Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A View from My Treadle!

Having a great time digging in the crumbs tonight…YES….STILL working on those Crumb Strips and I will be for a long time.

I need between 50 and 70 blocks, and each block takes 4 strips so….yup.  Sew, Press, Repeat – Sew, Press, Repeat!

While working ((Oh, it feels SO GOOD to be working at the machine again!))  I have tuned into a very intriguing series I somehow missed when it was new.

Check out  “DAMAGES” on Netflix if you have it --- talk about twists and turns and intrigue!  I just can NOT figure out where this is going.  It stars Glen Close as a powerful attorney, and Ted Danson as an evil bad guy ---- I’m hooked!

It lasted 5 seasons or so – there are 90 + episodes to get through.  Oh man, it's GOOD!

crumbstrips 002

Sitting here and stitching away ---

crumbstrips 003

And somehow the basket is NOT going down at all!

Have a great evening, folks!

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  1. I think scraps multiply when you are not looking. I cut smaller ones and save them to stitch another place. Good Luck. Chris

  2. Anonymous8:56 PM EDT

    you know there is a scrap fairy, right???

  3. Glen Close and Ted Danson - it WAS a yummy series. I didn't catch onto it the first season or even the second. What I did see was very good. Will have to get the series from Netflix.

  4. I have made so many of your quilts hoping to see the scraps go down. I love the quilts even though I'm still waiting to see a dent in the scrap drawers. Thanks for inspiring us!

  5. Oh, that was a good series! Don't you love watching the episodes one after the other?!! That's one great thing about Watch it Now on Netflix...You don't have to wait a week for the next episode. More like a reeeally long movie lol

  6. Anonymous10:06 PM EDT

    Love the scrappy use! I am working on my Jared takes a wife, and cut off all those triangles in the corners of the star points. I forced myself to throw them away.....now I am going back to the sewing room and digging all those triangles out of a very CLEAN trash bin and putting them in a "crumb bin". I just finished reading both your "crumb crumbs crumbs" pattern and your "crumb heart pattern" and am convinced I could put those little tiny triangles to use in a totally scrappy way! Now I need to go read about "STRINGS" . Thanks again for the inspiration! Mary / Stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com

  7. Anonymous12:16 AM EDT

    I've watched all the seasons of Damages. You must pay close attention to keep track of the twists and turns. Not an easy show for me to watch and try to sew - unless I'm hand-sewing some binding or something like that.

    I love the scrappy quilts and love your creative thoughts! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  8. Anonymous1:23 AM EDT

    Have scraps in abundance as well. We are in the process of moving and my DH suggested (notice it was a suggestion) that I toss all my scraps and start over collecting new ones once we are settled again. I just looked at him and said 'You're kidding, right?'. Welllll, it was only a thought. Would save some space, he says. Nope, they're packed and moving as well. Scrap quilts just waiting to be made. Does he know how long it takes to collect so many scraps?!!

  9. Since finding your webcam recently, I have taken up the challenge of the crumbs. I have made about 20 in the last few days and as you say, no dent in any stash of scraps!. I love reading your blog so keep up the good work.
    Linda in the UK.

  10. Hi Bonnie,
    scrap baskets are like the porridge pot in the fairytale. It re-fills over night *g*
    Have a nice time and happy sewing
    xxx Doris

  11. yay, crumbs!!!! I enjoy Damages for the acting - love Glenn Close and they have some amazing guest stars. The first season is the best, but they're all enjoyable.

  12. I have to agree--surprisingly my crumbs seem to be heaped up the SAME SIZE as when I started--how can that be?? Oh, it "be" alright!! Hah--Love strip scrapping...am still stashing along...when will we see you on camera again--miss your Quiltcam a lot...hugs, Julierose

  13. Thanks for the TV show recommendation.... Love to watch these series when I am either hand quilting or hand appliquing.... I seem to get so much done

  14. I'm having that same problem with my scrap basket. I think I'm going to cut a lot of it up into hexies. You are inspiring me to get that treadle machine up and running. It's just a decoration in my living room at the moment. Have a super day!


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