Monday, August 26, 2013

Sweet Cadillac!

Quilters are the most amazing, most generous of people on this planet, hands down!

I got an email from Kathy, who lives in Victoria, BC.  She introduced herself, and offered up the honor of being escorted around town for sight seeing in her hubby’s gorgeous 1954 Cadillac limousine, nicknamed Fancy Nancy!

Fancy Nancy is ONE SWEET RIDE! According to Dale, her owner, there were less than 850 of these beauties made, and there are a mere 20 or so remaining.

Elvis is reported to have had one – only his caught fire and burned up due to mechanical issues!

I sat in the back seat and wondered what it would have been like to be Elvis driving around ---

Alaska_Cruise2013 308

Look at those lines!

1954?  I have old Singer Sewing machines in just these colors!  Now it makes sense why they came in putty brown/mocha, beige, tan and oyster white which I always thought was so boring!  They were the popular colors of the era!

Alaska_Cruise2013 309

Love this flying lady hood ornament!

See what I mean?  This is Ava’s lovely 401 from my visit to her guild in Wellsboro, PA in July of 2012!  These tan machines were high fashion!

Alaska_Cruise2013 313

Love the fins on the rear too!

Alaska_Cruise2013 338

From Right to left –The Hubster, his brother Myron and his wife Pam!

Yep, that Caddie sure is roomy ---and it gets about 9 miles to the gallon on gas..lol!

We had a wonderful afternoon of exploring Victoria.  Too many photos for one post, so I’m going to share with you what most folks come to Victoria to see…THE FLOWERS!

Alaska_Cruise2013 330

We didn’t get off the ship until nearly 3pm, and had to be back on board by 9pm –Bouchard gardens is 16 miles from port, and it would have taken our entire tour time to visit the gardens, not to mention that it’s $30 per person to get into the gardens.  We opted for a scenic tour of Victoria and stopped at some other parks that were in full summer bloom as well.

Click the image below if you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device.  But really – for this, you will want it full sized on your computer – the day was gorgeous and the colors vibrant!
Scenes from Victoria, BC 2013

Be sure to catch the photos of Pam feeding the geese --there is no way ONE Nutra-grain bar was going to feed them all....but they all came a running! Too funny!

If you are ever in Victoria, and would like a Classic Car tour, with stops tailored to the Quilter-on-the-Go, give Kathie and Dale a call to book your reservation!

They will give you a trip to be remembered, and you will make some great friends in the process!

There are more photos of our time in the Caddie to come ---stay tuned----

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  1. we went Victoria once - god must be almost 20 years ago now - had a wonderful time seeing Victoria and Vancouver. We did see Buchard Gardens and let me tell you it was well worth the admission price - it took hours to go through the whole thing and it was beautiful - but we had 3 weeks that we spent out there so we had plenty of time we saw a lot of southern BC also.

  2. Glad to see you enjoyed your time on Vancouver Island, it is so pretty, did you get into the harbour of Victoria and check it out?

    Did you get to my side of the water, I live outside of Vancouver and would have loved to come to say hi and give you a bit of a tour. Unfortunately I don't have a vintage Cadillac.

  3. A friend here in our valley has one of these-in black. He has used it for every daughter and now granddaughter's wedding. His name is also Dale, how weird is that. He has several of the old Cadillacs but the limousine is something special.

  4. So glad you got to spend a little time in our gorgeous city. I live west of Victoria (30 min away. If you ever get a chance to come and teach I know your class would be full almost instantly and many of us could probably even provide samples of your quilts to alleviate trying to bring them across the border.
    Look forward to meeting you someday (somewhere) :)

  5. I went to Victoria in 1999 and fell in love with it. Don't you love the Empress Hotel and those old ships across from it?! I didn't get to go through the garden either. I would love to go back sometime and stay till I had seen everything.

  6. So glad you got a taste of our beautiful city. Smiley Quilter (hi Arley!) is absolutely right. Your classes would fill quickly and we'd love to have you teach a workshop here. But I've seen your calendar! What are we? 2020 when you're free?! That's a testament to how much everyone loves you! We have a B&B so you would be more than welcome to stay with me. I am grateful that I got to meet you in Sisters last summer. How grand it would be to have you come and teach a workshop or two here. Dreaming about the possibilities.


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