Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A View from Quaint Ketchikan!

I’m typing furiously as the ship pulls away from the dock.

I’ll be here again in just over a year, and I can’t wait – Ketchikan is locked in my memory – beautiful views, friendly people, wonderful shops – a magical place.

It was barely 7am when we arrived at our berth.  Darkness was fading into light, but the clouds and fog hung low, keeping the sun from brightening this sleepy little tourist town.

This is my first glimpse of Ketchikan as we got closer and closer to our temporary resting spot.

Alaska_Cruise2013 043

Fishing vessels nestled in the cove.

You can tell that sun IS trying to burn through those clouds, and I’m happy to say that half way through morning the sun won!  It was a beautiful day to be in Ketchikan.

Alaska_Cruise2013 053

We disembarked and started our wandering….boy, is our ship, the Norwegian Jewel massive!

Alaska_Cruise2013 065sm

It was a turtleneck and jacket kind of day ---

Alaska_Cruise2013 067

There were four ships in port….all docking about the same time and the streets were mobbed with shoppers!

Alaska_Cruise2013 109

I loved walking down by the water ---

Alaska_Cruise2013 110

Past fishy benches!!

Alaska_Cruise2013 111

Past the old “red light” district that now houses shops --

Alaska_Cruise2013 112

And beautiful scenery reminiscent of a by-gone era.

We did go on a tour of the totem village – those pics will come next!  I’m uploading this as fast as I can before I am out of cell phone reach!

Bye bye, Ketchikan!  See you in September 2014!

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  1. I love that town! when we were there I think there were 3 ships docked. I think the town people probably hate us and love us - income in the summer

  2. I have been there twice, on two different cruises (Holland America Line and Universe Explorer, which was tiny by comparison). I love it too. And Juneau. And Skagway. I would love to go round again!

  3. Oh boy how fun......near 90 here in NC with 90 plus percent humidity.
    Looks like you are having a ball :0).

    Happy Sewing and safe travels

  4. I know you weren't thrilled with your haircut, but I love it. The shorter layers frame your face and look great. Glad you're having so much fun!

  5. All of these images are looking mind blowing thanks for the sharing dear.


  6. This does look like a really neat place. too bad you could not stay longer... but guess you needed to get back to sewing!


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