Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Satin Moon, Victoria, BC!

THIS was really fun!

Our super cool 1954 Caddie Limo pulled up in front of Satin Moon Quilt Shop in Victoria British Columbia to the turning of heads by all the passers-by on the street.

Some of my quilting cruisers knew what we were doing with our time in port, so they were happy to see us pull up and we had a great photo op in front of the store ---and they enjoyed seeing our sweet ride!

The best part was the response from the men and hubbies who were hanging around the outside of the shop!

Give guys a chance to talk about classic cars, and the wives can shop a bit more freely, right?

Satin Moon is a great little shop, and I enjoyed meeting the owner and the gals that worked there.  They were bustling with activity, the cruise ships bring in loads of quilters from all over the globe, just looking for that perfect piece of fabric, or souvenir to commemorate their stop in Canada.

Alaska_Cruise2013 351

Cantik Batiks!

Cantik Batiks are locally designed by Canadian designers, and printed in Indonesia.  There were so many different prints and patterns than I had seen before…many with wildlife and flowers, and several geometrics and beautiful textures.

Alaska_Cruise2013 346

Walls of beautiful color to inspire!

Alaska_Cruise2013 345-001

Beautiful rich hues and gorgeous patterns!

Hard to believe it’s been a year since my Bali trip where we saw how gorgeous fabrics like these were made!

Alaska_Cruise2013 347

Wall hangings inspired by native art and wild life are found on the walls.

Alaska_Cruise2013 348

Even Tony couldn’t resist the call of the fabric!  He and his adorable wife Debbie were BOTH in my cruise classes.  They are Tin Lizzie dealers in Alberta, Canada, Their business is named A Quilters Home.  Awesome quilters, and great breakfast company!  ((Yes, I am missing my cruisers this morning!))  While Tony browses the fabric,….

Alaska_Cruise2013 349

Look who is over here in the patterns! Debbie! Miss you guys!

Alaska_Cruise2013 350

More fun to be found in Kit Central!

Alaska_Cruise2013 352

Lots of color in the front window displays!

My suitcase became a little fuller with the addition of several fat quarters and some loose leaf tea to bring home the taste of Victoria, BC with me!



Alaska_Cruise2013 356

Don’t leave empty handed!  Pick up your Quilters Energy Bar!

Alaska_Cruise2013 343

If you find yourself in Victoria, BC --- Make a stop at Satin Moon.  It’s not to be missed!

It’s Tuesday and the beat goes on Chez Quiltville.  I’ve 5 more patterns to finish writing for the new book.  I’m focusing on cranking another one out today.  I’d love nothing more than to start at the top floor of my house and deep clean everything top to bottom….Time is going too quickly already!  Next Thursday I’ll be in Dallas with the Dallas Quilters Guild, and then on to Abilene!

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  1. I visited Satin Moon about 15 years ago and loved it! So fun to see what they're up to now...thanks for the tour!

  2. With your schedule, I think it's time to hire a cleaning service!

  3. I have been to the Satin Moon several times..such a great little shop. Glad you enjoyed your visit :)

  4. What fun -- so glad a bit of Canada was part of your tour. As for "A Quilter's Home" -- that's located in Lacombe, Alberta, 25 miles or so (43 km) down the road from me. Great people -- and one of these day's I'm going to take the plunge and try out one of their machines!

    - Marg in Mirror, AB

  5. Thanks for profiling my favourite quilt shop on Vancouver Island! It is a "must stop" whenever I am over in Victoria from the mainland.

  6. I have been to Satin Moon and I agree, it's a great shop. I spent several happy hours there.

  7. Yes Satin Moon is a must to stop and shop when I get to Victoria. Did you get to Roagar's Chocolate shop, for a Chocolate cream?

  8. Love Satin Moon! Such a cute little shop. That whole area around the shop is really neat - lots of wild shops in there like the crazy condom store! And along the waterfront was a photo shop where you could dress up in costumes and get your pictures taken. My late hubby put on an RCMP costume and I dressed up like a fancy lady - one of my favorite pictures of us.

  9. This shop looks wonderful. If I ever get over that side of the continent, I would definitely love to visit there.

  10. Have you had a chance to try that Satin Moon tea? Does it taste as good as it sounds? I'm thinking I'll print off the "ingredients" and take it to TeaSource and ask them what they have that's comparable.


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