Saturday, August 24, 2013

Down Town Skagway!

Our day in Skagway, Alaska was one of our longest days in port.

It was also the day we decided to take as a “recuperation” day and NOT do any excursions.  I know I missed a lot not doing the white pass railroad, etc --- but when you are feeling pretty exhausted, it’s time to slow down and just enjoy the town and call it good enough.

There were three ships in port on our Skagway day ----that means there were about 6,000 tourists flocking all the souvenir shops, restaurants  and jewelry stores along the main drag.

I can only take so much of elbow to elbow tourism!  But it is the tourism that really keeps places like Skagway prospering.  We used this day to pick up things we wanted to bring home – our last Alaskan stop. 

The day was cold and windy ---that wind can go right through you when it comes off the water the way it did.

Alaska_Cruise2013 246

Thank heavens for a  hoodie jacket and a turtle neck sweater – the one pull over sweater I brought has gotten quite a workout on this trip!  It may be August, but if you take this cruise, pack warm socks, perhaps your ugg boots or hiking boots – I had simple running shoes and the wind goes right through the mesh fabric!  Mittens or gloves and a warm hat would also go on my list for the next time I travel this way – ((Yes, already planning for Ketchikan in September of 2014!))

Alaska_Cruise2013 272

The town is most famous for its railway.  This train engine has a snow blower in the front – important for clearing the snow from the tracks as the train makes its way up the pass!

Alaska_Cruise2013 248

Skagway Street scene

The mountains tower over the tiny little town.  It has a very “Wild West” feel ---it doesn’t get much wilder than this wilderness!

Alaska_Cruise2013 249

LOVED this building!  It’s covered with sticks and twigs.

Alaska_Cruise2013 250

Close up of one wall, weather beaten but standing strong!

Alaska_Cruise2013 252

More sticks make up the balcony railing.

Alaska_Cruise2013 251

Can you imagine how long it took to place each of these limb pieces in this basket-weave pattern?

Alaska_Cruise2013 253

The last flowers of summer are still hanging on, adding a touch of color to the boarded side walk.

Alaska_Cruise2013 254

Do you see what I see on the side of that tall yellow building?

More on that to come later!

Alaska_Cruise2013 271

We really enjoyed just wandering around Skagway and seeing what it had to offer.  We made it back to the ship by lunch time, rested in our cabin, took naps, checked email ((I have had connection only when in a US port and only while docked!)) and took care of some important things, playing catch up while I can.

While we’ve been in port, we haven’t had “official” quilt-class time, but the sewing room has been open every day between specific times so that quilters can work on their projects at their own pace.  It’s been a lot of fun to watch their progress – many of them picking up fabrics in the shops in various ports to include right into their cruise quilt, turning this fabulous adventure into a memory quilt along the way.

Skagway, you were just the down day that we needed to feel rejuvenated for the rest of our cruise Adventure!

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  1. when we went on our cruise to Alaska we went 4th of July week and had the holiday on the ship - the whole week it was 55 degrees for a high every day! rainy some days and windy - we were so glad we brought jackets, sweaters and gloves! we needed them and used them every day especially for walks around the towns and on the ship - it was so windy.

  2. Anonymous1:11 PM EDT

    The summer (july) that we were on our cruise ... well me being from Florida then, figured shorts for sure. When we got to our first port, we went to the Post Office and shipped all "those" clothes back home. It made room for the sweatshirts we had to buy! LOL

  3. I love all the buildings. Looks like a fun town. Nancy

  4. Wouldn't that stick facade made a cool quilt?

  5. The building with the sticks would be a lot like us Quilters one piece @ a time.

  6. You look COLD! I'll bet you're looking forward to getting back home!! The old saying still holds true .... East, west, home's best!!!

  7. Ooo, brr!! An Alaskan cruise in Sept? Sounds too cold for me! Was too cold when we went in late May. Next time, I'll do July! LOL

  8. Oh what memories!! When we were in Skagway, the town was soo crowded but got to go on the train thru the pass..that was great too...Took a water taxi from Haines as we were camping there. Was not into quilting at that time. It was our retirement trip as we drove from Indiana to Fairbanks and took the Marine Hwy back...3 days and nights in a cabin.......love it.....

  9. Glad to hear you took a day to take care of yourself. I don't know how you keep up the pace you do!


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