Monday, August 13, 2012

Running Errands!

I haven’t sewn a stitch today.

Some days are like that --- and this is one of them!

There’s just a lot of running around to be done behind the scenes…..I filled a pile of book orders, ran those to the post office, and when I came back THIS is what was waiting on my driveway parked up against the garage door.

It’s a good thing it isn’t raining --- Though if it was, I know my UPS driver well enough to know that he’d put them all up on the front porch for me.

This is 10 more cases of String Fling!

And it’s a good thing ---there were TWO ORDERS that I couldn’t fill this morning because I was OUT of books!

Problem. Solved!

They’ll go out tomorrow as the post office is already closed as I’m writing this.

Mail order done, I drove the back roads to High Point to knock a couple other things off my list.

I cancelled my gym membership. After nearly 4 years with this gym --- I’m not home enough to use it often enough. And with this bulging disc/sciatic nerve issue I’ve been told to just LAY OFF for a while. I’ve been paying my $39.95 a month for years and haven’t used it. BAD BAD BAD BAD. I’m just not home.

If I were back at home more and were not dealing with back issues I’d so get back into the swing of things, but for now, it’s best to cancel instead of paying that $39.95 a month.

I stopped by Walmart to pick up a couple things for the Bali trip….and look what I found!

stringfling 018

I’ve yet to take them out of the package to see if they will cut a single strand of thread with no fuzzy ends for easy needle threading ---- but I figured they were worth a shot! Maybe – I bring the PACKAGING with me so I can show them in 3 different languages: English, French & Spanish ----that they are SAFE FOR AIR TRAVEL!!

Besides, they are lime green, how could I not like these?

PS ---they are way BIGGER than my usual traveling scissors. ((Which could make them HARDER for me to lose?)) Could they have made them just a BIT smaller??

For those emailing me that they can’t get the live QuiltCam to work….please note. If it says OFF LINE it is because no one is there.. ;c) It’s a live streaming cam, it’s not like youtube which is a recording that you can play over and over and over….so if it’s off line, there’s nothing you can do to make it work. I just need to be there!

And those 9 patch sets I made the other day? (*&@#$(*&(*&! I colored them WRONG! These 9 patches in my design weren’t dark/light/dark --- they were ALL COLORS..the 9 patches are completely scrappy with no lights involved, so now guess who’s going to use these as a checkerboard border option? :c/

I may be sewing more 9 patches tonight, in the RIGHT format. If so – I’ll turn the cam on and you can keep me company :c)


  1. I think those are the same scissors I bought last year for the cruise.....and turned out they won't even cut paper! Sheesh! I hope yours is a better pair.

  2. OMG!!! I don´t know if to laugh or cry at that spanish translation on the scissors package!!!! According to what it says you are carrying a SAFE BOX (((???!!!!!)) Caja fuerte in spanish is safe box. It should have said "Segura para viajes aĆ©reos" LOL!!!! I am just telling you in case you are asked how to open it!!!!
    Good thing you got all that pile of books right when you run out of them!!

  3. Yup, the French translation is equally bad, it says it is A SAFE for air-travel - a big metal box! Guess somebody translated with a dictionary and no French or Spanish lessons!

  4. Sorry about those 9 patches, but thanks for the head's up you might be on camera tonight. "Tonight" for you is close to dinnertime for me, so I'll get my dinner prep taken care of now. Yay!

  5. I laughed when I saw the scissors! Love the color though. I have flown a bunch the last few years and small embroidery scissors seem to be OK. Have a great trip to Bali!!

  6. I'm going to get my ipad up and ready to sit next to my sewing machine and sew along with you Bonnie!~ I am here by myself so it's GREAT FUN to anticipate having someone to sew with! This is a GREAT idea you've come up with!!!!!~ not surprising though... you are one smart cookie.

  7. P.S.
    Wish I lived closer,I'd volunteer to be your "girl Friday". You NEED ONE!!!!~ Dont' know how you do it all!

  8. Anonymous7:45 PM EDT

    glad you made the 9 patch mistake because I SAW you the other night but I couldn't HEAR you because my friend's computer that I was using didn't seem to have any sound. tHere were speakers, they were on, but nada! And the scissors could only be better if they were orange!

    from Canada

  9. about those 9-patches? remember when you said "mindless sewing" - guess you meant it literally!! Sue K

  10. I watched you on the cam the first time but last night it wouldn't work. I saw you for a moment then the picture froze. I tried it three times on my iPad and twice on the laptop with the same result each time. Hopefully tonight I'll have better luck.

  11. You-ho.....Bonnie! Are you home? I am sitting here patiently, waiting, hoping you will turn on your camera so I can see you! ha ha ha. I feel funny! I do hope I get to see how this works. I think it would inspire me to sit down and get to sewing! What a really cool idea! Thanks for setting it up!

  12. We had the same kind of day. Since I retired, DH wants me to go with him on errands all the time. Today was a trip to the bank, the dry cleaners, and the local hardware store. We brought the truck home and unloaded the bags of top soil. Then we took to car to get gas, pick up boxes for MUST pick up in the morning, and eat lunch. Hope to sew tomorrow.

  13. When I flew last fall I was told you can fly with an up to 5 inch long scissors- I took a Davos pair that is super sharp. I had it in my carry on so I could do a little handwork. I put it in an eyeglass case to protect it and so they could clearly see on the scanner that it was a scissors. No one questioned it.

  14. Watched about 45 minutes of your webcam tonight. Interesting to see how you do things. Of course I got no sewing done!

  15. I have one of those Clover tools attached to my zipper pull (it looks like a round medallion, and has a rotary disc built in), and thought I had packed my scissors, but it turns out I had another small pair in it. I got through security in Vancouver, but got picked up in Frankfurt and denied having scissors - when we found them, the lady laughed and said "Baby scissors" and okayed me to go through. They were small embroidery scissors.

  16. I have had scissors exactly like that taken away from me by the TSA; not on the outbound flight, of course, but on the return flight. So don't be surprised if they don't pass the scan and don't be surprised if there is NO consistency between inspections.

  17. if all you use them for is thread what about one of those thimble thread cutter things? I saw that the other day (OK still new to quilting here) and I have a vacation booked and thought I need to add that to my travel pack! :o)

  18. What time are you usually on line? I keep missing the show :o(

  19. For cutting threads (and even small pieces of fabric) I love the Fiskars for Kids scissors. They've got rounded tips so they couldn't be used as a 'weapon' but they cut thread and fabric wonderfully. During back to school sales, they are super cheap too. Many places have them for less than a dollar a pair. At that price, if security took them away, it's no big investment lost. I don't travel so I have no experience with the TSA, but the scissors look a lot like what you bought except for having metal blades. And they come in nice bright colors so they're easy to find once you lay them down. I've got them all over the house!


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