Thursday, August 09, 2012

Under The Needle!

It’s turned out to be a crazier day than I thought ---catching up with a long time friend I hadn’t talked to in a while while working on some block deadlines…my articles for Quiltmaker are due before I leave for Bali – so that’s what went on this morning.

This afternoon 7 of us were out to lunch ----local Italian joint, I hadn’t been there forever, and we lingered over delicious food and the Olympics that were playing on a TV suspended in the corner.

Upon returning home, I glanced at the computer to find MORE orders for String Fling – leaving me just an hour to fill them and get them to the post office before my chiropractor appointment at 4pm!

So much for dreams of sewing all day!

Update on the MRI ---the disk bulging and tearing is on the left side. I was encouraged as we went over the report to hear words used like “small narrowing” "small tearing" “minimal degeneration” At least it didn’t say WIDE GAPING, ENORMOUSLY DEBILITATING – you get the drift?

What’s weird is that all my pain is on the right side, not the left – but this is where my neuromuscular massage therapist’s brain kicks in ((Yes, I did that in a previous life and just retired from that about 4.5 years ago)) and reminds me that just because it HURTS in one area, doesn’t mean the problem is there, and often times things switch sides….if I am guarding on the left, because that is where the problem is --- I’m going to feel the strain on the right. So we are working with it.

And wonder of wonders, I have to thank my student Helen, who took my classes in Williamsburg – She is a physical therapist and we brainstormed on what to do about alleviating some of the pain symptoms on the right.


Calves, Hamstrings, Quadricepts, hip flexors --- I already was stretching out those, focusing on Piraformis, that “pain in the butt” muscle ----but I needed to go farther, so I’ve been doing those every day since I got home from Williamsburg, and I’m feeling “minimally” better. But I’ll take it! I’ll keep doing these up and until I go to Bali – hoping that my leg won’t hurt so badly on long plane rides ((Did I mention it is 14+ hours from LAX to Hong Kong?! OY!))

So ---all of that under the bridge – I got home and pulled out my blocks and started arranging…

nearlyinsane 042

I’m sewing rows!

I’m joining rows together!

Tonight, even if I have to stay up til midnight – this top will be DONE ((Minus Borders))

nearlyinsane 041

And I know the posts have been quiet --- but that’s just a glimpse in what has gone on around here today --- OH yeah, and as I look at this picture….no matter how you try to plan your blocks, it looks like that red/yellow combo is repeated in two blocks that will be diagonally next to each other. Too bad! Too late now! LOL!

Have a great Thursday evening, everyone! I’m back to the machine!


  1. Oh seeing this quilt makes want to get my Farmer's Wife blocks back out and getting busy. It is beautiful! Have a wonderful trip to Bali!

  2. Anonymous6:18 PM EDT

    If you hadn't mention about those 2 blocks, I would never had noticed them in the quilt being next to each other. And it took quite a while before I did spot them. That quilt is going to be beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Bonnie, what a relief to hear those "little" words about your bulging disks.

    Just so you know what all the "little" things you share with us about your daily life can do.... Last night I finished quilting a baby quilt--my first hand-quilted finish. We will not discuss how old the "baby" is now, but who knows how much longer that quilt would have languished without you to let me know a little bit every day will get the job done. AND today I deboned to XXL men's shirts. It was fun! Thanks for the video to show us how.

  4. I love your attitude about the yellow/red combo. I have a baby quilt that I haven't finshed quilting yet, but it was on the bed watched it for a few days, showed it off to my quilt group, placed it on the table... watched it.... put it on the machine to quilt it.... OH one of the blocks in right side DOWN!!!! at least it is a 'plain' fabric, not a pieced block. I embroidered his name and BD on it......

  5. I wear a TENS unit - lumbar area - on long plane rides. It may hurt, but I don't know it. Just a thought.

  6. Anonymous8:56 PM EDT

    Glad you are feeling better and have some solutions to work on for relief. I absolutely love that quilt. I love the sashing fabric as well. It looks so good. Enjoy.
    Faye in Maine

  7. Love, love, love that quilt, Bonnie!
    Hope you can get enough relief to not be hampered on your exotic adventure!

  8. Your Nearly Insane looks fabulous--quite an achievement to finish one of those, no matter how long it takes. Are you using Liz Lois' book?

  9. Since there is more pink in the one block, it is not as noticable from the front as from the back! Don't forget about the heat packs that you can wear to help keep the muscles relaxed! Plus, icing it once or twice a day really helps!

  10. I have a disc issue too, but nothing has been done. Found it when xrayed for my concussion and fall in November. I occasionally have lower back aches, but usually gone by late morning. Would love to know what stretches you are doing.

  11. It took me forever to find those two blocks - wouldn't think twice about it. Bev is right.

  12. So glad to hear your back pain is not permanent and horribly damaged. As disciplined as you are, you'll have the stretching helping it in no time. And those two blocks with the red/yellow next to each other.....they look awesome in the whole quilt pic, center towards the bottom.....and don't look out of place at all! The whole quilt is spectacular.....I can't wait to see what you do with borders! :o)

  13. Your quilt is amazing! I'm glad you are feeling a bit better... every little bit helps!

  14. That's a great quilt! I love it; but I am definitely NOT insane enough to make one. I'll admire yours!

  15. oh yeah, that one is cover-worthy too..and i agree, no matter how scrappy a quilt is, invariably 2 of the same patch end up either next to or very close to each other...it's like they were destined to stay together!

    1. No one will notice that two blocks are close to each other and have the same colorway. There is too much going on for that to happen! Is there a pattern for this quilt? Is it Farmer's Wife?

    2. This quilt is from the book Nearly Insane by Liz Lois. She drafted the blocks from the 1870 Salinda Rupp quilt. Definitely not for sissies! http://www.nearlyinsane.com/shop/

    3. Have you tried a tilt table? There are various very effective inversion machines that put you into feet uphill-head down positions all the way to full upside down that help decompress the spine. Some are done in a seated position, others hold your ankles. Much less drastic than Richard Gere in American Gigalo hanging upside down in a doorway doing situps. Places like HSN and QVC sometimes sell them, with a 30 day return policy. One brand is Teeter. I'm a retired Nurse Practitioner. Janet K. O.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Love, love, love the quilt and the sashing choice you made. This is a real accomplishment!


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