Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Denver and the Birthday Visit!

This is me and my friend Jessica Vaughn!

We’ve been friends for oodles of years – I met her in Kansas on one of my teaching trips there and I love seeing her whenever I can.

She is warm, loving, has a heart of gold, and a wicked sense of humor that will leave you chuckling days later remembering just what she said and how she said it – she can deliver the way only Jessica Vaughn can deliver!

After picking up my rental car in Denver yesterday afternoon I braved the traffic through Denver rush hour ---and first things first – I headed for a manicure.

It was MANDATORY for these two days of tapings and a good thing because my fingernails have never been my priority.

I have too much quilting to do to worry about fingernails.  They just don’t STAY nice with all of this typing and stitching and handling of sharp instruments.

But it was a MUST.  So I did.

And then I put Jessica’s address for JMV Studios in my GPS and I wound my way to her Long Arm Studio!



Because Jessica long arm quilts full time for the public, she has taken studio space in an office building where she works certain hours quilting for the public.

Sometimes you just HAVE to get your business out of your house or it will over run your life, and she has found a happy balance between home life, and spending her work hours in this wonderful space on S Holly Street in Denver.

And she has fabric for sale!  At great prices!

And she has groups of ladies come and sew for different activities like Quilts of Valor – or even a Bonnie Hunter club where we sew up the scraps you already have. 

There is always something going on at JMV quilts.


Classroom tables and more fabric!

What I love about this space – WINDOW LIGHT!  It’s truly like sewing in your own space, only better because there is room to spread out.


Jessica’s  main machine squeeze – Innova!


Oh, so do I, so do I!


Customer quilts waiting for quilting, and some ready for pick up!


This one in progress!

A batik lap quilt in blues is all ready in the machine, a simple gift for a brother or a son of the maker ---Jessica is ready to give it her magic touch.


All of the nitty gritty!

I told Jessica that I would love to spread the word about her studio.  She does a great job!  Her business is custom quilting for others.  She does freehand quilting, all hands on.  Her studio is not a full fledged quilt shop, but she does carry fabric at great prices, some notions and other goodies and hopes to find herself expanding.

Her main focus is helping you get those quilt tops that have been sitting a while COMPLETED Into finished quilts that you will love and cherish.

If you are in the Denver area, give a call or an email.  Call for hours before you just drop by as she has set working hours for her studio time.


Birthday Girl’s dinner OUT!

And because August is Jessica’s birthday month, we celebrated with some yummy Mexican food at a near by place and chatted until it was nearly 9pm and I still had to drive to my hotel!  Time just got away from us as it always does.

It was so great to see a great friend, and I hope it won’t be long until I see her again!

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  1. What a wonderful birthday present Jessica. It's quite obvious that both you and Bonnie had hearts of gold. I'm sorry I'm going to miss the retreat to celebrate birthdays. Maybe next year it will work out. I'm glad you had such a nice visit with Bonnie. That is an unforgettable birthday present. Love you both!


  2. Barbara Anne8:25 PM EDT

    Wow! What a wonderful place and even more wonderful friend you have in the delightful Jessica. Bliss in an office building. Sigh! Too bad I'm on the east coast, mid-Atlantic wise, that is. Or not, because this terrain and the abundant bazillion shades of green is what my Southern heart calls HOME.

    Happy Birthday to you, Jessica!


  3. wow what a shop....and pray tell...what is dinner? looks good but cannot identify...

  4. Jessica is some kinda lady! I met her in Lawrence, KS, on her way to see you in Wichita in April. And then she talked me into going to your presentation at Rose Hill. Loved it! What a chance meeting through Facebook. Gotta love social media!

  5. Anonymous11:03 PM EDT

    Can you believe I have to post as ANONYMOUS because I can't remember my Google password! LOL!


    Ms. Bonnie, thank you so much for the wonderful visit, and the kind words about my studio....I'm so glad you were able to make time in your busy schedule for me. It was my honor; and the 8/3/2015 celebration of my August month birthday is complete. I love my little space of Heaven on Holly! It was blessed by your presence.

    Hey Kathy T; gonna miss you big time this birthday! Love you mucho!

    Cityquilter Grace - Bonnie had some kind of shrimp dish and I had fish tacos. We shared a guacamole salad that was to die for.........

  6. That sounds like a wonderful visit for both of you. We should all have that space and daylight!

  7. That sounds like a wonderful visit for both of you. We should all have that space and daylight!

  8. What a great time for two fabulous quilters! Jessica is the deal, and I am so envious of her space and her skills. This has probably encouraged her to raise the bar even higher for her extreme birthday month!!!!

  9. I've always wanted to visit Denver. Now I have another reason. What a beautiful studio! And Happy Birthday Jessica!

  10. Oh! I think Jessica runs a Bonnie Hunter Club at the shop right near my son's house in Englewood, CO. I have always wanted to attend a meeting, but since it's a 4 hour drive, I haven't made one yet. Someday...


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