Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Silver Thimble Quilt Shop, Ketchikan, AK!

The first stop off the dock in Ketchikan was the Silver Thimble Quilt shop!

How could we not go there? It was visible from our cabin window!

I was greeted by the owner and her co-workers ---they are busy with cruise passengers throughout the entire season.  Several ships were in port the morning we arrived, and they expected to have up to 5,000 visitors to Ketchikan on any given day during the busy season which runs from May to September.

They carry a wide variety of fabrics, specializing of course in Alaska theme prints, panels, batiks and kits.

Alaska_Cruise2013 055

You will find them in the Salmon Landing building --- just look for the quilts, and LOOK UP!

They are on the second floor!

Alaska_Cruise2013 056

Beatriz is on the left ---such fun ladies! I can’t wait until I come back to teach in September of 2014 – I’ll be seeing them again!

In the shop you will find scenes like this:

Alaska_Cruise2013 057

Lots of Alaskan themed wall hangings!

Alaska_Cruise2013 058

Gorgeous fabrics, tons of patterns.

Alaska_Cruise2013 059

Nature prints in all their splendor.

Alaska_Cruise2013 060

More and more patterns!

Alaska_Cruise2013 104

Not all cruisers are quilters, but many quilters are cruisers!  The ladies from my class had their credit cards smokin’ before it was time to re-board the ship!

Alaska_Cruise2013 105

Prepare to spend a lot of time in here!

Alaska_Cruise2013 106

There is good stuff everywhere you turn!

Alaska_Cruise2013 107

More yumminess!

Alaska_Cruise2013 108

And yes, even a vintage sweetheart!

((No, it is not coming home with me!))

We had a great time wandering Ketchikan and the Silver Thimble is definitely a destination quilter’s location – do NOT miss it!

We also participated in a tour of the totem pole village – more photos to come up on that later.  Ship has boarded and we are pulling away from the docks soon and I want to send this before I lose my cell connection!

Next Stop –Juneau!

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  1. Anonymous8:22 AM EDT

    I remember going to Alaska, to Ketchikan, and to that very shop in 2004. Came home energized.

  2. now, on to Changing Tides Quilt Shop in Juneau?? i got some goodies there!!! have fun!

  3. Ohhh thank you Bonnie, I will be there in June 2014, hubby raised his eyebrows when told of Silver Thimble on the harbour!!!!! happy travels, Annette, Melbourne, Aust.

  4. Anonymous10:06 AM EDT

    I am going to Alaska in 27 days. Will be taking notes of all the quilt shop locations.

  5. I love that shop! Definitely a must for any trip to Alaska. Glad you are having fun! Wish I was there!

  6. Looks like an awesome quilt shop, I would be so excited I wouldn't know what to buy, I could see myself in awe just looking at everything and coming out with nothing cause I didn't know what to pick, LOL. Looks and sounds like your having an awesome trip!!

  7. I remember! I remember! Love that shop - and your photos from Alaska - a special place that we were lucky enough to visit. I still have some fabric from there in my UFO stash (may I please live till I'm 120!)

  8. Bonnie, I am absolutely drooling!!! It has been so many years since we've been to Ketchikan and Juneau. The sites to see are so beautiful. I'll be watching your blog for every scrap of news you share and loving every photo you send!!! I know you're having a ball.

  9. now thats a booming business idea........ cruise ports ! balies..... just think all the q uilters that travel !

  10. What an interesting looking shop. Imagine being in Alaska during a stormy freezing winter with QUILTING TIME after having made runs to this shop. WOWOW, Hot beverage, quilt fabric and BKH patterns from books.... I call that heaven.

    Thanks once again for sharing with us.

  11. I loved that shop! I still carry my canvas tote bag with their logo when I go to my quilt meetings. I bought so much fabric, patterns, etc. when I was there--they are still on my to do list. The shop in Juneau is smaller but really nice, too.

  12. I was on the same cruise in May 2012 and absolutely looooved the quilt shop in Ketchican, even my husband was taken with all the quilts hanging around the stairwell. Very happy memories for me. (Hope you are not lured by all the jewellery stores!!!!! I've never seen so many in small towns)
    Karen (Australia)

  13. Wow! What a fab shop! Shame it's so far from me in England! xx

  14. Yep! Been there and loved it!!!!

  15. I have a bundle of fat quarters from here a dear friend brought back from her Alaskan cruise. All Alaskan type prints. I will have to pull them out to play. Im ashamed to say how long I have had them and have not used them yet.

  16. Unfortunately, when I cruised Alaska, I was not then a quilter. Was in Ketchekan and never saw a quilt shop! Must be a lot of quilting going on in the winter up there. Thanks and have fun!


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