Saturday, August 10, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Collaboration Celebration., Group B Day!

Day 2 is well underway at Collaboration Celebration in Winston Salem, North Carolina!

I'm spending the day with group B--thru had Mickey yesterday so there are gorgeous samples of hexie rosettes to drool over while we piece out star backgrounds!

I snuck a peek into Mickey's room to see how my group A was behaving-- They are having a great time today, and I am so tickled with how this whole event has gone :-)

Sew many thanks to Sew Sister for such a fabulous, unbelievable weekend.


  1. Looks like a fun for all kind of weekend!

  2. Looks like you might have some fans there :0)..........how fun so glad to hear the first retreat is a success now will it be an annual event? Cause I gotta put this on my calendar for next year if it is :0).

    Happy Sewing

  3. SO wish I had been there! I can't wait to buy the pattern :)

  4. I have Mickey's book and plan to make those pieced hexies at my guild's retreat this Sept. Wish I could be with you all--looks like so much fun!!!


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