Sunday, August 16, 2015

The SLS Retreat Challenge!

You may have noticed some little ditties hanging on the wall of our class room at our Vegas retreat.

Did you see them in the background of everything else?

Nope –not just quilt décor for good looks, this was a challenge issued to everyone who was attending –the goal to take a piece of challenge fabric, and interpret it into a small quilt –and the fabric has to be RECOGNIZABLE and therefor VISIBLE!

Of course there is a theme – this is LAS VEGAS!  And the fabric really did evoke that theme as well!

Also part of the challenge?  According to the hotel, the letters SLS ((Because we are staying at the SLS hotel in Las Vegas!)) actually have NO MEANING.  It is not short for anything.  It is not anyone’s initials. 

Our mission?  To come up with a phrase for the initials SLS and incorporate them into our projects!


The lovely challenge fabric!

And what a CHALLENGE it was! LOL!


Amazingly inventive quilts!

After lunch on Friday – it was time to vote!


The competition is stiff!


Each quilt is uniquely wonderful!

I am leaving Las Vegas and writing this post ahead, and of yet the winner has not been announced! It’s like having to turn off the Emmy’s just as someone says “And the envelope, please…” and you never find out WHICH one was the resounding favorite!

I loved them all and so I took close ups yesterday to post into a Slide show.

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

SLS Retreat Challenge, Las Vegas 2015

I have left instructions that they are to let ME know by text when the winner is announced!

I will report back when I have the lucky winner’s info!

If it were ME and that piece of challenge fabric?  Well, some things you just can not cut SMALL ENOUGH!  Hahahahahaha!!

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  1. I like #22.
    Great use of fabric
    fits Las Vegas theme.
    Great idea for the initials SLS

  2. My favorite was the "Silver Lapel Sequins" quilt. Very inventive.

  3. Which one was yours Bonnie?

  4. Great quilts and talent shown in them. What a fun time, you girls had.

  5. Its fun to see all the variety and creativity a fabric challenge initiates. My first reaction was "I know that fabric!" I think it was part of a Keepsake FQ medly that I FINALLY used in a birthday gift for my musical daughter-in-law this year: a set of nesting fabric tubs.

  6. What à tallented ladies. Loved The small quilts. . Thanks for sharing Bonnie.
    Happy quilting,Yoka B


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