Monday, August 31, 2015

Out and About down Valley Road --

It was that kind of morning –you know the kind…

The event I was teaching for came to an end yesterday afternoon, we had a good night to sleep in and rest and catch up!

I purposely turned OFF my alarm hoping to get at least an extra hour or so of shut-eye, but NOPE!

The morning that “Dawn’s Early Light” comes creeping through the sky light, my eyes begrudgingly opened, one at a time, testing their surroundings, checking the time on the clock and deciding if it is really time to be officially UP yet for the day.

There was no turning back after that.  Up we go, out we go!

But quietly – the rest of the house is still asleep and we don’t want to wake anyone.


My favorite!  Queen Anne’s Lace!

I feel right at home here tucked into the valley between the Allegheny mountains.  The morning air is cool, but humid – there is rain in the distance.


Dirt roads lead to farms!

The corn is past its peak, as summer blends seamlessly into impending autumn –stalks drying in the open air.  It won’t be long until harvest comes.


Tall stalks aren’t tall enough to hide the mountains in the distance!


Chimney remains where a house once stood.

I’ve always felt like chimney stones and bricks left standing long after a house has gone are a sacred marker, a reminder of family life past.  It’s hard to describe, but I think of the day to day activities that happened in this house that was once a home.  Breakfast on the stove.  Kids rushing to get ready for school.  Laundry on the line, chickens in the yard.  Who lived here? And why is this house no more?


Who sat by this fire place and told stories?


Pond in the distance.

And I walk on.


Barns and farm houses.  A favorite Pennsylvania sight!


Morning fields full of more Queen Anne’s Lace, the sun peeking through clouds.


Tall silos standing watch over the new day.


Long fences, and cattle in the pasture.


White windows on a barn complete with weathervane!

I love this place!  Some love the big cities and all of the hustle and bustle, but as for me, I am a country girl at heart and I find my peace and my bliss out amongst the farms, fields, mountains and green places.


Fields of beans!


Sturdy brick farm houses with white trim and many gables.


A chubby silo by yet another barn.

I am grateful for the early wake up and the opportunity to just walk and walk and think and be part of this.


Who are you looking at??


Come Baaaaahhhhck soon!

Love from Pennsylvania -

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  1. Anonymous6:21 PM EDT

    So peaceful.

  2. Love Nature pictures! my fave.

    Oh! guess what!..I found a very old "Queen" hand crank machine for...$33! Oh Happy Day!! It's so pretty.

    Debra in Ma.

  3. Wish I had an afternoon to spend with you this week to share an ice cream cone and some conversation.... Enjoy PA!

  4. Suzanremembers7:07 PM EDT

    These pictures remind me so much of when I lived with my aunt in Bessemer, PA, as a youngster. We always enjoyed weekend drives through the gorgeous areas of western PA. Thank you for posting these; they brought back many memories.

  5. Anonymous7:10 PM EDT

    I'm homesick now.

  6. I am glad you got up early too! I loved all the pictures from you walk. I love the country the most also. I loved what you said about the old chimneys left standing, like the headstone marker of a life lived. Thank you for sharing with us!

  7. Anonymous8:08 PM EDT

    Pleas come back to Pennsylvanis soon!

  8. Anonymous8:31 PM EDT

    Im a country girl here too, upstate NY is similar to your travels, but my daughter is moving back to PA in a week and I can't wait till I get back there. It is where I first wanted to learn to quilt, the Amish quilts are beautiful. gmiller46@msn.com

  9. Well said Bonnie! Where I grew up in pa there was old rock basements with moss growing over them and if you weren't looking you could easily pass them over... A bit of forgotten history. I always wondered when growing up who lived there and why was the home gone.. I always pictured a cabin style home like little house on prarie

  10. Wow, thank you for taking us on your walk Bonnie. It all looks so peaceful and serene. Perfect way to start the day.

  11. Another country girl, only from Illinois. I enjoyed seeing the countryside in another state I've not been to. I've enjoyed your posts during your busy teaching weekend. Thank you for taking time to share with all of us what your are seeing and doing. It is all very fun and inspiring.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Oh boy, I would so love to have been on that pretty walk with you. Beautiful.

  14. I'm with you. Love farms and fields and grazing animals.

  15. Margie V.7:28 AM EDT

    Thank you so much for the PA pictures and made me homesick- am from Western PA and now stuck here in NC! But will be back some day!

  16. What a lovely walk! Thank you for taking us with you.


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