Sunday, August 18, 2013

Crochet Spool Pin Doily from Carol!

I received a lovely gift to us all!

Carol sent along her directions for a crocheted spool pin doily, just perfect to dress up your vintage machine!

You know, spool pin doilies are the latest rage in vintage machine fashion – all the snazziest vintage girls are wearing them this season!

Her message along with the directions is as follows:

Attached is a picture and the pattern that I wrote for the spool pin doily. 

There may be a mistake in there, but I have gone over it several times and hope the instructions will be clear.
I am sure you are exhausted from the last couple of weeks, but oh the memories you have made.  Thank you for sharing some of them with your fans!
Quilty hugs,
Carol Candlish

Carol’s Doily!
She sent it as a jpg – I can’t get it any bigger than this, so if you have issues, save the image, place it in a word file as a  photo, and then drag the corners to enlarge it to fill the page so that you can.  I have no idea how many chain stitches she has in her beginning circle – it simply needs to be big enough to accommodate the stitches and fit over your spool pin.
I also do not know what size of crochet hook she used.  Carol can be contacted by email with further questions HERE.
This is a great gift for vintage machine lovers --- the holidays are coming!
Thanks for your generosity, Carol!

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  1. So kind of Carol to share her pattern. My printer is down right now, but I will be back to print it out, and give it a try.
    Thank you, Carol.

  2. Thanks, Carol for your generosity and thank you, Bonnie for posting it for us!

  3. Send my thanks to Carol. She is correct, there are numerous you tube videos on how to make the magic circle. Think I have that down now but I too wondered about the size hook (one video said 5) and what weight yarn she is using. I can't get the hook (no pun intended) up with her email to work on my computer for whatever reason. So Carol, if you are out there could you give us those 2 pieces of information. This is so generous of you for sharing!!

  4. I wonder how many people know the reasoning for even having the felt/doily.
    Like the spool caps on newer machines it helps create friction to keep the thread spooling freely but not too fast. Without them sometimes the thread would drop down and get wound around the spool pin

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  6. I made lots of these last year for small Christmas time gifts. I use a size 7 hook with DMC size 8 pearl cotton thread. It comes in lots of dreamy colors and is easy to work with. A local quilt shop sells for big stitch quilting. I prefer size 12 for red work embroidery instead of floss.
    I had not thought of a magic circle so will be trying that this evening.

  7. These Spool Pin Doilies are as addictive as collecting Vintage Machines! I am making them, too. Thanks for sharing, Carol.

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  9. Anyone know the finished diameter of these spool doilies? I would like to tat one but am not sure how big to go. I suppose I could guess based on the diameter of a spool, & just make it a little bigger.... TIA!


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