colored - who could resist?

  5. I LOVE your posts like this. What wonderful finds at the antique mall and I love that you share them with us :0)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. totally understand that the car needed gas, that is a HAFTA stop indeed...good thing you did i'd say....love the photos!

  8. I liked the Vintage Churn Dash. It is one of my all time favorite blocks and I love the one with the wonky black check background.

  9. My father lives a few miles from this place! I love it and have found many treasures there over the years. My father tells me that there is a larger antique mall on Route 11 south of Staunton. I haven't been to it yet, but my dad is not one given to flights of fancy or delusions. If he says it's larger, I tend to trust him. Maybe you need to check it out on your way back home!

  10. Love going antiquing with you even if it's a virtual trip! Love your selection, Real Funky Arrangement. Will you share what you plan to do with it?

  11. I think I would walk out of an antique store that size totally bedazzled! I did notice the chest of drawers in the first quilt picture...very pretty.

  12. Thanks for this little excursion but I will be dreaming of that little green Singer for a quite a while... that would definitely have come home with me! LOL

  13. Was this the antique mall just off I 81 north of Staunton Va?

  14. Love the churn dash, Jacob's Ladder, and spiderweb! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Thank you for taking the time to share and make your comments. I always learn from you. I love old quilts too and love learning about the time frames of the fabrics.

    Happy Quilting!

  16. Enjoy them I did!!! I was beginning to wonder if you were feeling O.K. LOL

    thanks for sharing all the finds.

  17. I love vicariously exploring antique malls with you!

  18. Thank you for showing the quilts and machines. Loved every minute looking at them. Lynne Royal

  19. Glad you're enjoying your 'road trip' with stops whenever you wish :-) My husband and I enjoyed eating Anita's Broccoli Chicken salad this evening. Soooo good. Thank you. (seeing it in your picnic lunch photo made it a definite dinner for tonight!)

  20. thanks for the picture show of items you left behind....I love to go antiquing and havent done so in some time---maybe it is time to make the rounds to see what I can find ;-) Carole (wippysplace-at-gmail.com)

  21. I have to admit, I would have bought the spool cabinet on the treadle irons, and separated the parts! (Don't you have a new treadle that could maybe use her own feet? And of course the cabin may need a spool cabinet ....) LOL!!!!
    -Maria in Tucson

  22. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful quilts and sewing machine photos. It is fun to look and begin to wonder who made the quilts, what their lives were like and so forth. Have a wonderful creative day!

  23. Love the string quilt. Oh, the colors. Hopefully, you'll figure out the pattern at some point and share. Great score!

  24. Oh how wonderful. Just what was needed tonight, a virtual trip with Bonnie. Love the little green Singer. Am road tripping this weekend, hmmm perhaps an antique store will be perfectly placed when it's time for a stop. ;-)

  25. Half log cabin is my favourite. I can see it like a rows of books.
    I wonder how can you guess the years of the quilts made ? I think from the prints I know you r an expert
    Thank you for aducating us through your pictures beside your classes

  26. Half log cabin is my favourite. I can see it like a rows of books.
    I wonder how can you guess the years of the quilts made ? I think from the prints I know you r an expert
    Thank you for aducating us through your pictures beside your classes

  27. OMG!! Bonnie you did a great job passing all of those gorgeous things by, but oh how I wished I had been there, I am wanting that green 185J sewing machine. I let one get away from me, and I have regret it. I also love the Davis handcrank, I don't have a hand crank machine of any kind. but I guess really I don't need anymore machines either, unless it is a Atlas then if in good shape it will hopefully be mine. I love all of the quilts, i think my favorite was the quirky churn dash as I love those little churn dash blocks. But I love the spiderweb too. Thank you for all of the show and share. I feel I am traveling with you, so far it has been a great trip. :) Have a fun safe trip and a good weekend. Markay

  28. Oh Bonnie! You were very strong willed. I would have come out with a crate full of pretty china! Janet Batho

  29. Thanks for the eye candy!! Great inspiration, love antique quilts! Love the log cabin! Thanks for sharing! Safe travels Bonnie!

  30. Anonymous6:41 AM EDT

    So fun to go antique mall shopping with you! You'd never find the same stuff where I live. I really enjoy seeing the quilts through your eyes and learning that way. I'd love to know the prices next time you do this, if you want to include that. I did find several ways to contact that mall. See: http://factoryantiquemall.com/contact/


  31. You love of old sewing machines has me inspired. I now see the beauty in them. I may have my first one before the end of the year. Thank you for sharing.

  32. Love these posts on Antique Malls. I've never seen one up here. I thought those were interesting quilts too..wow, that log cabin must have taken months to make, maybe she was just too tired to finish!! Ha..Boy, would I LOVE to have a hand crank!.I almost need one because we frequently lose power in the winter..
    Thanks for taking us shopping with you..

    Hugs for Sadie Girl
    Debrain Ma.

  33. Thanks so much for your pictures and sharing them with us Bonnie. That was a good stop. Love The spider web quilt to.. Have a great weekend. Happy quilting, Yoka B

  34. Wow... what a find.... I love all you shared...

  35. HaHa. "Disappearing Album Block" gave me a giggle. Funny Bonnie. Great Show and Tell :) Thank you for all the time you take to include us in your adventures.

  36. Anonymous10:03 AM EDT

    What a great stop! What great quilt tops. Thanks for stopping and sharing.

  37. I love going on your road trips BONNIE especially when you stop at places like this. We don't seem to see places like this up here in Ontario. It is great to see all the old quilts you run across.

  38. I loved them all except the one you took, I find that just a little too scrappy looking for me. I enjoy your trips and am envious of the places you find. When I am traveling it is with the husband and he makes sure our route is quick through those areas. Someday.....ah

  39. Anonymous1:54 PM EDT

    Thank You for posting all those lovely quilt pictures. What a variety and what great restraint you showed!!! Cynthia....

  40. Anonymous2:15 PM EDT

    I love these kinds of posts, thank you for taking the TIME to photograph and share your "picking" stops. --Gina in Missouri, who can't wait to see you in Marshall, MO on September 20-21!!!!!

  41. Oh, my.....it's just up the road!!! I wonder if I should go and grab up that pretty green Singer machine........

  42. While you "brought home" that curious Spider Web quilt, I'm sitting here drooling over that incredible Half Log Cabin quilt!!! Enjoy your time in PA. I'll be driving through there in a few weeks. WHERE did you say that antique mall was?!?! LOL

  43. I really enjoyed your trip through the Antique Mall! Those quilts were beautiful, and some reminded me of my grandmother's quilts that are definitely worn out by now. I just hope I can manage to complete one bed quilt before I leave this world! There's so much I want to do!


  44. quiltingnurse12:33 AM EDT

    Thanks for the tour Bonnie. I feel like I went shopping and got out without spending a dime. My husband would be so proud of me!

  45. Great read, I would have stopped too!!

  46. That Challenge machine looks almost exactly like my 1957 White!

  47. Great place to go!!! I live about 10 minutes from the Antique Mall!


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