Thursday, August 06, 2015

All Around Golden!


Even from the back streets of Golden, Colorado you can’t resist the view of the plateaus and mountains flanking this adorable town.

After dinner was done on Tuesday evening, I decided to take a ride into town and get some steps in, walking the streets, seeing the sights and getting myself a bit of hot August nights in Golden.

The weather was perfect, as you can see.

And in the intermountain West, those hot hot August afternoons start to cool down as the sun descends behind the mountains, leaving a balmy summer evening at hand for all to enjoy.

People were out in droves…and we ALL stopped to get selfies with the infamous GOLDEN sign:


Hey, I’m getting pretty good at this!

And let’s face it, no one thinks twice of anyone taking selfies in the middle of a street any more!


See what I mean?

He didn’t even blink! Ha!


I was too late to go in here…but I waved hello at everything behind the windows!


I enjoyed the wonderful sculptures!


And abundant flowers vibrantly blooming.


I love the whimsy of this one!

“Helping Hands.”


Cowboy scenes on building sides!


Quilt blocks above shop entrances!


Golden is a wonderful place to take time out.

I’m catching a flight home this morning, and due to having to brave my way from Golden back to the Denver airport through obnoxious morning rush hour traffic, I am leaving the hotel at 5:30am.

It’s going to be a zoo – but I’m sure I’ll live through it to tell the tale of once again parking in short term parking – to pick up a luggage cart, to get the luggage to check in.  To get the car out of short term parking and return it to the rental car place a few miles away from the airport.  To catch the shuttle from the car return back to the terminal to make it through security in time to board my flight.

There will be more Colorado photos to come upon my return home…but probably not tonight as I don’t get home until after 9pm.

It’s been a wonderful, memorable time and I can’t wait to share more about this experience with you.

Bye bye, Colorado!  Catch you next time!

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  1. The days of flying being easy are long gone, sadly. Hope you make it through rush hour and retain your sanity navigating rental return and finally getting on the flaming plane. What a great opportunity Golden offered you though! Great photos of a lovely town.

  2. Safe journey home girlfriend!

  3. Anonymous9:02 AM EDT

    Bonnie, maybe you need to look into a car driving service. I know there are private ones out there that pick you up and get you every where you need to be without the hassles of back and forth with your things. I know you're worth it and after all, it is a business expense! My mil started using one when her hubby passed and she continued to travel alone. Early pickups mean you get to snooze through traffic instead of being frazzled before you even get on the plane. Julie in MS

  4. I agree with Anonymous above! But, wait! There's more! I think the company doing the taping should provide shuttle service both ways for you! That would be even better! ;-) At any rate~thanks for all you do for us!

  5. Bonnie, THANK YOU for your wonderful resources available in Tips & Techniques for free!!! I had no clue how on earth I was gonna make quarter square (hourglass) blocks as an alternate to my sawtooth stars quilt. They needed to finish at 8" in the quilt and your tips on Specialty Rulers gave me all the right formulae that I needed to make them come out perfectly! Thank you so very much!!
    Safe travel home and hope for some "Jammie Sewing" for you!

  6. You didn't miss anything not being able to see the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. I went in there a few years ago and wasn't impressed at all.

  7. The sculpture of the two little girls reading is called "Secret Garden" by Mark Lundeeen (he's my boss). :)

  8. It depends on what is on display at the Rocky Mtn Quilt Museum. They change their exhibits so you don't see the same thing all the time. I enjoyed going there. Small but lots of fun old quilts. Happy travels home. I know how hard it is to get through that traffic my DD#2 lived in Colorado Springs. Can't wait til you can share more of your trip!

  9. Did you say hi to my son and daughter in law in Golden? Agree with Mary. I saw a fantastic exhibit of quilts by men a few years ago at the museum. Very dependent on the exhibit!! Safe travels, Bonnie.

  10. I have driven in Denver traffic and I do go early. I enjoyed visiting Golden, all by myself. The Quilt museum is wonderful. I enjoyed taking photos of all the statues and the river. I parked at the Welcome Center and walked through the town. The restaurants looked wonderful. Glad you will be home.

  11. Bonnie, when i saw that pile of luggage curbside, while you waited for the shuttle to take you to your rental car... ... !!!! wowie... Perhaps your "agent" should negotiate for airport pick-up AT the airport or car rental DELIVERY to the airport... my goodness that looks like a lot of work AND so does your description of leaving the hotel at 5:30, to get home!!! your "agent" needs to earn her 10% and get you more "perks"... i'm not saying limousine pick up, but that's an idea!!! Love what you do, and your boundless energy; especially, i appreciate your ability to find a little bit of shade, kick off your shoes and enjoy a bit of stitching... no sech thing as "down-time" for Bonnie... hugs, Cats

  12. Oh, Bonnie..you give me such a bad case of wander lust! Do you need an assistant? An old one who has cataracts and wears hearing aids...but who loves you and your quilts and adventures?


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