Friday, August 02, 2013

Alaskan Mountain Majesties ---

From the first sign of mountains below ---the hexie stitching stopped and the staring with awe and amazement at what was outside my plane window began.

Each click of the camera catching a slightly different view of an unbelievable wilderness.

My mind was going back 100 years --- or more –and wondering just how it was that anyone survived crossing this area –not to mention living there, especially through the harsh and brutal winter months.

Rugged doesn’t begin to describe the terrain. 

Foreboding may be a better adjective. 

But majestic in its beauty....in every direction!.

Alaska1_2013 026

Glaciers ---thousands of years old

At this point it’s hard to believe that July was coming to a close and we were moving head on into August.  EVERYTHING is snow-capped and ice-covered. 

Alaska1_2013 030

After 9pm at night!

We left the airport after gathering all of our luggage, and retrieving our rental car ---first stop after such a long flight?  FOOD!  I have never been so hungry in my life! That’s the way it is on domestic flights.  I an get to Ireland quicker, cheaper, and have two meals on the plane in the course of that 6.5 hour flight.  Fly nearly 8 hours to Alaska…and you are lucky if you have been handed a bag of peanuts. 

Alaska1_2013 035

The scenery changes as we drive south toward Seward, cutting off to make our way to Soldotna.

It’s now about 10pm ---blue skies, some ethereal looking clouds…and DAYLIGHT!

Alaska1_2013 041

Pass one mountain, and there is another, and another and another behind it in never ending succession.

Alaska1_2013 045

James Taylor is playing on my ipod through the rental car’s sound system, and I am singing to stay awake ---how many more miles to go?

It’s about 2-1/2 hours to Sterling where we were meeting with Cheri from the Kenai Peninsula Quilters ---she was waiting for us to guide us to where our remote little cabin was ready and waiting ---

Alaska1_2013 046

The road stretched out before us and we felt like we were the only ones on it.

Our own private Alaska!

Alaska1_2013 048

This, folks is Alaska at 10:30pm!

There is no flash on this photo – editing or enhancements either ---

I am so excited to start teaching classes and meeting the quilters who have gathered from far and wide from all over this beautiful state.

Today’s class is Bow-Dacious….BRING ON THE SCRAPS!  We will be making little 4 patch bowties – and I hope swapping strips and building our variety and having a great time at it.

The Hubster is heading out on his guided fishing adventure while I teach ---tonight is my lecture & trunkshow – entertainment must be hard to come by here, it’s been publicized on the radio and in the newspaper. LOL!  I’m hoping for a good turn out ---I’ve brought 100 lbs of quilts to share, hoping to inspire folks to dig in to what they have and make great scrap quilts!

Have a great Friday, everyone!  Welcome to August!

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  1. Beautiful! Love it and love to see your photos

  2. Words can not due justice, can they? Such awesomely beautiful scenes!!! Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

    Be safe, have fun and come home relaxed!

  3. Alaska's vastness and wilderness and contrasts forever changed my thoughts on beauty! Enjoy it's gifts.

  4. Bonnie, I don't know that I will ever have the good fortune to visit the beauty and awe of Alaska, but I am so fortunate to have you as an aquaintance to share this with the rest of us. Enjoy your time there and soak it all up. I am so glad your husband has been able to go back with you, I know that makes it even more special to you. Travel safe.


  5. Thanks for great pics! Would love to visit Alaska some day, too bad it's not in time for your classes! Glad to know hubby's there with you. What an experience!

  6. Bonnie,
    Every blog post you write makes me smile! Your joy in what you do and where you are and your generous sharing of that with all of us is special.
    Have a wonderful time on this trip!
    Thanks again for sharing.
    Meg in Mich.

  7. My thoughts exactly about int'l travel. I could have been in London by now, watched 3 movies, wine, dinner and then breakfast. Enjoy.

  8. Thanks for sharing a foretaste of the feast to come, Bonnie. See you on the Alaska cruise in a couple of weeks! --Janet from Spokane WA

  9. I love living life vicariously through your adventures! Thanks for sharing your life with us Bonnie!

  10. Visiting Alaska has always been my hubby's dream! Maybe one day.

  11. I took a cruise to Alaska but I hope to go back someday and travel on our own. It is so beautiful and the cruises just 'tease' you with one day visits on each stop. Have fun and I hope you get rested up. The pictures were beautiful.

  12. You are one blessed quilter. Can't get enough of Alaska. Thanks for the "point & click" mini vacation. Don't forget pictures of the hubsters fish.

  13. I just returned from a cruise to Alaska and I am totally enthralled by the gorgeous scenery. I HAVE to make a bargello quilt with colors of the glaciers and mountains. The views are so difficult to describe in words. Thank you for sharing your photos.

  14. Absolutely jealous! What a beautiful trip! Enjoy!

  15. If you get a chance pick up a copy of "Two in the Far North" by Margaret Murie. it will give you a wonderfully evocative glimpse of Alaska before airplanes & snowmobiles. She went to Alaska as a 9 yr old in 1911 & honeymooned their in the mid 1920s...on a dogsled trip with scientist husband. Wonderful memoir!

  16. Hubby and I returned from an Alaskan cruise one week ago. As I was looking at your photos of your drive to Seward, I wondered why they looked familiar. They're the same ones I took! Enjoy Alaska. It is beautiful and everyone is so friendly.

  17. Awe the beauty the Lord created and love the veiw from plane Windows always feels like a bit of heaven. Thanks for sharing.


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