Monday, August 12, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Lunch Time!

It's lunch time at Quilt Villa!

That goes also for the sweet four-legged creature with the big brown eyes we found foraging in the front yard right outside our window while we sewed!

I know many will tell me that deer are four-legged herbivores that will eat my entire yard-- but I love watching them.

Nature is what I've got here – this cabin does not have a manicured landscaped yard, we are keeping it as natural as possible – and the deer can help us keep the weeds down :-)

As far as us two legged critters go – we picked up a new crockpot at Walmart on our way up the mountain yesterday – black-and-white anyone?

Simmering away is a lovely concoction – spinach and rice soup, Greek style!

Quilters don't let other Quilters go hungry! :-)


  1. You wanted to get away from everything and closer to nature and I don't think you can get any closer than this. A deer right outside your window, how nice is that. I was raised in the country and was taught that if I wanted to get along with all the wild life and not worry about them eating my garden and plants to plant two of everything, one for me and one for them. Worked for the last fifty years and I get the benefit of enjoying all the creatures. Enjoy your visitor.

  2. What a lovely sight! W joy it and yourselves!

  3. How fun to be at the cabin to sew with your buddy after all the teaching. Enjoy your time sewing, see you Wednesday.

  4. That soups sounds fantastic! Any chance a recipe will be forthcoming?

    1. Oh please ... share the soup recipe ... hate to say it but Fall weather IS coming a soup is a biggie at our house! Sounds delicious and I LOVE the color of the new crockpot!!

  5. OK, the scraps looked delicious earlier, but, this soup looks REALLY DELICIOUS! Recipe please?

  6. May we have the recipe pretty please....looks delicious!

  7. May we have the recipe pretty please....looks delicious!

  8. Never heard of Spinach and rice soup. I will be interested to see what is in it. Sounds healthy.
    I live just off main street in our little town but the animals don't know this is town. I have turkeys regularly, and deer occasionally. Have even spotted Coyote. Poor things have run out of places to go.
    Enjoy your rest.

  9. The soup sounds awesome! And a damask crockpot! Just bought a new one last year, but if I needed one I would get this one.

  10. I've never heard of Spinach and Rice soup but it sounds like it would be great. I'm voting for the recipe, too.

  11. hmmmm that sounds like a recipe to be shared!

  12. me too, I need that recipe too!

  13. me too, I need that recipe too!

  14. OH...what a lovely scene....friend, fabric, nibbling deer, and spinach and rice! I will look forward to that recipe soon! :)

    sao in Midlothian, VA


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