Saturday, August 10, 2013

Collaboration Celebration, Group A!

This is the first team teaching event I’ve ever participated in –and I wasn’t sure how this would all come down ---new things sometimes leave me a bit nervous…..This is also the "BETA TEST" for this class, the first time we have taught it.

But there was NOTHING to be nervous about with these quilters!

We are in two LARGE rooms ---the ladies were divided into 2 groups ---don’t worry we kept friends who came together with each other, we are not into separating folks who want to sew with their besties!

I spent yesterday with Group A ---doing the pieced background while Mickey was busy with group B, giving them her wonderful class on the pieced hexie rosettes.  I kept peeking over there to see what fun they were having!

Today we will do the switcheroo – the students get to stay in their places through the whole event – WE, the teachers, are rotating!  I’m really excited to spend today with Group B!

A happier group of quilters I have never seen ---hands down--

Four of my machines are here and giving hours of pleasure to those who traveled long distances and didn’t want to risk bringing a machine.  THIS makes me happy too!

I love seeing what the students have brought – nifty notions and tools and gadgets….but don’t mess with Mary --

collaboration celebration 2013 114

We were trimming seams, I turned around there Mary weilding this honking huge pair of sheers --- HOLY COW!

Okay, Mary --- how did you get these past the Canadian US Border, and what’s more…HOW are you going to get them back across? LOL !  These belonged to a family member way back.  This family member was a dressmaker and seamstress, and the scissors date from 1890.  They hold a sharp edge forever and cut like butter!

collaboration celebration 2013 125

But take it from me….do NOT Mess with Mary or her fabric!!

I took a ton of pictures –these are in no certain order, just through the day as the day went on….And tomorrow, we do it again!

If you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device, click the image below to be taken directly to the photo album.  Enjoy!
Collaboration Celebration 2013, Group A!

Time to head down to breakfast --we need our energy to keep up with these ladies!

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  1. Ohh...some wonderful color combinations...can't wait to see how they come together with the alternate blocks. Such fun!

  2. That's what I thought, too. Your students sure know how to use color! I LOVE the stars. Those scissors????? I can't imagine!

  3. So great to see Louise from Ninigret Quilters (Rhode Island) in your top picture!

    1. Great to be here! Mary and I are having a blast!

  4. LOVE the fussy-cut chicken blocks! Too cute!!!

  5. What a great approach for collaboration. And those scissors are amazing. Thanks for sharing the history too! What a wonderful heirloom.


  6. Mary's shears look very similar to mine as far as metals go, but mine are smaller. My scissors belonged to my great grandmother (I'm 65) so the age of mine might go back as far as Mary's. I keep mine hanging as a wall decoration in my sewing room.

  7. Love the colour combinations, especially those in the last photo, that is a real celebration!! Looks like everyone is having a ball. Looking forward to seeing how all the different colour combinations turn out.
    Julie (Australia)

  8. Love the blocks! I also love it when a group of very talented ladies get together and create beautiful things!!


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