Friday, August 17, 2012

Early Evening Edition: Free Kindle Book!

I’m writing posts ahead for while I’m gone.

Sometimes it can be mind numbing type type typing – but I think you’ll like what I have in store for you while I’m out of the country…..so from the time I arrived home after putting myself behind the wheel of the RIGHT Shamu, on the LEFT ((HA!)) I have been sitting here at my desk working on those, answering emails, updating the online calendar for workshops henceforth and what seems like forever!

I just took a breather to find this!

Hidden in the Shadows by T. L. Haddix is free today in the Amazon Kindle Store!

Genre: Mystery/Romance.

Book Description:

Even the good guys sometimes have secrets they don’t want revealed to the rest of the world….

For thirty years, Wyatt Dixon had worn a badge. Sworn to protect and serve, he’d done just that for the people of Olman County, Indiana. He’d even sacrificed his first marriage on the altar of the office of Sheriff. But then the blackmail letter came… And everything he’d worked so hard to build threatened to crumble around him.

Wyatt wasn’t the only one to receive a letter, either…

Fighting a deep attraction to a woman he should know better than to become involved with, Wyatt’s professional frustration also grows as the investigation is thwarted at every turn by a master extortionist who has the citizens of Olman County, Indiana, in an uproar.

With decisions to make that will affect his life and the sheriff’s department for a long time to come, Wyatt has to choose – to reach for personal happiness and risk it all, or to walk away from what could be his soul mate.

Come to Leroy, and see just how dangerous small-town living can be.

Hidden in the Shadows is the fourth book in the Shadows Collection, standalone Romantic Suspense novels by T. L. Haddix. Other titles include Secrets in the Shadows , Under the Moon’s Shadow , and Shadows from the Grave .

If I get the rest of this stuff DONE – I can QuiltCam!

Back to the grind ----

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  1. Doris, where are you? Figured you would be quilt-camming by now?


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