Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The Road to Golden!

This is an Eastern Iowan Cornfield on the way back to Cedar Rapids, Iowa early yesterday morning.

Hello 6:30am, let’s get this day going!

My friend Irene was packed up – loaded to the gills and ready to roll when she picked me up bright and early.

It was a 2 hour drive to the airport in Cedar Rapids from West Union, but what a beautiful morning for a drive!

Let’s just say that there is not much rush hour in these parts, and we got a lovely remembrance of driving past farms and fields with tall corn and abundant with beans.

Chatting all the way, we made it to drop me off  at the airport by 8:30 am.

My flight didn’t board until 11:50 –but Irene was driving ALL THE WAY BACK to Texas, and I didn’t want to hold up her long trip, so I waved her on as she headed back out on the road and I wheeled my luggage into the airport to get it all checked in.

And then what?


Pay Attention to the Signs!

It was much nicer OUTSIDE of the airport than inside.  Small airports don’t offer a lot of amenities and once you get through the security in Cedar Rapids, you are jut sitting –all of 6 gates.  So outside I went, the plan was to walk up and down the aisles of the parking lot, getting some steps in on my fit bit.

But that sun?  It got mighty hot, mighty quick!

This sign says STOP!  REST!  I’ve got a shady spot just for you.

And I obeyed!


Finishing that table runner binding.

I’ve heard from folks that say that there is never a shady grassy spot where they park.  But seriously, LOOK for them or you just might miss them. 

This little oasis was just along one strip between the two lots.


More lot behind me.

This was barely a margin of green – but it was perfect for my needs and I spent a couple of hours stitching away.


This was my morning bliss!

Yes, my shoes were off and I was barefoot on the cool grass!


Iowa Queen Ann’s Lace within my view.

I made it through security with 20 minutes to spare, loaded onto that plane and stitched my way to Minneapolis, about a 40 minute flight.

Now something funny –You know my Minnesota connections.  I was born in Minneapolis. I still have aunts, uncles and cousins in the area.  And it always feels weird to land in Minneapolis for just a layover and not be able to leave the airport due to time constraints.

Yesterday beats them ALL.

My flight boarded for Denver about 20 minutes before my mom’s flight arrived in Minneapolis from Boise.  How is that for a close call??

And I facebook must have known it, because it threw this blast from the past from 4 years ago into my news feed:

Mom and I in Minnesota – I had just returned from a run.

To have this photo in my news feed after I had looked up mom’s flight on the arrivals board and calculated that I was just BARELY missing her –priceless!

I’ll be seeing her in Idaho in  a couple of weeks, so I’ll make up for it then, and she can fill me in on everything that has been going on with everyone.


First class upgrade to Denver!

Only I have to admit I slept through about half of it – it’s been a very busy busy week!


The big hassle of the day!

This was my first time having to pick up a rental car by shuttle with no one to help me with my luggage.  Two quilt duffels, my big suitcase and my rolling laptop bag.  Thank heavens for compassionate bus drivers!

So here I am in Colorado.  I’ve made it. I have everything I need.

I’m up at 5am typing this because I have to be at the Quiltmaker Studios at 7am for makeup and hair!

Oh, that sounds so glamorous, doesn’t it?

I’m still nervous.  But I’m very excited, too. 

I’m taping 6 courses of happy scrappiness!

I’ll let you know how it goes – I’m headed for the shower ---

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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  2. Glad you got to enjoy the perfect weather we are having right now. Have a great time in Colorado. You'll do great!

  3. Have a wonderful time, I know you'll do great.

  4. Enjoy Colorado! And font miss the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum while you are in Golden!

  5. Enjoy your stay here in Colorado, I am 2 hours away on the open plains side of Colorado, Golden is a cute town, lots of history to be found, but START at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, always have great exhibits and friendly staff!

  6. Anonymous10:29 AM EDT

    Welcome to Colorado! I hope you get a chance to look around while you are here! There are so many things to see and do here! If you get a little time you would love a walk around Estes Park! Windsor and Fort Collins have some great quilt shops too!!! :)


  7. You're gonna do great! Have fun!

  8. Anonymous11:34 AM EDT

    Oh Bonnie. I worked at the Cedar Rapids airport for one year with United Airlines and then transferred to San Francisco with them. The airport has changed some but still has that Iowa charm. Made me homesick since I grew up in Iowa. Good luck on the video and just be yourself and it'll be okay.

    Phyllis paballoon@aol.com

  9. Good Luck today Bonnie, you are going to be AWESOME!!

  10. Good Luck today Bonnie, you are going to be AWESOME!!

  11. Welcome to Colorado!! Hope you have an awesome, though busy, visit.

  12. Good luck but my guess is you won't need it !

  13. Light Camera- ACTION!!! "break a Leg" -not literally though. That was nice of FB to know that you were missing the connection with your mom. Great times to remember.

  14. I love that table runner and those hexies are just gorgeous...glad you could visit your Mom...always heartwarming...miss mine a lot...hugs, Julierose

  15. I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit to Iowa - we sure did enjoy you. Had you put out the word...:) you probably would have had a few of us Cedar Rapidians come to keep you company in that spot of shade you found!!! Make-up and hair...how sweet is that - you are a star, that's for sure.

  16. You'll do great, every time I think you someone being nervous, i think of the Brady Bunch epso. Don't remember, maybe Marsha was nervous about giving a speech and someone told her to picture everyone in their underpants. Works for ME :)

  17. Break a leg! It's going to be so much fun..... Can't wait to hear all about your adventure!

  18. Bonnie..... YouRe going to have the best time! Can't wait to hear all about your adventure...

  19. You look so much like your mother. Even your smiles are the same. Image that! You should be so proud.

  20. OH Bonnie, It is so much fun for you to take us through your day and night! I cannot wait to hear more about the hair and makeup session!!!
    You'll do great --- be natural!

  21. Have flown in and out of Dubuque and Cedar Rapids -small airports might not have many amenities but that being able to go out in the grass was a wonderful plus. Also lines at security ar so much smaller. Looking forward to your posts from Craftsy taping.


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