Thursday, August 27, 2015

And I Shall Call Her Lily!

THIS arrived yesterday!

Oh, I am so thrilled!

I was contacted by email while I was in Idaho by a woman who is “thinning the herd” of vintage sewing machines --

Her words, not mine, but the term made me giggle!

Would I be interested in a Davis Vertical Feed machine?  She had seen my  post about Becky and her machines while I was in Spokane earlier this year.

Would I?!?  How could I NOT?!

Arrangements were made to have her shipped to me, and she would arrive in about a week’s time.  It’s a long way to fedex from North Dakota!

But she made it – greatly to the fabulous packing job.  This machine was by far the BEST packed machine I have ever seen!


Double Boxed, and loads of THICK Insulation foam!

The insulation foam was cut and inserted on to spool pins and other delicate bits so she arrived in as pristine condition as she was when she left North Dakota.  The machine was wrapped, then bubble wrapped, then douible boxed, and then foam boarded.  This machine did not jiggle or wiggle or shift one bit during shipping and that is so utterly important!


Oh, she’s beautiful!  From about 1920!


Worn and aged, but still beautiful!
((Sounds familiar!))

She is a Davis Vertical Feed (Type 6) High Arm Late Model.  The bobbin winder is more modern than earlier versions of the Vertical Feed, upper tension faces the operator, and arm is higher, longer and chunkier than previous models.  This model has the Nouveau Lily or Tripple Club decals seen in the photo.  Well, I am certainly not going to call her CLUB.  So I shall call her LILY!

And the best part?  She takes regular 15 X 1 needles where my other Davis takes a much longer, harder to find needle.


That red felt circle needs to go!

She needs a doily!


Shiny face plate!

There was a sticky note attached to the manual telling me to NEVER remove the faceplate…just oil from the spots dictated in the manual.  Okay.  I will obey! There are tiny pieces that are very difficult to get back in place should they fall out.


Love that shiny hand wheel!


She fits my Davis parlor cabinet!
((And wears a doily!!))

Let it be said that not all machines have the same base shape and will not fit all cabinets.  This machine does NOT fit my Singer cabinets.  The hinge holes at the back of the machine are not as far apart as the hinge holes for a Singer.


Cabinet open for use!

It’s a good thing I HAVE a Davis cabinet or I would be out of luck with a place to put her.  I just removed my older Davis, and she fit beautifully, the treadle belt is even already the right height.

What makes a Vertical Feed unique?


The presser foot!

And the fact that the Vertical Feed machine doesn’t have any feed dogs.

It’s a walking foot machine!

Take a look at this little ((Very home spun)) video I made yesterday getting her going!

Oh she is going to be so great for sewing on bindings!


Welcome to MY herd, lovely lady!

I’m off to Pennsylvania today.  A leisurely driving day.  Not sure where I’ll stop or what I’ll do, I’m playing it by ear.

I’ve got an audio book in the car, a picnic packed for my lunch – and I’ll take it as it comes!

Tomorrow I’m teaching for Mary Koval’s Quilt Shop in Bedford, PA!

I’ll catch you from there – Happy Thursday, everyone!

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  1. Anonymous8:37 AM EDT

    Beautiful machine and beautiful cabinet for her home. My neighbor has a treadle machine and doesn't use it and she said no one in her family wants it. I'm hoping when she is ready to "get rid" of it she will let me have first bid.

  2. Wow, thanks for the lesson. I've never seen the Davis vertical feed before. Now I'll know it if I see one. I love your lessons. Thanks again Bonnie.

  3. MY she is a beauty...thanks for sharing her story. how many does that make in your collection? one can never have too many machines :-) *~*CAROLE*~* wippysplace@gmail.com

  4. That was really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love your new machine I had never seen one like that thanks for sharing.

  6. She's a Beauty! Lily is a pretty name for her...That cabinet is Spectacular! Love it. You do find the best pieces out there Bonnie..and you have great taste..They don't make things like that anymore, sadly.
    I've been looking for a hand crank or treadle for awhile now...we lose power in the winter time every year..I keep searching Craigslist..

    Safe travels

    Debra in Ma.

  7. How cool. I've heard about how good Davis VF machines are. I don't have a Davis VF in my herd. I'll have to keep my eyes open for one. Have fun with Lily.

  8. Wow what a beauty...Congratulations! Thanks for the lesson on vertical feed, I've never seen this before.

  9. Bonnie, Have you seen a Caroline machine? I am in Colorado visiting and going into a shop yesterday in Elizabeth I saw one sitting on the floor. To Heavy to lift and look better. Looked much like a Singer. Was portable with a wood cabinent. Might have been one of those someone put another name on. Eileen eileenschamel@gmail.com

  10. What a beautiful machine! My family always thought that I was crazy because of my love of sewing machines. Thank you for being in the same 'crazy'club!

  11. Thank yoy thank you for the video I've never seen a vf machine before or even known there was one. Thanks again your so awesome.

  12. Thank yoy thank you for the video I've never seen a vf machine before or even known there was one. Thanks again your so awesome.

  13. This is a machine I haven't seen before. Good for you to adopt her. Her Doily matches her Belt. Have a great trip to PA. Please put me on your list when you decide to thin your HERD/ FLEET, ok?

  14. What a pretty and interesting machine. Don't you just love those parlor cabinets? So compact and yet attractive as well. They work great for me, but I am only 5'4". For a woman of your stature, does the parlor cabinet still work? I can't wait until the next QuiltCam so we can see her in action. You will show her to us, won't you?

  15. I am pretty sure I saw one of these yesterday when I stopped by the Antique Mall on my way home. And it was reasonably priced. I just may have to take another run up the road to check it out. Would so love to have a wonderful old machine, but then the problem of where to put it. Guess I will have to find hubby a new job so we can move again and get a bigger house. Or maybe I will set up a sewing room at my son's new house! Happy sewing! Glenna

  16. Love your new beauty! I had never heard of a vertical feed. Must keep my eyes open. My stable is small: Bernina 1130, late 40's Singer treadle, 2 50's Featherweights.

    Debra in MA - i am a MA girl, now located in AK, and lived for a while in NH. I found treadles in small town antique shops there for reasonable prices, but that was a long time ago. :)

  17. Another lovely machine for your collection. Enjoy. Just watched your latest Quilt Cam and, as always, enjoyed it immensely. I was horrified by your story of the email you received about your wall quilts and suggesting you changed them at regular intervals. What utter cheek! I'm amazed how rude people can be - I wonder if they would say such things to your face? I guess not, I think folk loose all sense of reality and good manners when it comes to the internet, they seem to forget that they are making rude comments to actual people not a machine! I love peeking at your studio and watching everything you sew. Thank you.

  18. Wow..what a beauty and a walker to boot. Beautiful!

  19. Anonymous1:40 PM EDT

    Bonnie, I have a machine like that. It sat in my garage for 18 yrs because mine is in a cabinet that has the bicycle chain that lifts it up/down and the metals fittings that attached it to the cabinet lid had pulled out of the wood and I thought they were lost, but alas, I found them in the drawers. A friend fixed it and now for almost 2 yrs I've been sewing on my bindings with it. I just love the way it works!!!
    Jeanie in MO

  20. I really would like to know where is the bobbin in Lily?

  21. I'm SO TICKLED that you finally have a NVF!! Am anxious to hear about your first binding experience on Lily! I will NEVER put a binding on with any other machine again. ALSO, if you ever do any stitch in the ditch quilting, or straight-line quilting, that needle-advance walking foot is super great for that too!!! Big HUGS to my treadling soul sister!! Beck (FiddleyBits)

  22. she is a beauty bonnie, well deserved for all your hard work....enjoy and welcome lily!

  23. Oh what a honey. She is so beautiful with a beautiful name, Lily. I am so envious. Have a great trip.

  24. Fun fun fun. Toot...toot.

  25. She is Stunning!!! I watched the video you made of her - fascinating. Glad you can check her off your list. And it's great that she fits into the Davis cabinet you already had.

    Lily is a great name! I have a machine named Lill. A 1933 Singer 15-91, in a cabinet with knee controller, that belonged to my great aunt Lillian.

    I'm sure you'll have fun with her!

  26. Oh My Gosh! You are so blessed! I have been wanting a Davis Vertical Feed machine ever since I saw Becky's at the workshop in Spokane! I have been on the look out for one in good shape. Becky has been on the look out for me as well! I'm jealous...yep, I am!!!! Still looking!!!!

  27. Just today, I read that Davis Sewing machines were made in Dayton Ohio (I've only been in Dayton since 1984). The company later became Huffy Bicycles. I've just tried to find the article I was reading to learn this bit of info and can't. At the time I was wondering if Bonnie had a Davis machine. What a surprise to see that you just got another one.

  28. Shirley R1:15 AM EDT

    You did such a terrific job on your video of this vertical feed machine. Thank you! I've never seen one before; it's so unique. I've learned something new today so now I'll be watching for one. Where do you get those cute doilies for your machines? Shirley R -- Topaz555@comcast.net

  29. Connie F.4:52 AM EDT

    Connie F. beautiful machine!!!!Luv it!!
    I know you've probably been asked this before,
    but how many sewing machines do you call yours???
    I just started watching your quilt cam, but I never catch a live session,
    because getting up in the middle of the nite just is'nt my thing!!
    So I'll be catching up in Germany on your YouTube Channel!!!
    Luv your Show and your quilts....

  30. Anonymous6:10 AM EDT


    I've never even heard of this type of machine before! How cool is that! What a great little machine.

    Vanessa in Oklahoma

  31. Margie V.7:37 AM EDT

    Thanks for the education on vertical machines and she is beautiful!! I also love the sound she makes while working! Margie in NC

  32. What a beauty i never heard of a machine like that. Loved The video Thanks you for sharing..
    Happy Quilting and teaching, Yoka B

  33. Beautiful. So glad you are adopting homeless machines. Soon you will have to open your own personal museum.

  34. Beautiful. So glad you are adopting homeless machines. Soon you will have to open your own personal museum.

  35. beautiful machine. I had never heard of a Davis vertical feed sewing machine. thank you for the information.

  36. Karma. I believe this must be Karma working at it's best.

    Every thing going smoothly to now have Lily residing amongst your Family of Vintage Machines.

    Enjoyed this post so much,
    The video, well, makes me want to Acquire ‼️

    Hugs 'n smiles 😍
    Gerry in Jeff City, MO

  37. Anonymous12:23 PM EDT

    Loved the demo, Bonnie! I'm not familiar with these older, wonderful machines, so thanks for the lesson and the video. :o) Melanie in Oregon

  38. What an absolutely beautiful machine!

  39. What a beauty! Lily is a great name for it. I am abit biased towards that name.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Bonnie you new machine is just gorgeous. My son has been looking for a Davis for me for quite a while. Of course here in upstate NY there just aren't many. I did find an electric and they wanted 75 for it and it was missing the tension assembly. What a lucky find.
    Upstate NY


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