Friday, August 16, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Hello, Seattle!!

I have arrived in Seattle!

How many hexies can one sew in the span of about eight hours? A lot!!

My flight arrived in Atlanta a bit late – so by the time I got to my next gate, the next plane was already boarding, which meant not a lot of time to find good gluten-free food.

I survived the flight with a couple bags of peanuts, and a banana I had squirreled away in my back pack this morning.

No luggage was lost – and I found where I needed to go for the hotel shuttle.

Walking into the hotel, I smelled the most wonderful aroma ever – there is an Asian restaurant here at the Ramada, and I am now sitting in front of a bowl of yummy pho!

The Hubster is already on his flight from Salt Lake – he will arrive here in about two and half hours. I am saving the big eating for tonight's dinner!

Full tummy, a nap, and I will be ready for when he arrives :-)

Theresa sent along this funny Mrs. Bobbins cartoon! I cracked up when I saw it. Her timing is impeccable!

Love from Seattle –


  1. My daughter moved to the Seattle area last year. We went out for pho one day, so good!

  2. hope you will have time to get to pack square and go to underground quilts...fun place!!

  3. Mr Bobbins has the right idea for a hubby! Me, I would be saying "Gang way! I can't wait to get going!" Wish I was!

  4. You are in my favorite city in the world!

  5. Welcome to our neck of the woods. You came when the weather is perfect! :D

  6. We stayed at that same Ramada when we were in Seattle about 5 years ago! That Asian restaurant is wonderful!! We were amazed at the amount of people that get take out from it! Enjoy!

  7. Have fun, I am so jealous!

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  9. Just à quick welkome to Seattle and bye bye. Hope THE cruise is great

  10. Lots of good places to eat GF in Seattle - enjoy some yummy fresh salmon, too. :)

  11. Good seafood restaurant at the north end of Pike's seafood market with white wooden booths and red & white plastic tablecloths. Does U Dub (Univ. of Washington) still have a quilting store next to the campus? Coming to Seattle in February. Great book town!

  12. Anonymous3:18 AM EDT

    My favorite city in the world......


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