Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Show and Share, Collaboration Celebration Style!

We were so spoiled at Collaboration Celebration, our lunches and dinners were catered!

That saved us so much time – we didn’t have to run outside and try to pick a restaurant and wait for food – we didn’t have to cart our own food in. 

At 12:30pm, Karen came in, rang a bell in our classrooms to call us to meal time – and off we went!

At the end of our lunch as folks were finishing up and just gabbing amongst their tables, we held a little show and share ---you know how I love to see these!

Isn’t this Easy street with a lavender background gorgeous?

Below are several of the quilts that were brought out to inspire!

collaboration celebration 2013 091

LOVE what she did for the back! 

She decided not to make the quilt as big as I did, so of course had left over units --- play time opportunity!  This just adds such a neat touch!

collaboration celebration 2013 092

Scrappy Trips with a very purple feel too!

Scrappy Trips is found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.  Have you made one yet?

collaboration celebration 2013 098

Another scrappy trips --- love how the rings do not quite meet up, adding motion!

collaboration celebration 2013 099

Another Easy Street!

Those who missed Easy Street, it’s coming up in the NEXT book – stay tuned!

collaboration celebration 2013 100

Pat is a prolific quilter and took my classes in Williamsburg last year with Quiltmaker Magazine’s Block Party.  This is her version of Winston Ways –So great to see it here in the city that inspired the name!  Winston Ways was featured in a past issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks by 100 designers, and the full quilt pattern will ALSO be appearing in my next book!
collaboration celebration 2013 102

This is Pats Bow-Dacious from Adventures with Leaders & Enders! 

I love how she arranged her blocks in color bands on the diagonal!

collaboration celebration 2013 103

This is Crayon Box – another from the free patterns tab and a great use of 2.5” strips!

This one is going to a little girl…the fabrics are all princess themed!

collaboration celebration 2013 105

Smith Mountain Morning in gold and blue…isn’t this gorgeous?

Smith Mountain Morning is from my book Scraps & Shirttails II

collaboration celebration 2013 106

Dancing 9-Patch is showing up everywhere – perfect kid quilt!
You can find Dancing 9-Patch under the free patterns tab as well!

collaboration celebration 2013 107

Geese on a String!

This top is still a top --- but coming along nicely! So fun to see – you will find Geese on a String, guess where?
Under the Free Patterns Tab!

collaboration celebration 2013 110

Orca Bay!

I love to see the movement of the strings in this one….it would not be the same quilt without them.
Didn’t she do a fabulous job?  Orca Bay is found in String Fling.

collaboration celebration 2013 111

How about THIS Easy Street of a Different Color!

This one brought serious ooh’s and ahh’s from the entire room! WOW!

collaboration celebration 2013 112

This one looks so much like mine I could just take it home! Open-mouthed smile  LOVE IT!

collaboration celebration 2013 161

So Many Easy Streets!  Each one so beautiful!

collaboration celebration 2013 162

More purples!
((Okay, thinking I should have done a separate post on just ALL THE EASY STREETS!))

collaboration celebration 2013 163

Scrappy Bargello – all in plaids from recycled shirts!

collaboration celebration 2013 170

Easy Street ---Each one just different enough, showing the stash of the maker!

I can hardly wait until the next Collaboration Celebration event, where these quilters will be show & sharing their quilts made while here!

Mickey and I are enjoying our last full day at the cabin – computer time in the morning, a bunch of sewing in a bit --- do you know how nice it is to wake up to eggs and sausage cooking? Mickey was in the kitchen making breakfast when I stumbled down stairs to greet the day.

I have one word to describe this week.  AWESOME!

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  1. Isn't it terrific to see your quilt patterns come alive in all of the colorways others chose?

    These ladies are quilters for sure - high praise lol.

    Thanks for sharing the photos with us. Inspiration each time you do share.


  2. Lovely to see so many wonderful quilts (esp all those different colour variations of Easy Street) :)

  3. I really like all the different variations of Easy Street. I love it when you take the same pattern and let the quilter decide for herself what colors to use. I know many have trouble choosing fabrics, but you taught me to just 'go for it' and it will be OK. Thank you for sharing the wonderful weekend. I hope to be able to join in next year!

  4. Thank you for the show and tell Bonnie. I changed my job recently and I am stuck on night shifts at the moment which means I get no quilting time and boy oh boy am I missing it. My Easy street units are done I just need to build the blocks and get top pieced. Desperate to get it finished and quilted before the next mystery starts. Looks like you had a great weekend.

  5. All the quilts look beautiful, still amazes me that a quilt can look so different just by changing the colour! Saw three different Easy Street quilts in the Sydney quilt show, WOW, what a beautiful quilt. I didn't find Bonnie until after last years mystery so will join in with the next one:), and am working on Lazy Sunday. Your weekend sounds like loads of fun. Safe drive home and enjoy your cruise.
    Julie (Australia)

  6. Anonymous12:04 PM EDT

    Love, love, love that orange Easy Street. I've been saving orange fabrics since forever but needed a pop color. Sure wish I could see a bigger picture or more detail.

  7. Thanks for sharing all the Easy Streets. What Mystery will they be showing next year ?

  8. Lots of gorgeous Bonnie quilts, but my favorite has to be Geese on a String! Going to have to add it to my to be made list...which is far too long already :) LOVE IT!

  9. They are all amazing. I love your patterns.

  10. Beautiful quilts!

    I love the idea of having all the versions of one quilt shown together. Have you ever considered adding linky's to your free patterns so we can share?

  11. YES! All the show and share is fuun. I never forget the Show and share in Portland. Thanks for all the patterns you share with us! Glad you could wake up in your cabin to nice smells of Breakfast. Enjoy!


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