Thursday, August 22, 2013

Whale Watching in Juneau

We headed out on our whale watching adventure on Tuesday morning.

It was a bit rainy as we left the ship, headed up the ramp to where our bus was waiting and made our way across Juneau to the boats that would take us out to sea.

The guide on the boat had the most infectious personality ever.

 You have got to love someone who loves their job and is so excited about it! 

She told us so much about the area, the wildlife we hoped to see while on our adventure, and gave us lots of background information and stories of past experiences that just added to our excitement.

We really enjoyed talking to her during our tour time.

Alaska_Cruise2013 163

Our first bout of excitement….

A group of Sea Lions napping on the rocky shore of a small island!  We watched them for quite a while, a couple of them getting miffed at each other and barking and growling as if to say “Move over, fatso, you are in my spot!!”

Alaska_Cruise2013 150

Of course we were here to see whales – and The Hubster was on the look out!

Alaska_Cruise2013 155

Do you see any yet?

No? But that little white dot in the center of the photo is a light house Smile

Whale sighting video #1

Whale sighting video #2

We did see MANY humpback whales – and also several orcas—very exciting!  There were also bald eagles and harbor seals…..

But my favorite wildlife sport?  PEOPLE watching!

Alaska_Cruise2013 178

View on the way back to the pier.

Alaska_Cruise2013 184-001
Ships docked in Juneau!

Juneau was a very short stop for us.  We had to be back on ship by 1pm –so with our whale excursion, there was no time to wander around the town and find the quilt shops –but NEXT TIME, watch out!

Next Stop ----Sawyer Glacier!

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  1. Bonnie if you ever get a chance to visit Juneau again, we took a hike through the woods to Edmiston Falls. It followed a trail from a park. The falls was a ways, but well worth it, absolutely beautiful. Was a great way to see natural Alaska.

  2. Fantastic videos! Thanks for sharing them with all of us!

  3. Awesome videos Bonnie, that's so exciting. Sounds and looks like you are having an awesome time! Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. That's so great that you got some good footage and good views of the whales! We who live in the Pacific NW get spoiled and kind of jaded about getting to see our orca pods "all the time" :D

  5. Thank you, Bonnie! Wonderful videos :-)

  6. I enjoyed the whale watching videos! Thanks for taking the time to share your trip with us.

  7. Thanks for sharing the whales, Bonnie! They're on my bucket list! ☺

  8. Thank you so much for taking the time to blog. Love seeing your trip, the shop, the room, the food, the whales. You are the best blogger!

  9. Very much enjoying the cruise through your eyes. Thank you for sharing the adventure.

  10. Thank you so much for the whale watching videos, they were fantastic. I am enjoying your trips so much thru your videos, amazing how much technology has come in the last few years. The sky and the wind made it seem like Alaska's winter was just around the corner. Have fun and have a great safe trip.


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