Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Quilt-Cam 8/11/2015

Are you ready to sew with me?

Got something to share?  I love to see your photos and hear your stories!

It’s been a few weeks since we were able to do this, and I’m so happy to be home tonight and able to get a little bit of sewing in myself.

This photo was sent in by Charyl in July during a Quilt-Cam.  Don’t you love the texture of the quilting on the quilt she is binding?

She writes:

Hi Bonnie!
I'm stepping slightly away from the long arm and sewing a binding on a baby quilt while watching Quilt Cam!  So good to see you live...

Charyl from Spokane

Ps...hoping my friend in MA is watching along with me...Hi Chrissy!!!
I don’t know if Charyl or Chrissy are sewing along wuth us tonight, but I hope they like seeing their photo and message when they do log in to catch up!


Things around here have been messy and neglected!

This is the mess that I left after shipping everything to Golden, Colorado for my taping with Quiltmaker Magazine.  I was in a hurry remember?  I shipped everything on Sunday afternoon and flew out to Iowa on Monday morning – there was no time to do a re-org in here!

I’m happy to say it looks much better now, but I was reminded once again, do NOT run the vacuum when the window a/c unit is on!

Or maybe I should reiterate to myself…just NEVER USE THE VACUUM!  EVER.  Works for me!

My wiring down here in this old house in hokey at best, and mostly I know how to deal with it….the iron is on a different circuit and I should have plugged the vacuum into that one, but I forgot.  I’ll remember next time.


SO this is where we left off!

I need 97 sashings to do the layout I want to do of this quilt.  I’ve got 6 pinned together bundles of 10.  I’ve got 5 loose ones.


I have pieced 5 more pages full since we last had quilt-cam!


I can get 3 sashing widths and one narrow width from one page.


15 down!  15 or so left to go!

So this is what I’m doing tonight.  I’m going to work at the treadle machine and power sew these out!


Just me and my Singer 227M!

She isn’t fancy, and she isn’t pretty, but she is the smoothest running treadle machine that I own!

Let’s sew!  Click the arrow on the screen below to start the feed!

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  1. Hi Bonnie, I'm working on cutting half square triangles for Jamestown Landing...I needed a project for my new Vintage sewing machine..on you recommendation I just bought a Singer 404 and can hardly wait to use her!, thanks for all the inspiration...


    east Walpole, Ma

  2. Hi Bonnie, I am working on a lattice quilt and doing my tumbler leaders and enders. Can't figure out how to add a picture here yet though.

    So glad I could join you live tonight.

    Ginny B

  3. Aloha Bonnie,
    So happy to watch you live in Honolulu, Hawaii. I'm cutting tumblers while watching Quilt Cam this afternoon. P.S. Love your shirt. It matches the sewing machine in the background too!

  4. I'm string piecing crumbs on to adding machaine tape.

  5. Watching you live for the first time while hand stitching a binding. I love quiltcam!

  6. Hi Bonnie,
    Working on my secret project for Vegas retreat. Excited to take your class Garden Party!
    Thanks for all you do!
    Salem, OR

  7. Anonymous9:20 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie! Working on my Tumblers ... So glad to find you on Quilt Cam! what is the name of Quilt over your right shoulder? Is it in one of your books? I want to make it! Pam Marion gramapama10@gmail.com

  8. Hey, Bonnie! I am just starting to cut out Swing Your Partner from Scraps and Shirttails. I hope to get the first block done during Quiltcam. I am making it with Civil War repros. Thank you for Quiltcam and you dedication to the craft! Mandy Laseter in Amarillo.

  9. Hi Bonnie, I'm making dresses for the girls in Boliva that Lori will take over and deliver
    in person :0) Such a fun and easy project too.
    Thanks for the company and all you do, I can hardly wait for the next mystery!

    Happy Sewing from Sunset Beach, NC

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  11. Hi Bonnie - I'm also watching live, although that is a rarity. But I'm green with envy that you're sewing and I'm doing payroll!! Usually I'm in the basement doing something quilty, but not tonight. I can't ever seem to take a class with you, but am eagerly awaiting for your courses to come out and will be signing up as soon as they are out. Just wanted to say thank you for all you do and it's not a good day without a touch of Bonnie! Just one bonnie a day, keeps the blues away! Thank you!!! Carmela in PA

  12. No sewing tonight for me. It's a quiet night at work, so Quilt Cam is keeping me company. I just learned how to treadle last year and it is definitely good exercise.

    By the way, I really like this camera angle. It shows off your project well.

    Loriann in Salt Lake City

  13. I stitched my Guild Block Lotto Blocks today. My MTG is in a half hour. I had to pick and snap my Green Beans while I listen before I go. I wish I could watch it all LIVE but I'll catch up later. The wedding veils sound fun! I still have mine.

  14. HI Bonnie! Its crazy Julianne from Northern California...watching you on my phone while at work, SHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Glad to hear that you made it through your tapings with flying colors. I started a tumbler quilt as a leader/ender project....HA! I have almost two quilt tops complete, I'm not so great at the leader/ender concept, maybe next time! Nice to see you here on quilt cam, keep on quiltin!

  15. Hi Bonnie, glad to be viewing Quilt-Cam tonight. I am finishing the binding on my Celtic Solstice tonight. Thank you for this lovely pattern and teaching to think out of the box. Everyone that has seen my quilt just loves it. I am going to enter it in the Aunt Het Quilt Show in October. Wish me luck and of course my label lists you as the designer. Have fun in Vegas and remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! lol

  16. Just catching you now. No stitching tonight as I am working on pickles here on the Canadian prairies. Spent the last couple days working on a scrap scrabble top for a gift.

  17. There is a sign behind you that reads"where the heck is Easy Street?" Well there is one near me in Caldwell ID!

  18. No sewing tonight for me. It's a quiet night at work, so Quilt Cam is keeping me company. I just learned how to treadle last year and it is definitely good exercise.

    By the way, I really like this camera angle. It shows off your project well.

    Loriann in Salt Lake City

  19. Thanks so much for quilt cam again--always look forward to watching it. I kept on stitching afterwards as I was close to finishing the binding on my Grand Illusion - now ready to go to the county fair. Still have a few others to finish the bindings, I always have lots of entries of all kinds, and love seeing other entries, too. I get to check in and display all the quilts - all fun for me to be in charge of the quilts! I couldn't get into doing the tumblers, but I have another idea (after I get enough spools done for a good size quilt!) Many years ago, I started cutting triangles out of every fabric that I got ahold of until I had so many it was getting ridiculous, so they are still in a big box in storage closet. The idea of no two alike lost it's appeal, I guess. Now, wouldn't that be a leader and ender project just as well? I have been doing 4 patches on one of my machines, stopped and counted one day and had just enough to make one of your patterns I had been wanting to do- Hopscotch Butterscotch - got the blocks put together now, but still doing more 4 patches; now thinking my borders will be a double row of 4 patches, rather than having to cut all those strips for the piano key border. Oh, yes, the reason I wanted to do that pattern was that I had enough strips already sewn in pairs to use them for the blocks just by trimming to size - didn't have to sew any of them and got use of scraps I saved so long ago, don't remember what quilt they were in originally! But they are gone now, few left to sew into more 4's. Guess you won't mind if I change the design of the border - it's still your pattern, right? All the things you have been up to lately, it's so exciting to just hear about - good luck on everything, it's hard to keep up but enjoy it all so much! Carol in AR

  20. Sorry to have missed you live, but will watch tomorrow. I have cut LOTS of tumblers this week and started using them as leaders and ensers.

    Pat in. Alaska

  21. Hi Bonnie,
    Wouldn't you know it. I was all revved up for quilt cam tonight. Thought I could watch and sew, or should say quilt, but life interrupted again and just wasn't to being. So now it's after 9:30 on the west coast and I am just sitting down to get on line. No quilting on my Lazy Sunday tonight. Maybe tomorrow. It's fun to unwind by reading all the post of the others that were with you during quilt cam. And of course reading your blogs and identifying with your thoughts. Really are a lot of like minded quilters out there.

    One quick question, how far ahead are cutting instructions and supply lists put out prior to retreats you teach at? (Eatonville, WA end of October) or do the organizers do that? This will be My very first retreat with you and want to make sure I am prepared. Thanks bunches.
    quiltedangelhideaway@ yahoo.com

  22. You are so right! This 227M is the sweetest smoothest Singer! I have the 223, 226, and 227m, all tailed, but the 227 is smoothest by far. One of these days I'll catch you live, but I enjoy watching in bed and soaking up all the inspiration before I sleep. Thanks for everything.

  23. Marianne11:36 AM EDT

    Watched you last night for as long as I could while making Wild & Goosey blocks Had to go to bed 1/2 way through finished it today. Just love quilt cam/ My dh came in the room to see who I was talking to. Too funny. I have the Wild & Goosey addition bad. Hours go by fast..

  24. Hi Bonnie, I am in the UK... wish I could be with you and go to your workshops... watching now....

  25. Hi Bonnie, I am in the UK... wish I could be with you and go to your workshops... watching now.... just love to follow along with your quilt cam...


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