Monday, August 13, 2012

One More Done!

I’m all caught up with Randy’s Sow-Along blocks! One more added to my Jubilee wall!

After fighting with the Misery Missouri Star the day before, I looked at this block a bit differently and settled in for an hour or so of mindless paper-piecing. It was THAT kind of night!

And yes, I did turn on the Quilt Cam only to discover part the way through that if I am restarting after the laptop being in hibernation mode, that sound doesn’t like to work. SO I had to reboot the old laptop and get it started again, but then it worked!

What encouraged me most was the comments that people were learning hints that helped them in their own paper piecing, and that’s what this is all about! I’m not saying I know the “ONLY” or the “BEST” way to do anything, but if the way I do things helps you where you’ve been stuck before, then it’s a win!

Last night’s win comment was how I align my pieces. I put the piece I am adding ON to the unit right-side-up on the table top. And my block goes down on top of it with right-sides-together. I watch the seam line to be sure it is an approximate 1/4” down from the top edge of the fabric I’m placing it to.

And see? This is why Quilt Cam is valuable….wouldn’t you rather SEE it being done than try to figure out what my words above mean?

So this is what I got up to!

jubilee 053

I printed my block out of EQ in 6” finished size.

I don’t bother printing units with seam allowance. I simply cut the block apart into workable sections and will ADD seam allowance when I go to trim my units. The center unit I worked from the center out ---the side bars went quickly because I was sewing edge to edge across each piece, it made it easy to chain piece those. I trimmed them up by placing the 1/4” line of my ruler on the outside line of each section, and removed my paper. Once the sections are sewn, there is no reason to have the paper still in there, the sections are joined just like regular patchwork.

jubilee 055

Randy called this one Boxes & Baskets, but it is also known by other names.

Double X, Ladies Art Circle

Wild Ducks, Needlecraft Supply 1938

jubilee 056

And here are things how they appear PINNED to my design wall. It’s still fan weather here in North Carolina, and I’m not risking any wayward fan blowing the blocks off my wall again!

I’m looking forward to the next batch of blocks!


  1. That cheddar is a spectacular bakcground for the shirting plaids!

  2. Looks pretty cool ... wish I had started it with Randy when it all began ... but perhaps it's never too late to jump in ... if nothing else I can use the blocks I do finish in another project, right? It's good practice for making new blocks I've never tried before ;-)

  3. very nice!! love the colors

  4. Fan season..............LOL! I have year long Kitty Attack season at my house, so everything gets pinned to my wall too.

  5. I caught a little bit of the quilt cam last night while you were working on this block. I really like the quilt cam. It's educational to see how you do it. Thanks for doing it!!!

  6. I echo Horse gal. I enjoyed watching you last night. You sure love that Cheddar! The Jubilee quilt looks great on your wall. Doesn't it feel good to be caught up?? I need to get back to my Farmers wife so I can stay on my 1 month ahead of schedule and be done in time for the local quilt show. Gotta have that 'Carrot' dangling to keep me going.

  7. The quilt cam is terrific. I would have never thought of cutting the sections apart, so much easier. I only caught the cam when the sound was off but wondered if you mentioned what you use in your spray bottle when pressing. Water? Best Press? Starch?

  8. Anonymous12:06 PM EDT

    Question Bonnie - how many blocks are you putting in your Jubilee Quilt? I am thinking 50 - haha. Love the blocks and the cheddar looks great.
    Faye in Maine

  9. Your blocks look awesome!!! It's going to be a great quilt! That cheddar really makes the quilt! LOve it!

  10. Brenda R1:17 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie, love the plaid and it really looks nice with the cheddar. Do you buy it by the bolt?
    Thanks for all your hints ideas and patterns. One way or another I'm going to catch that web cam if I have to sleep with my phone lol

  11. I just went to our Saturday quilt guild sit and sew and had 3 different people sit and watch me sew, saying that they wanted to sit next to me and learn stuff. I think the web cam is a great idea. We can "stalk" Bonnie and learn stuff!

  12. Way to go, Bonnie!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Hi Bonnie - Just had to share about my Boxes and Bows block. Thanks to you I had 12 hst's already made in my "bonus bag" , so with the extra time, I string pieced 2 squares (all yellows) which I cut once diagonally for the bigger square in a square part! (where you put the red plaid) It turned out really cute. If I knew how to post a pic here in this comment, I would. Hugs!

  15. Anonymous9:33 AM EDT

    Awesome! suzanne in maine


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