Monday, August 05, 2013

Quiltmaker Magazine 4 issue Give-Away Winner!

I forgot last night!!

I forgot that I was supposed to draw the winner of the 4 issues of Quiltmaker Magazine featuring all the parts to the Lazy Sunday Mystery ---

And that's okay, because my connection was so slow through my phone that I had completely shut down earlier and just never got back to it.

I am happy to draw our winner this morning before we pack up and head back to Anchorage for the airport ---

Emelia Harrison!!

She writes:

I would love to have all the parts to the mystery in Quiltmaker. I love the scrappy quilts. You have taught me so much thru the couple years I have known you. I appreciate the advice and love to see what you come up with next...keep the surprises coming!!!

Emelia, I've left you a message on google+ because your entry did not include your email address.  I hope you get it!  Send me your snail mail address and I'll get these issues out to you ASAP.

Thanks everyone for participating!

For those who missed it, Lazy Sunday will be making an appearance in my next book due out in Spring 2014!  Stay Tuned!

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  1. Congratulations, Emelia. As my daughter would say, "I am so jello!" Enjoy.

  2. A disclaimer, I know you have nothing to do with it...This blog entry was a reminder that my copy of Quiltmaker hasn't arrived in my box yet. Perhaps another 2 weeks or so and it will finally show up based upon the other times you've posted entries regarding Quiltmaker being available. It is always in the stands at the local grocery store a week or two before arriving in my box. My mom gets her copy in Washington state about 2 weeks before I get my copy. Ugh. I just live 600 airmiles north of Seattle. Will Quiltmaker read this? :) Just venting....ignore...

  3. Anonymous4:25 PM EDT

    Congrats to Emelia! Good news in this post for those of us who don't have the magazines - we can just wait for the book. It's not like I've run out of Bonnie Hunter patterns to try - does ANYONE keep pace with Bonnie?!

    1. I certainly could not; not even when I was 20 could I have kept up to that lady! Would love to be able to though.

  4. Maybe by the time the book comes out, my top will be done! Worked on getting some of the sashing on yesterday while I helped my daughter with some of her mending of her favs from years gone by! (Used my "new" 1967 Singer Golden Touch and Sew and it works great!)

  5. congrats to Emelia. how lucky she is!

  6. Congrats Emelia enjoy your magazines , Bonnie is just the best!


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