Friday, August 07, 2015

Clear Creek History Park, Golden!

Evening hours are my absolute favorite during the summer.

Especially in areas where temperatures soar during the day, but instantly cool off in the evening as the sun goes down.

This is summer in the Rockies, and the evenings were blissfully mine for the couple of days I spent in Golden.

Clear Creek runs  west to east along the north side of town, a favorite spot for inner tubing and inflatable rafting.  And also for walking the green belt areas on either side.

This is the perfect spot to throw off the chaos and stress of the day and commune with beautiful surroundings and natural landscapes.

Across clear creek you will find Clear Creek History Park, home to many of the original cabins found from the early days of life in the Golden Gate Canyon.

It’s like stepping back in time!

My only regret?  It was evening and the buildings were not open for viewing..but I could peek in windows!


Gardens with flowers!


Imagining living here through all four seasons.


Of course, there is a treadle in the window!


An original photo from a brochure!


Here it stands today in this glorious setting!


If only these buildings could speak!


And yes, you can feed the chickens!


This school house was in use until 1951!



Image of the school in early years.


My view through the window!

This was very much like watching an episode of little house on the prairie!  Pot bellied stove front and center, and the teacher’s desk in the corner. “Yes, Miss Beedle, No Miss Beedle!”


And the sun sets on a beautiful evening.


Clear Creek History Park across the creek from the other side.


Golden way down below!

As the sun began to set I thought I’d jump into my little rental car –a Hyundai Elantra – so cute and fun to drive. I had seen a sign for Buffalo Bill’s grave.  How far could it be?

Well, much farther than I thought as the road took me up the windy turns of Lookout Mountain – but it was SO worth the view!   It was kind of a scary drive for me as there were a ton of cyclists coming down the mountain’s hair-pin-turns-a-plenty and I certainly didn’t want to collide with any of them.

But the view…OH! the view!


Further up!


Catching the last of the evening light.


And further up to the top!


Buffalo Bill’s resting place!

Born in 1846, William F. Cody experienced the Old West to its fullest. His skill as a buffalo hunter gained him the nickname "Buffalo Bill." Buffalo Bill's Wild West shows traveled the world leaving a lasting vision of the American West.
If you are really going to LIVE the Colorado experience, you have to make a trip up Lookout Mountain and visit the grave of Buffalo Bill and his wife.

And then decide to go down the OTHER way back to I-70 instead of tailing the cyclists back down the way you came up!


Too dark to really see..but the sun just left it’s kiss on top of these glorious mountains!

I made it home about 9:30pm last night…a very very long travel day.

Today was meant for sleeping in.  And I did.

Sadie and I took a long walk around my own neighborhood so we could see how things have changed over the past almost-two-weeks gone.

Plans are to get all of the book orders from the website off to the post office and head up to the cabin for some R&R.

After a weekend of recuperating, I’m thinking we can squeeze in a Quilt-Cam on TUESDAY evening and catch up!  What do you think?

Happy Friday, everyone – it’s good to be home!

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  1. I just came back from Loveland, Colorado and the surrounding area a few weeks ago. We went up through Estes Park. My granddaughter was in a softball tournament for a week so sadly no quilting was involved but the memories we made and the views we saw we can share for a long time. God's beautiful country.

  2. Oh how I miss Colorado. Used to go there all the time to visit my sister, but since she passed away 11 years ago haven't been back. Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

  3. I haven't seen school desks like that in a long time. As a baby boomer, the first elementary school I attended still had them (Southern California!). The school building to keep up with us hadn't started yet. Glad you made it home in one piece and with all of your luggage.

  4. My husband and I went to Colorado School of Mines in Golden, so we are very familiar with the scenery. The History Park was not there when we attended in the late 60s. As a freshman , we each hauled a 10 pound rock up the hill to the M. We also had as a service project cleaning out a section of Clear Creek.
    thank you for some great memories.

  5. Thank you for always taking the time to share with us Bonnie. I am always impressed by how much you enjoy not only the quilting but all the opportunities to explore your travels offer.

  6. Welcome home. Hope you have a relaxing weekend at the cabin. Putting Tuesday Quilt-cam on my calendar!

  7. The next time you are in England you must visit Beamish, The Living Museum - http://www.beamish.org.uk/ - https://www.facebook.com/BeamishLivingMuseum?ref=ts - I visited in 2012 and hope to go back again soon :)

  8. My Grandpa saw Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Show as a boy. Grandpa was born in Champion, NE and grew up in Kersey, CO just outside of Greeley, CO.

  9. My Grandpa saw Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Show as a boy. Grandpa was born in Champion, NE and grew up in Kersey, CO just outside of Greeley, CO.

  10. Welcome home! Looking forward to Quilt cam. Hope you have a wonderful weekend

  11. Susan Baker7:30 PM EDT

    I always feel like I've traveled with you. You are a great narrator.
    Let's have Quilt cam!!!!

  12. Anonymous8:05 PM EDT

    Thank you for taking on your us along with you on your travels, I have never been to most of these beautiful places.Enjoy the cabin! gmiller46@msn.com

  13. Bonnie... Thank you for posting those beautiful pictures! I actually remember those desks.... Makes me feel ancient....

    My favorite time of day is early morning... So many possibilities lay ahead....and the air is so fresh....

  14. I went up Lookout Mountain in late July last year to see Buffalo Bill's grave. Spectacular view, but the road up is intimidating. Don't know how the cyclists manage it. We watched a thunder storm move in out near the airport, including tornado warnings for the airport vicinity. Also got to see Red Rocks and Garden of the Gods while we were in Denver.

  15. Glad you got home and up to the cabin for the week-end! The views in Colorado are amazing. Garden of the gods in Colorado Springs is really nice, too. Rest easy. You earned it!

  16. Tuesday! Yay! I've been lurking and you've inspired me to sew on my old singer bought two years ago on Craigsliat. Light cooled l colored threes l thread - Janome. Darker neutral thread - Janome. I also keep a nice little a Brother aa Boutique for hauling up to community sewing events. $13 at Goodwill, and it only needed to have the bobbin tension adjusted correctly. My advantage. My leaders and enders are baby bow ties, my main project is split pinwheels, and my handwork is Lucy Boaton's Patchwork of the Crosses. You have me cuthing steps from every fabric I take out. I'm really inspired by your knack for piecing with what you have. I don't want to leave a beautiful archived stash for my sewing friends. I want to use what I have ... and feel free to buy what I love, knowing I will use it.

  17. Thank you Bonnie for sharing the pictures with us . We used to ski in winter and nothing is more beautiful than nature. For 2.5 days I would be very sick from elevation sickness but after that I always enjoyed Colorado.
    Have a great time relaxing at the Cabin. Happy quilting, Yoka B

  18. What an incredible place and a wonderful experience! The old cabins must have been a really hard place to live in wintry conditions - but I think I'd still rather live in one of those than in a modern day 'rabbit hutch'!

  19. Anonymous11:58 AM EDT

    I have been to the history "park" it was great! Really enjoyed the walk through it all. Now question for you and maybe you found it and did some photographs (I hope so!) as I was leaving Golden the last time I was there we saw a sign in a storefront that said "Quilt Museum" and I think there was a quilt shop across the street.... did you see it and was it wonderful???? We were out of time as we had other things that had to be attended so I didn't make it in or back since but next trip!

  20. Anonymous11:59 AM EDT

    oops email is toniepeterson@yahoo.com

  21. I was in Golden yesterday. I live not far from there in Evergreen. I parked right by historical Park where you took the pictures. I went there because the Golden Quilt shop has a 20% sale all weekend. On everything in the shop. I got some pretty good stuff. It was a beautiful day for a walk around that beautiful little village. You were very brave to do the Lookout Mnt. Road in the evening. You know there is a very strong suspicion that Bill is not really in that grave?

  22. What beautiful scenery. I go to Dillon, Colorado every year from late March to April (skiing maniacs, we are!), so I know first-hand how beautiful it is. Still, I never tire of looking at pictures of its beauty. I'd move there, except the roads through the mountains scare in the winter scare the living daylighs out of me!

    I can't wait for your Tuesday Quilt Cam! Thanks so much for always being so generous with your time.

    Loretta McGinn


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