Monday, August 19, 2013

Leaving Seattle Behind!

It’s 6am in Ketchikan Alasaka as I write this post….we have been slowly pulling into port for the past hour.

I’ve been out of cell service since we left Seattle – so this is the first chance I have had to update anything.  We can’t disembark in Ketchikan for an hour, so here I am scrambling to write something ahead to put into the blog feed.

The weather was gorgeous in Seattle as we pulled out – Sunny and warm enough to make it feel like we were headed to the Caribbean, but north was our destination.  Still, the pools were busy, the music was festive and we were on our way for a week long adventure ---

You can see downtown Seattle in the distance as we were pulling out  to sea---

Alaska_Cruise2013 027

The other side of the ship showing the Space Needle getting further away!

Alaska_Cruise2013 028

Folks on the deck getting ready for the best part of all…THE FOOD!

Alaska_Cruise2013 030

The grilled chicken is my favorite – oh the aroma!

There is no shortage of good food on the ship, everywhere you turn!

Here’s a look at our cabin for the cruise:

Alaska_Cruise2013 017

It’s not huge, but it’s comfy and sufficient!

Alaska_Cruise2013 018

We’ve got a little balcony to watch the scenery ---

Check out that pink and orange carpet!

Alaska_Cruise2013 019

Looking back at the cabin door…the bathroom is that white door to the left.

Alaska_Cruise2013 036

My favorite of all – Towel Animals!

This guy was telling us to set our clocks back an hour to adjust to Alaska time!

Alaska_Cruise2013 033

Our classroom is well equipped, a wall of bright windows gives us more light and allows us to watch whales and dolphins while we sew ---

Alaska_Cruise2013 034

Other half of the class --

We are sewing on beautiful Janome Horizon machines ----everyone is loving them!

Alaska_Cruise2013 012

If you ever have a chance to travel with Sew Many Places – you will love it!  I have another trip planned for November 2014 ---I’ll be traveling the Western Caribbean with Mickey Depre ((Yes we are teaching our Collaboration Celebration Quilt!)) and Pam Holland, and the fabulous Kim Diehl so you won’t want to miss that.  Click HERE for more info! You can also find the info in the tab section at the top of the blog for future reference.

The dates are right after the International Quilt Festival in Houston, we sail out of Galveston, and your package can INCLUDE the festival if you wish!

That’s all for now – time to get breakfast and get ready to disembark!  Looking forward to a great day in Ketchikan – more photos when I have further internet connection!

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  1. On the quilting cruise that I took, we faced all our sewing machines to the window----awesome views!!

  2. Are the machines all brand new Janome's? Quite a nice set-up!

  3. I sailed to Alaska with Norwegian a few years ago and I do remember the food.My favourite was the chocolate buffet one night. EVERYTHING was chocolate. Even the champagne glasses had been rimmed with it. And the scenery... there are no words...
    Wish I was there

  4. Wow. I just got a brand new Janome Horizon. I can pretend I'm there. No whales out this window, maybe on the other side.

  5. I think we need to cruise to Alaska again!

  6. Anonymous10:45 AM EDT

    Hi Bonnie, I didn't think I'd ever enjoy another cruise, but this really looks like a ton of fun. Thanks for sharing.


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