Friday, August 21, 2015

Scrap Quilts with ME-Registration is OPEN!

Remember my time in Colorado just a couple of weeks ago?

Was it only a couple of weeks ago?

The team has been working hard behind the scenes to get everything ready for my online course of 6 sessions –Scrap Quilting with Bonnie Hunter!

I’m thrilled to be asked to teach this course, and I’ve packed it full of all of the hints, helps, tips and tricks that I could – things I use in my every day scrappy quilt life.

It’s like being here with me in my own studio! 

I’ll talk to you one on one about how to best manage your scraps, how to put the Easy Angle Ruler and Companion Angle Ruler to good use, and how to create the blocks featured in my  Addicted to Scraps column-easily, quickly, and oh so scrappily using the fabrics and scraps you already have on hand.


Course dates: Oct 12- Nov 23, 2015

The 6 week course begins on Oct 12th with one new workshop segment being released every week until completion on November 23rd, just in time to start our Quiltville’s Winter Mystery! 

There is a gallery section where you can share your progress and converse with other class mates!

You can sew and view at any hour of the day, work it in to your schedule as it fits!

If you are busy during this time? No worries!  Simply download the videos to your own computer.  You own them!  FOREVER!  So even after the course has completed, you can go back again and again and again to view the videos as many times are you want because they are YOURS once you download them.


Come Get Scrappy with Me!

The regular retail price of this 6 segment course is $129.00 But I have a special deal for you!

Register now through THIS LINK and enter  BHSCRAP30 in the coupon box at checkout when registering.  You will get all 6 workshop segments covering 6 block designs, all of my hints, tips and tricks for $99.00.  That’s just $16.50 per workshop segment.  You just can’t beat that!

Remember to use the code to get the discount!

Remember, time is limited and you must pre-register before the course starts.

I will also be adding a photo with link to the side bar so you can find it later.

But don’t wait too long!

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  1. These should be great!
    Just curious, how long is each segment?

  2. I hope the coupon is good for another week or so. Gotta wait for that elusive PayDAY! Can't wait to see all your hard work in Colorado.

  3. What a great concept! I love it!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  4. Just signed up!!! Wish they supported Safari also however Chrome will work

  5. Yeah! All signed up and ready to go. Now I can start counting down the days until the first day of school. Thanks so much for making this available as I could never attend any of your workshops otherwise. So excited! Sally

  6. All signed up!! Thanks for the discount code. Donna

  7. Anonymous8:21 PM EDT

    I would like to know how long the segments are too. Makes a big difference if I would pay the big money for the entire course or not.

  8. how do you sign up cause I don't have a account yet but don't see no where to do it

  9. Would love to do this but need a payment plan! I hope the coupon is good for a long time! I am sure it will be successful I know it was a lot of hard work. Congratulations on completing this and hope to see more in the future!

  10. Bonnie this is new to me and everyone I guess.
    I want to know what exactly your course covers.
    1. A complete explanation of your scrap savers system
    2. How to use those 2 rules
    3. How to make 6 blocks from the magazine
    4. Tips for all the above
    This is what I understand is included but there may be more or I might have twisted it
    Oh like others how long is each lesson?

  11. Anonymous12:54 AM EDT

    Wish you could do this on Craftsy site. Then it would be affordable for more people. Any possibilities of that happening?

  12. Signed up Yahoo! Thanks for the coupon, with the Aussie dollar trading for 73 cents U.S. it was a nice suprise.

  13. Signed up and ready to go!!!! Yeah!!!! Finishing up all the parts for my Orca Bay whilst I wait for class!!!! Oh and the tumbler quilt too!!!

  14. OUCH, forgot to check exchange rates, thank goodness I had coupon, I paid NZ$148. NOT looking up what it would have been without coupon, too painful

  15. All signed up and looking forward to the classes! It's the next best thing to hopefully being able to take a class with you in person --- some day! Thanks Bonnie! Carmela

  16. This does look like a great class wish I could take it, but I think the cost even with a coupon is quite expensive. I agree with the previous writer who would like to see it on craftsy their rates are reasonable....mom.quilter

  17. I just signed up!!! Almost as good as being there. Thanks for the discount Bonnie. Looking forward to learning your tips and tricks!

  18. I signed up thank you for the coupon. The only problem is October 15 seems too far away. I've always wished I could attend one of your workshops and now I can via Craft U!

    Denise in NC

  19. For those that missed it here, the classes are 1 hour each! Makes it more than worth it for me ... I'm in! Thank you so much Bonnie!!

  20. Nice. Pick me please.

  21. Thanks for a chance to win these lovelies. JDG043@cox.net

  22. Thank You, Bonnie, for the coupon! I signed up! I have wanted to take a class from you for years and now I get to! I'm giddy with anticipation.

  23. I've been waiting to be able to register for your workshop programs. The coupon code is the icing on the cake! The cost per class is quite reasonable. Just look at the cost of good fabric, rulers, and even good thread. I'm so excited!

  24. I've been waiting to be able to register for your workshop programs. The coupon code is the icing on the cake! The cost per class is quite reasonable. Just look at the cost of good fabric, rulers, and even good thread. I'm so excited!

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Anonymous8:22 PM EDT

    If I'm going to be away for part of the time between October/November, will I be able to download the missed classes when I get back in November or does it have to be downloaded once a week? I'd hate to sign up and then not be able to get some of the classes.


  27. Can we still join after it has started!


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